Breaking News: Tata steps down


Breaking news out of Argrntina.

Tata MARTINO has stepped down as coach of Argentina.


  1. Strange situation for fifa no 1 team
    But it’s true
    Land of Messi Maradona ..and the heaven of football is now in scarcity of players to play Olympic. …

    God please do something good

  2. Can’t say that I’m sorry to see him leave but I would personally like to say gracias for all the hard work (successful or otherwise) he did. If the reports about him and his coaching staff not being paid for 6-7 months are true then it just goes to show how dedicated the man was to the NT so from personally I wish u the best of luck for any and all future endeavors Tata.

  3. According to the news below, if Simeone is to join Argentina as a coach, he can be released from Atletico Madrid without paying a euro of contract termination compensation.
    Moreover, as he expressed that he felt like quitting Atletico after the champions league final, I think there is a possibility that Simeone can become the NT manager.

    If Simeone is our manager, I am sure Messi will come back to the NT.

    (I do not know Spanish, I just used google translate to translate this news article.

  4. Really????
    My that REALLY is no because Tata is going it is for the changing our coach like we change clothes. Plus AFA has same mentality as we mundo people have here! Very similar. Bytheway we will never win anything untill our AFA get change and system too. Check out last two successful team(Spain & Germany) in recent years and their coaches. Germany sticked with Low since 2006 although they have been failing and failing plus people like Mundo hating any coach here some Germans used to hate Low untill 2014 i guess. Doesn’t matter who the heck you get next it won’t matter unless you give a coach time because football not same as 1986 anymore. It has changed alot in lot way. Plus please don’t bother come and argue about this and that because i know we are all champion and won so many thing in PS4 AND PS3 but it is real world and it is not club football that you get your player in every morning and evening. There we hate players and coach but the real culprit is AFA those corrupt people unfortunately mentality same as we here in MUNDO.

  5. who should be our coach?
    Unoffcial candidates on Ole:

    – Simeone, I say no chance at all the only way I see him as coach is he takes double duty.

    – Pochetino the same as Simeone or even less chance.

    so our 2 best coaches are not strong candidates so it leaves us with the next Candidates.

    – Sampioli has just signed for Sevilla, no chance, and I am not sure I really want him.

    – Gallardo, who I am skeptic because of the River ties, he will surely call River players like Sabella did with Estudiantes, or so I fear. that attachment I don’ like.

    – Bielsa, we never learn, a man who lives or dies with his system and would never make adjustments, if Martino didn’t have a plan B, Bielsa’s Alphabet is only A, he doesn’t know what plan B is. he also failed once, never a good idea to bring back the past like Basile.

    – Bauze, Sabella version number 2, is he up-to date?, I really don’t like him and I am 100% sure he will get the job.

    – Diaz, I would prefer Diaz to Bauze, but don’t believe he has a chance, and is just like Bauze a dinosaur.

    – Mohamed, at least a young coach, am not sure he is up to the job.

    I want someone who is not on the list and is realistic and that man is BERIZZO, if not Gallardo, but am 100% Bauze will get the job, and we will talk about the same things the next 2 years.

    • i dont see why its not possible to give sim or pocc the job part time, it is not a job that one has to be at it every moment of every day and its not to hard to watch football on tv/internet, with all those replays it makes life easier for a modern coach these days unlike 20 years ago when a coach had to go to the games live just to see a player play.

      • Hi Pablo,

        Not everytime this will work..if you have an argentine who is superstar for Athletico or Spurs and being a coach of either of the club, it is not always easy to ask him to play WCQ, Friendly etc along with the club chairman and management approval etc and balance in situations like playing is USA and mandatory have the superstar play few minutes..

  6. Marcelo bielsa is available but is he the kind coach we need or will he even accept to work with the corrupt afa i am not sure about that.i like ricardo gareca he is the best IMO other then cholo.

  7. I’ve never been his fan, but it really looks he learned his lesson and made a few important changes for last Copa America. Team played great. I think he just did not have Plan B again for a case when things go wrong. Anyway, thanks. It’s easy to complain about coaches but he made it to finals 2 times after all.

