Preliminary list for the Olympics


The preliminary list of 35 players for Argentina’s Olympic team has been announced.

Among the 35, we know that 9 players will be making the final list. Those 9 being:
Geronimo RULLI
Jonathan SILVA
Jose Luis GOMEZ
Giovani LO CELSO

Despite the fact that Juventus have said he will not be going for month, Paulo DYBALA remains on the preliminary list. The players will start training on July 11 in Ezeiza. Four players who made the Copa America team are included in this list: Jonathan MAIDANA, Ramiro FUNES MORI, Victor CUESTA and Matias KRANEVITTER.

Olympic Preliminary


  1. “There is no money to feed the kids, not even for noodles”

    And this is the #1 ranked team in the world! with possibly the best player in history along side very very pretty and super rich Christmas ornaments A.K.A. SUPER STAR footballers!!

  2. Good to hear messi come back news , but will be happy if messi dictates some changes to team as part of his comeback , if messi wish to make any change to current crop it is the right time.

  3. It was supossed to start with practicise olimpic team today. It is postponed. How we may build a monolit team?

    • I guess there’s no money to support a training camp for the team at Ezeiza for so many days. Start a week later and save money… Very sad, but that’s the state the AFA is in.

      Martino must be one committed man to go on under these circumstances. Not being paid, losing 2 finals in a row, losing your captain, losing Masche, selecting players who are not allowed to come by their clubs etc.

  4. No sense to postpone date of starting with camp and waiting for decision some clubs from Europe to allow players for Rio. It will be better take now ready players from domestic league and working hard with them to build a team at least.
    In Primera is enough talented players. Fuck European clubs.

    I’m not at all sure if Cristian Pavon is better winger than Lucas Janson (who would be in Rio without problem from his club) for example so what for waiting for Boca decision.

    • Christian PavĂłn plays with Boca who are unlikely to release him as they will be getting ready for their all important Libertadores game next up. He won’t be going to Rio in most likelihood…

  5. Argentina are now our children. Argentina are always making finals and there is nothing sweeter than knocking them out. Even more so through penalties. Taking this Copa was much tougher because we weren’t with our fans. It was far more difficult.

    – – Eduardo Vargas

  6. thank you messi for coming out of retirement and giving some consolation to us fans.. messi being back should not mean that once again we totally depend on messi again… the next coach .. hopefully its not martino.. should work on a solid plan b… we are equipped in all departments with exceptional players and the coach has to make sure that there is more than messi who is leading the attack for us… and also say bye bye to some players who have failed us time and again like especialy dimaria aguero and higuain… and also rojo and funes mori cant be in our starting line up agina.. rojo is just an average defender with ZERO attacking skills.. he can be a sub but not a in starting xi… we have to bring in young blood in the attack and keep ageuro higuain and dimaria out of the team for a while and give ample time to the youngters…
    PS:masch should also call off his retirement… he is the one holding our defense together and garay has to be brought back as well….

    • I agree about DiMaria unless he gets his head on straight somehow, Pipita tried but he is jinxed and weak minded but the biggest disappointment of all is KUN! its like a different player from Club to country and I have seen enough.

      Rojo gives everything he has and Mori aside from his stupid cheap shots has done very well considering taking over the spot in such a short period of time.

      • i agree on pipita.. Everyone except tata knows higuain is weak minded..

        We need good attacking fullbacks but defensively sound.. and i am sure we have LBs who are better than rojo in both departments..

  7. Breaking news from la nation messi will be back but not for the games in september yeĂźssssssssssss i will see dybala messi devestating defences

  8. this is what I mean and it’s the biggest reason why we always lose! people look at the team with their rose tinted glasses on.
    Germany eliminated Italy – something never done before.
    everything else is:
    give credit where credit is due, end of the story!

    It is hard to talk with some of the people because they look at the team with their rose tinted glasses on, and so do our coaches. Look when we win a game then the result is we are happy and rest on our laurels!We think everything is fine and we don’t need to improve.
    Even if you win, you must improve. Stagnation is regression.
    There is this attachment with players that have a holy status, for example I was called crazy in here when I suggested Mascherano playing Central defender for us, you know his club position where he is playing week in and week out. My thinking was he would play where he plays every week, makes our defender and the whole team faster, frees up a place in midfield where we can put a midfielder who contributes on defense and offense and balances the team. But people are so attached to him and consider him holy so no one does dare to suggest change and was told he is Zidane like, yes sure. Don’t misunderstand me, He is probably the only player I have respect for, but his best position at this time is as central back.
    There is no competition, there is no testing, and we dismiss things in theory “AH it wouldn’t work because blah blah….” how do you know it would not work when we never tried it?
    I am 100% sure if Xavi and Iniesta would have been in our team, we would see them as competition to each other and would never play them together because in theory it would not work.
    we don’t test we just dismiss but still try the same thing that doesn’t work over and over again.
    Nothing will change, life goes on.

