VERON travelling to Spain to talk to SAMPAOLI


It’s never a dull moment with the Argentina National Team.

Juan Sebastian VERON (current president of Estudiantes de la Plata) is travelling to Spain to hold talks with Jorge SAMPAOLI (coach at Sevilla). The reports are that VERON will try to convince SAMPAOLI to take the Argentina coaching job. There is also a clause in SAMPAOLI’s contract which would allow him to leave Sevilla to go coach the Argentina National Team.


  1. it looks like Fifa has sent its deligation and they have arrived.
    they already have some meetings and Veron will be the link.
    they’ll create e commission that will decide who the next coach will be.
    Maradona will probably be part of it in some capacity but will not make decisions.
    Lucas Bernardi has been ask to help the Olympic coach as an assistant.
    the same commission will report to Fifa all the time on their website and they also will head the new elections.
    this is what I gathered, maybe someone who is better in Spanish can inform us more.

  2. Sampaoli said no and opts for Sevilla according to Marca.

    Bielsa has just been announced by Lazio as their new coach.

    Bauza up next or Diaz or maybe El Virrey Bianchi ?

  3. a smoky situation.
    Maradona said that he wants to fight against the AFA together with Messi starting from Seguera to VERON.
    this was after Messi complained about the flight.
    …So Veron is also involved in the mess. I am not sure I can trust him, although there are some declarations of his I like, he calls for calm, selfless work together.
    Zanetti, Redondo, Batistuta on the other hand I trust completely.

    I am surprised that people want Bielsa, or then again not. Misery needs company they say.
    How about leaving the past in the past and try something new?
    How about someone that is open minded, that doesn’t care about club ties, age, friends, if they play in Europe or SA, and selects the best possible players and implements the best tactics, in interest of the team.

    Someone mentioned Germany and Low, Germany has scouts that scout every possible opponent through years, they give their opinion and it is taken under consideration. The media criticizes as much as they can, for example 2014 Bild Magazine criticized Low for playing Lahm as midfielder although they won games until he was forcd to play him as right back again where he excelled.
    Germany beat Italy for the first time ever in a tournament, are they happy?
    NO THEY ARENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    the difference is, all our media do is criticize messi for reasons that are primitive: he is not ARGENTINE raised.
    the coach does what ever he wants and plays who ever he wants.
    and we take it like cowards.

  4. This is the news I so wanted to hear since Chile ref blew the final whistle before the penalties vs Chile. The WCQS are coming soon and I want to see better a tactician at the helm. Thank you Tata for services and destroying and de

    Whatever is happening at AFA now is good for the future of Argentine football.
    I’m looking at this situation as step forward from the football dark age.

  5. I want they at least give enough time to Sampaoli. He will be definitely a good choice so far in paper. I’m sure he can terminate the contract because remember Sabella did same. But it might come trouble when they will deal about money which AFA doesn’t have any. All those big friendly and whole team travelling Asia and all over the world got nothing.
    I would love to see see Veron,Zenetti,Ayala and more others come forward for presidency. Don’t know why Zenetti come leaving Inter. Atleast try…Veron isn’t bad either. I like him

  6. well its better then tata but what a hard sell.
    Hello Mr Sampaoli would you please come and coach a bankrupt national team, you properly wont get paid a lot if at all and the irony is a corrupt company called fifa may take over, oh did we forget to tell you the best player of any generation of this game has just retired at only 29 oh good luck or some thing like that.

    n.b if veron can sell all of that then he gets my vote for the serious job of restricting the n/t

    • Pablo,don’t wanna be rude or nothing personal but i think you will be first one to complain about Sampaoli if he doesn’t select one of your fav player. Lol

      • Jason, i don’t have any favourite players apart from messi, the way I have always seen things is no one owns the shirt they are only keeping it warm for some one else but for to long to many of the players have been told the shirt is theirs no matter what.

        I also believe in picking those in form now not last year, I realise its harder because of the lack of n/t games as opposed to the club format for any manager but to see out of form and injured players in the team/squad is nothing but bad.

        we need more youth to be in the squads for these reasons as its encourages young players to see what’s its all about, what they could be and that the manager is actually watching them not just “lip service” we hear to ofturn from managers and it tells the incumbent’s to keep their game to a high standard or they will be replaced.

        • Well one thing i am loud and agree with you that our young players needs to get more chances. Look at Payet playing in big stage but Lanzini still in dark

          • agreed and lanzini is a talent to say the least. we have all these friendlies and for some reason keep the same old same old players then we go to a tournimant like the copa and end up taking injured or recovering players like past or bil because we have failed to give others a chance especially youth and we have some fantastic and talented youth.

        • There is some good news and maybe a bad news. So far i know next AFA president might a right person out of three good people i like. Zenetti,D.Milito & Veron.

          Maybe bad news: Sampaoli might not come. 60% chance not coming. Again it just a rumour i got from a friend. Hopefully he is not just making news.

  7. Good decisions aren’t made in panic mode. Let’s get organised first, come up with a long term vision the majority agrees upon, a structure that will enable the organisation to reach its goals, make a plan and then fill in the positions with the best people.

  8. if sampaoli really have a clause like that and if he joins argentina he will not be breaking any rule! But he is also stubborn like bielsa and as far as I remember he left chile because of a boardroom change. taking all these into consideration I really doubt he will take the job.

    now all fingers are pointing towards Bauze. TBH he is another old dinosaur who will offer nothing new to the plate. he will be defensive like tata was possession minded! he will use 5-3-2 or something like that and will call up people from san Lorenzo like sabella did. sosa and guinazu etc.

    same old same old. I hope I’m wrong though!

  9. if Sampaoli breaks contract with sevilla then he might find it hard to find another european team in the future… unless he wins the WC then he can cheery pick any team… but he is not going to work for free!!

  10. I really doubt Veron would succeed in convincing Sampaoli to exchange a lucrative contract with a Champions League team for a complete mess and uncertainty with AFA. First, they have to sort out the insanity with the federation.

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