Tata MARTINO’s Olympic list expected on Friday


Tata MARTINO is expected to give his list of 22 players for the Olympics tomorrow (Friday).

The list would include 22 players in total, 18 of them would make the final cut with the other 4 being used as reserves in case of emergencies. In principle, Inter have said no to Mauro ICARDI but rumors are that should ICARDI be adament about wanting to go and put his foot down, the no could be changed.

The team would start working on July 11 in Ezeiza.


  1. argentina should have won 3 major titles if icardi should be the main striker in those 3 tournaments, but instead we have higuain the weakest at heart striker (that’s what i’m going to regard him now). 1 final is forgiven but 3 straight finals???
    that’s why higuain should be voted off from the nt forever, and bring in this very young and promising even more talented and deadly infront of goal striker to the team.
    yes, both sabella and tata is fools by not taking in icardi in their squad, but hopefully the next coach is also not a fool.


  2. Not Batalla nor Unsain will be sub for Rulli in Rio. But Axel Werner from Atletico Rafaela! We have 10 names.

  3. this guy is what we need. he is a cold blooded finisher with composure and clinical finish. I am sure if he had one of GH or aguero chances he would have scored. Aguero miss still hurts.

  4. I’m an Interista and I can assure you guys that if Tata calls Icardi, no force in the world can stop Icardi from coming and playing for the NT. That guy is dying to play for Argentina and he won’t miss even a single chance of living his dream of playing for NT.

  5. It pains me to say it but out with the old and in with the new.

    Higuain….. played well but missed that VERY crucial EASY ‘just put it in the net GOAL’ yet again, nm his misses against Uruguay in 2010.

    DiMaria….. played well in that first game and AGAIN got injured AGAIN!! and the rest is history and as they say, ‘history repeats it self’.

    KUN….. that I am most disappointed with, at least the other two have shown flashes of brilliance! nm his misses in 2010 as well.

    WE should be very thankful that Argentina’s pool of talent is deep enough to replace the players in question.

    They are pretty to look at and pretty much nothing else ….all show and no go.

    • Very aptly said… Atleast Higuaín tried. He was massively short of his redemption though but he tried. What about Kun Aguero who is always traveling with the team as a tourist and Angel Di Maria who fails to be fit when his nation comes calling. I attribute the failure of those two to their fitness. They’re never 100% playing for Argentina.

      I still feel (even after all those misses and heartbreaks) Gonzalo Higuaín has still something left in him to offer to the NT. Some people might trash my comments completely but we need to take care of Icardi and Calleri too. Both of them are talented but still unproven on the international stage. With Higuaín watching their backs from the bench these guys will develop faster. Same is true for the chief Mascherano , we still need him around for mentoring the youngsters…

      For me, Di Maria & Kun Aguero are totally exhausted deals for the NT and they both must be dropped immediately from the NT.

      • I’ve said it before and I am with you on Higuain. He missed those chances but his game is about missing and scoring even at Napoli. The problems is that he doesn’t get proper service. If the strategy was to feed him consistently he would score. People are saying sometimes there will be only one chance in a game. Well if so, with the attacking personnel like Argentina has, then something is totally wrong with the coaching strategies.

      • I can understand your point Nishaan, however for the life of me I just can’t take it seeing Gonzalo putting on our shirt.
        What would really gibe me heartburn now is watching Gonzalo go through a world record breaking patch of scoring up till the 2018 knowing that what could’ve been with those chances he was given in the last 3 years!

        The pros for having him in the team are the experience he brings no doubt along with the obvious club career success he a has.
        The cons for me are that do we really need a player with a choking mentality in a final around youngsters like Icardi?
        As a rookie joining an established dressing room your first visuals are looking around and seeing who the winners are in order to aspire and work towards.
        Otherwise it will be the same for all the promising talents.
        I am not saying virtually get rid of all and start a fresh as throwing in a virtual young team into the pit is suicidal.
        This is a difficult one. As at the moment the only thing that can change the mind set for our strike force is if they have club success building up to 2018 by winning let’s say champions league BUT only if they themselves have a huge part in winning them!
        Only then can they shrug off any paranoia or fear when it comes to the crunch wearing our shirt.

  6. “Juventus have given me the opportunity to play a little further back and have more of a free role, but Tata Martino has told me he sees me more as a pure number 9, so I’ll try to earn my place.”

    Dumb ass TM

  7. Don’t be so cruel for Tata. A bit respect. It’s his last tournament. He is heartbroken after his third lost final of Copa too. I saw that on his press conference.

  8. stupid tata .. noway inter and juve are going to let their aces go for some nonfifa tournament… the man has no dignity.. he must be feeling proud that he took argentina to 2 finals and he deserves another shot… a brainless man.. what a poor coach he turned out to be.. no wonder barcelona released him in after just one season..

  9. Icardi is craving to play for Argentina yet the king of losing Tata, won’t even give him a chance. Icardi and Dybala should be the new strikeforce going forward.
    The telenovela soap opera drama around his exclusion should come to an end at once. He is need by his country and he wants to serve yet some ballerinas want him not included.
    At least Sabella had balls to call him up despite the drama.

    Single striker strategy has failed us in 2002, 2004 with Bielsa, 2015 & 2016 with Tata. And will fail again as we don’t have goalscoring midfielders to back up a single striker. Icardi and Dybala must start together in the NT. Why can’t our idiot coach realize that simple thing.

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