Emanuel MAMMANA signs with Lyon


River Plate’s Emanuel MAMMANA has signed with Olympique Lyonnais.

The central defender has joined Lyon for 8 million euro’s. He played one match for the Argentina National Team against Slovenia in 2014 when he came on as a substitute for Javier MASCHERANO.


  1. Anyone here has any idea on the confirmed list of players who will be going to the olympics? official training ws supposed to start on the 4th of july..

    brazil is also facing big troubles of convincing the clubs to release their players…latest being their crucial player marquinhos

  2. Hernan Toledo to Rubin Kazan is another idiotic move.

    Good thing: Kranevitter will be under Sampaoli eye now.

  3. For me Ascacibar is even more talented than Kranevitter but if Simeone isn’t able to do anything more usefull with Kranevitter than loan him I don’t want any other Argentinean in Atletico. Especially Ascacibar.


    Sometimes I think that would be better for our youngster not to leave Argentina at all. To play in Argentina league and represent NT. Why not. A lot of them could be better than in European clubs whenever. Why Europe must be promised land.
    So much unnecesary transfers and wasted talents. One of these could be Mammana move to Lyon.

    • His decision making is ok. Except he should not to waste energy for unnecesarry running. It’s matter of experience I think.

  4. Guys, you must notice:

    I heard here many many times about our several 20-23 years old players: “he is too young for NT…”. I always think that’s nonsense.
    Enough still referring to Bielsa excellent young team from 2004.

    Look at Portugal for example. Against Poland in semis. Renato Sanches – 18 years old. He scored nice goal. He scored easily in penalties. 18 years old and semis of Euro… You need not only a coach who will be good tactic, on strategy but you need someone who will have courage to take a lot of young blood.

    When you have a game two experienced teams (like Argentina – CHile or Argentina – Germany) in final clinch, when no one can take the lead because both teams known each other his pluses and minuses perfectly then the only element which can break the clinch, impass is element of unexpectedness. Unexpectedness is new, young player who may bear in somenthing new and unforseen. Like GOetze in final WC. Our old silver generation is well known for each team on this planet.

  5. Hw will be replacing the outgoing Umtiti. There are absolutely two players he could be –

    1. Pique
    2. David Luiz

    and I sure hope he does not become Luiz.

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