  9. Still Espinoza and Vietto aren’t for me best choices. I would like to see rather Pavon and Lucas Janson from Tigre.

    • Lucas Janson is like young Aguero in movement. Striker, winger, dribbler, very good passer. Ascacibar, Gomez and Janson – the 3 best young players of last season in Argentina.

  10. Italy if they were with De Rossi, Veratti and Marchisio probably this Germany team would be out of the tournament.

    But more important is how they build very good team without stars. This should be an example for us.

  11. what is mr poor tata going to do now.. since all of his ace cards wont be allowed to play for nonfifa competition.. what is he going to do…

  12. I’m watching the the Italy/Germany PK shootout as we speak and I must say, I hope La Pulga was watching earlier because there were some horrendous misses by both sides.

    I been MIA for the past week, 3 days out of town for work and now the questions and the smirks started once i came back……’wow, is it true?? Messi is retired?? hey that PK shot is still going…. hey i told you Chile was gonna won, sorry about Messy…..well F all of them and I hope to see him come back very soon and stick it to everybody.

  13. WoW, its a Germany love-fest around here, I honestly wanted the Germans to win and not because I have ANY love for their football team (I have no issues with the country or its people), BUT just in case Portugal advances then they’ll meet the strongest team available because the last thing I wanna see is that COCKSUCKER lifting any sort of trophy for his country.

    • Cristiano’s Real Madrid had it very easy during this years’ Champions League… similarly Cristiano’s Portugal is also having it very easy in Euro…
      Since Italy is out… i too will rather have Germany face Portugal…

  14. The destruction of Argentina has been a theme that has occurred for decades. I do not mean Argentine football, I mean Argentina in itself. Sure, we have the third largest economic sector in all of Latin America but most of Latin America is very poor. It is so bad that neighboring countries from Paraguay and Bolivian and flooding Argentina. The likes of Aguero, Riquelme, Ortega all come from Paraguayn and Bolivian parents. Argentina itself is not a very wealthy country like Germany. Much of that has to do with politicians.

    So-called politicians have been in bed or have clashed with the AFA for as long as anybody can remember. Look at the strike in the first half of the 20th century. There was a strike that caused some of our best players to move away and put their fingerprints throughout the globe.

    We had Peronism(Still do), military dictatorships and politicians who ran the economy to the ground in the late 20th and early 21st century. Then you had the idiot Kirchner(s). It was honestly like allowing the mental patients to run the institution.

    There is a deep socio-political issue that connects Argentine football and the country in itself. Sure, we can applaud the Germans for rehashing everything. But look at the country of Germany.

    For the last half a century they have been a power on a global scale, not just with the sport but the country itself. This allows not only the country to flourish but also their footballing federation.

    For the most part, we lack that stability. We cannot hold onto players to allow our federation to have stability.

    So, if the country does not have stability, how can you expect the federation to do so?

    Look at Brazil for example. Do you think the CBF is struggling just merely because of lack of talent? No, the economic bubble burst in Brasil and now they are headed for a downward spiral.

    Chile for example, their best years in their football has to do with a bit of economic and political stability in Chile.

    Look at Colombia of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Drug money was keeping the country afloat and they had some of the best clubs in all over the world not just South America. Once that dried up, not only did the Colombian federation suffer, but so did the country.

    Politics and football are two peas in a pod people. You cannot simply blame the AFA. It is the politicians that have destroyed our football.

    • I do agree with that and i very much doubt it’s going to change with Macri at the helm. In fact, i expect the situation to worsen and case in point, the current situation at AFA is absolutely cataclysmic…

  15. As for the Olympics, it’s getting more difficult. Clubs aren’t releasing the players (nor should they have to) and I can’t blame Tata or the federation too much for that.

    With that said, it’s still a talented team and they are not in the easiest of groups. Win or lose, many of these players will eventually play for the National Team. Be it RULLI, PAREDES, LANZINI or anyone else. This team could still surprise.

  16. I can’t believe I’m about to somewhat defend Germany but I’ll bite.

    They’ve been building since 2000. That 2002 team was arguably the worst team to ever reach a final, ever yet they reached the final and had their fair share of chances against Brazil. They were that bad. They changed the way their entire federation works. From top to bottom. From youth to senior. That includes club managements and not just National Team.

