Luciano VIETTO linked to Barcelona


Luciano VIETTO is being linked to Barcelona.

After being rumored to be going to Sevilla, strong rumors in the media are stating that VIETTO could be joining Barcelona. According to the reports, VIETTO has accepted being a back-up to MESSI, SUAREZ and NEYMAR.

Physically, VIETTO wasn’t up to the task at Atletico and wasn’t used often under SIMEONE.


  1. If it goes through it will be a great move. With so much football to play he will get his due playing time.
    Remember, Vietto has been dying for this move since the time Atletico wanted to let him go.
    Atletico wanted to sell him to Celt a, which he wasn’t keen and they would only let him go to Seville if Simeone gets his man Gameiro. Atletico really made Vietto suffer, so I really really hope he goes to Barca.

  2. I don’t think it was a poor decision to leave villa real but. I just think was bad move technical. I really wanted things to work out for me in atli. It’s just you didn’t fit into there technical schem of things.

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