What’s left for Argentina in 2016


With the 2016 Copa America behind us and the Olympics in August still to come, the National Team still has a very packed schedule for the rest of the year.

While there are no friendly matches this year for the Albiceleste, there remains 6 crucial World Cup Qualifying matches.

September 1: Argentina (home) vs. Uruguay
September 6: Argentina (away) vs. Venezuela
October 6: Argentina (away) vs. Peru
October 11: Argentina (home) vs. Paraguay
November 10: Argentina (away) vs. Brazil
November 15: Argentina (home) vs. Colombia

The easiest match (on paper) of the remaining matches would likely be the match against Paraguay. Argentina will play back-to-back away matches against Venezuela and Peru. Both of which will not be easy matches. They start off against Uruguay at home which is never an easy match. In November, the team travels to Brazil before coming back to play Colombia.

Considering all the uncertainty going on at the moment with the National Team, there’s not a single match that is a guaranteed 3 points for the team.

For a more visual schedule for Argentina’s World Cup Qualifiers, including list of top scorers and current standings, visit our World Cup Qualifiers page.


  1. Yesterday, they held a march to ask Messi to reconsider his decision. The march was held next to the Obelisco on 9 de Julio in the centre of Buenos Aires. They expected 47,000 people but only 150 people showed up. This is probably due to the heavy rains, but the turn out isn’t exactly a firm message to support Messi.

    In Buenos Aires it is very much club before country. Support for Boca, River, San Lorenzo or one of the other clubs is much stronger than for the national team. Playing in Rosario, Cordoba or Mendoza is therefore one of the few wise choices of the AFA.

  2. Fun fact: Argentina have only lost 7 times in their last 72 games with Messi since 2010.
    48 wins 7 losses and 17 draws
    That is 1 lose per year with an average of 10.2 wins per year and an average of 2.4 draws/year!

    We are some spoiled brats!

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