    This is a bad Italian team, yes. But that was a bad Brazil team in 2007 and we got hammered. Referee allowing bad tackles or not, we still lost. But sometimes you get those matches against your boggey team. They finally got through their hurdle and beat Italy. We haven’t been able to get through the German hurdle since 1986. Italy had some bad penalty kicks tonight but so did Germany.

    For me, this Germany team goes beyond tonight. And beyond 2014. In the 1990’s, they went through a crisis (despite winning Euro 1996). And they rectified that. We’ve (the federation) has been sucking this team dry for years and it’s gotten to a breaking point.

    There are many players to dislike in this Germany team and I don’t want anyone to think I am suddenly a German fan. But I can respect Germany’s federation for what they have done.

  17. Germany doesn’t give a f about jinxes…people said no Euro team can win outside of Europe or in South America and they won! People said Italy is their nightmare and statistically they never won against them in a tournament but look at them now –> they won again.
    I really hope they win the tournament. I know many of you hate them and I used to hate them too, although the country saved my life but they really deserve their success. They always overachieve even when they don’t have talent like in 2002, they do something out of nothing, out of 100% they give 120% percent.
    Meanwhile we are the contrast to them, we always underachieve, we give in to “jinxes” , just because Germany and Chile beat us–> before the next game we have already conceded without even playing first.
    Out of 100% we give only 70% or less, and mentally we are weak, tactically we are horrible, etc… Life goes on!

    • It is easy to say this after the fact. Germany had luck on their side tonight. Some of those PK’s taken by the Italians were down right comical. As for the Germans ALWAYS giving it their all, again you are saying this after the fact. You bring up 2002, do you even know what Germany’s route to the final was? Paraguay, USA and South Korea. When have we ever gotten a draw like that at the World Cup?

      People are giving the Germans too much credit and not enough credit to the Italians. It is the Italians who many said were the worst Italian side ever and yet they gave it their all. This is Germany’s first win over Italy in the last 5 times they have met in the tournament, this includes, World Cup 2006, and Euro 2012, so all of a sudden they don’t care about jinxes and that is why they won? Like I said, it is very easy to make judgments after the fact.

      • we had a easy route to the final this year and still lost. They beat France, Brasil at home, and Argentina to become World cup champions, that is not easy or lucky.
        Italy was their nightmare opponent and they won.
        They don’t care that they always lost to Italy and beat them. they never lose on penalties.
        let’s be real 2002 they had one of the worst squads ever and still reached the final, kahn, ballack the only world class players.
        they are consistently in around the final or semi-final.
        Brasil was also a nightmare opponent of theirs and they beat them 7-1 at their home in a semi-final of the world cup.
        they overachieve always , this is a fact.

        • Nobody is taking away their 2014 glory. Even though I wouldn’t consider beating that Brazilian team any type of great achievement.

          As I said, they only reached 2002 because of the lack of competition that fell out of the tournament. A lot of the favorites, Italy,Portugal,Argentina and France all ended their tournaments prematurely. Also, South Korea and Turkey made the semis, that is a joke.

          The Germans have 4 stars and how 2 or 3 European titles, they are not overachievers, they are a dominant force in the game, they are expected to at least reach the semis of every tournament they play in.

  18. the list should have been published yesterday and the preparations were planned to start on Monday 4th of July but there aren’t enough players available so they pushed back the prep. to 11 July.
    great planning, again!

    I plead to you to not kill the youngsters if they underperform because the circumstances are not right.
    I don’t expect to win, just want to see some of the youngsterin action.

    What is this trend of players and fans giving up?
    Messi who I love like a brother made a mistake, no matter how we spin this he looks bad.
    I know since 2006 that we probably will never win a title! the one title that counts the most the World cup will probably never be ours again.
    Still I will never stop supporting the team.

    • “I don’t expect to win, just want to see some of the youngster in action”.

      Me too. Even with Dybala I would have not much hope for win.
      We have not a team.

  19. Earlier in the year I thought we had a good chance for a 3rd gold medal, but with all the players that are not allowed to go interest is fading. What looked like to be a team full of successors to the silver generation now becomes a reserve team for the actual successors who stay with their clubs.

  20. Also, Cuesta will not be one of the players there. The independiente chief came out and said his players will not be allowed to go.

      • I think if Gerardo Tata Martino is only allowed to the the likes of Cholito Simeone and Vietto that spells for disaster. If Correa(Angel), La Joya, Calleri and Icardi are not allowed to go, not sure where the goals will come from. Vietto had a very bad year in Spain and I never bought into the hype of Gio.

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