    • what lesson has tata learnt?
      the no plan b lesson,
      the how to be beaten by the same team again using the same tactics they used vs us in the copa final 1 year before,
      the lets take off a striker and put on another striker about 70 mins no matter what is happening on the field,
      the lets get to the final and change the way the team plays just for the final for the 2nd final in a row,
      the lets not play our talented youth like dybala, laz or icardi just to name 3
      the lets keep the same strike force that has played a major part in blowing 3 finals for us.

      i could go on but facts are facts that point to tatas coaching philosophy being as useful and as welcome as a bag of flaming poo on ones door step at 2am.

  8. good bye and good riddance, you have failed us for the last time and I for one wont at all miss you.
    you came in after 14 final had a fantastic team and managed to do zero with them, they got to a copa final (not because of any thing you did) and you changed your tactics for that final , 1 year one you learnt nothing and got to another final, playing the same team and you made exactly the same mistakes.
    you have no plan b, no idea how to use subs-70 mins off with one striker on with another no matter what is going on the field of play, you have largely ignored youth and its a crime dybala was not at this copa and as for icardi he could not have don’t worse then our current so called chocker’s up front.
    oh as you leave I hope the door does hit you-slam….

  9. Thank you Tata for all you’ve done, I’ve criticized you as much as the next guy but in the end you did a decent job considering the circumstances.

    Tata seems like a really nice person and I wish him well.

    Can our situation get any worse than it is right now? Something is gotta give…

  10. Thank you Tata for all your efforts even though you could have done better. But there won’t be any grudge against you as we realise AFA n players like Maria ( love him more than Messi ), Aguero, Biglia.. n finally pressure of losing are responsible for our most painful times in recent two years.

  11. The team is crumbling little by little. Who knows what will happen with future tournaments, but this hitting rock bottom may turn out to be a good thing. We need to continue focusing on cultivating the younger talent that is in line to move up.

  12. This is fast becoming a dangerous situation for our NT. the knock on effects could get fifa involved resulting in expulsion from competitive games. I hope back in argentina they act fast like now to avoid it getting to our destruction.

  13. please don’t appoint a dinosaur!
    – a young modern coach please.
    – we need a coach that rebuilds the team.
    – get younger.
    – if he comes back put Mascherano as center back.
    – no more central defenders as left and right back.
    – if possible put two way players on the field.
    – mobile players.
    – give Messi more help in offense.

  14. No salary for 7 months, no players for the olympics, 7 players who quit the national team, two straight losses in the final. It’s over.

    With the AFA on the edge of being bankrupt it will be hard to get a coach. Grondona or Olarticoechea to step in as interim coach?

    We will miss wc qualification too.

    • “With the AFA on the edge of being bankrupt…”

      It’s not on the edge, it is already.

      “Grondona or Olarticoechea to step in as interim coach?”

      Most likely…

    • “7 players who quit the national team”

      That’s actually good thing. Even Messi needs some rest.

  15. Time for Mascherano to return and take up the job of player coach . That’s the only solution . We can’t afford a competitive coach now . And trust me Bauza or Diaz are not NT materials . Argentine football has hit the lowest and it is only going to get better from here. Tata was good but he failed against teams which press. We need a new playing and winning mentality.

    Or people like Simeone, Zanetti and Veron must come forward to bail the NT out of this mess…

    • And who will call up players? Mascherano? Come on, let’s not be ridiculous.
      Mascherano left not because Martino was a coach.

      • I’m not saying Mascherano left because of Martino. What I’m saying is if Mascherano could make a return, he is the best guy to take Argentina ahead. We don’t need a coach, he knows the team, he knows the youngsters, is well respected amongst the Argentine Clubs’ VPs, and has massive command over the game. He’s the best man for the job…

  16. 2 tournaments too late. Now I fear we will be managerless for the next WCQ games plus will have no team at all in the olympics.

    Just great 🙁 !

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