General idea of the problems in Argentine football


Where do you even begin?

After years (more like decades) of corruption, it’s all caught up to the AFA (Argentine FA). Julio GRONDONA, president and unofficial Godfather of not only the AFA but of FIFA, passed away in 2014. Ever since then, it’s all been downhill for the federation.

The domino’s had been lining up and it was tilting when MESSI posted an Instagram picture calling the AFA “a disaster”. But the first domino fell once MESSI retired from the National Team. That’s when everything slowly started coming out. Here are some of the things we know regarding this massive mess that is Argentine football (aside from the fact that Lionel MESSI has retired and Gerardo MARTINO has stepped down as coach).

There have been arguments between players of the Argentina National Team and the AFA (see Lionel MESSI’s Instagram comment as an idea).

There’s little to no planning going on in Argentina at the moment. The Olympics are coming up next month and Tata MARTINO (or whoever is going to run that team) only has 12 players available at his disposal as clubs (not only in Europe but specifically in Argentina) are not releasing their players for the tournament. Oh and speaking of Tata MARTINO, he had not gotten paid in over 7 months.

The president of the Argentine Olympic Committee came out on Tuesday and said there’s a 50% chance the team won’t even make it to Rio. Furthermore, there’s talk coming out of Uruguay at the moment to see whether or not they would be able to replace Argentina at the Olympics next month should they not be able to make it.

They don’t know how the first division league will be like in Argentina next season or even when it will start.

The federation currently has no president. Every club president appears to be throwing their weight around.

The AFA is currently bankrupt and have no money to even feed their players. Several of them (players) have missed out on joining the U20 team because there was no money to get them to join the team. Furthermore, just like for the Olympics, some clubs in Argentina aren’t even releasing their players to join the U20 team.

FIFA wants to get involved and help fix the mess going on but has threatened to kick the AFA out if the Argentine government (who’s not doing so well either, but that’s a whole other story) gets involved.

This is the general idea of what is happening in Argentine football at the moment. As you can see, it goes way beyond the National Team.


  1. this may all seem like a disaster from the outside but I think it may just turn out to be a good thing because a foundation has to be built on something and to build a new world you have o tear the old one down even if it means argentina missing out on the olympics or even god forbid the 2018 WC!!!

  2. The real question is where the hell is people of argentina!!!
    If only they channeled the energy they use to blame messi to this subject, there would have been some action. All they care about is their clubs, which are one of the reasons the national team is suffering right now. Argentina’s club football system is a total mess, so is their football association.

  3. I just read in my Instagram feed that Messi is going to play for NT. The retirement is a break. It came from La Nacion. Posted by a Barca feed I follow. Can anyone confirm the news?

  4. If sacrificing the Olympics is needed in order to start a clean sweep and generate funds for the NT, then so be it.
    NTs existence and it’s immediate continuous involvement in qualifiers and subsequently the world cup is the be all and end all.

  5. I am all for the clean up…but not at the expense of our beloved team going into exile for the next couple of years.
    This team is all I’ve got. I don’t have club football to fall back on or get some solace from.
    My only fear is being thrown out from qualifying to the world cup. Too many people around me would never let me hear the end of it!
    This has to be resolved before our next qualifiers.

  6. My sincere most hops that this would pave for a new beginning.. Sometimes a real collapse is required for a good rebuilding. May be this is the moment.

    • Exactly

      None team oof the world do not deserves to win a tournament with such “bordello” behind the scenes. It’s beginning something good. We need cleaning in Afa and cleaning in current team of NT.

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