Ezequiel GARAY on Inter Milan’s radar


Ezequiel GARAY could be on his way out of Russia and to Italy.

According to reports in the media, Ezequiel GARAY is wanted by Italian club Inter Milan. Zenit apparently want to try and cash out on GARAY while they still can and have reportedly put a 10 million euro price tag on him.


  1. Argentina’s best defender since Ayala hung up his boots and that’s not an exaggeration! He must return to the NT because despite of Mori’s talent he’s not good enough to tie Garay’s shoe laces let alone replace him alongside Otamendi.

    • If Bielsa gets the job than he is definitely in fot NT again. Bielsa like Gary type of player but that is true though he needs to move out from Russia

  2. Garay should definitely move away from Russia to a top club, or at least a better league. He was hands down our best defender in WC 2014 and brings something Otamendi and Funes Mori don’t. I like Otamendi and Garay combination more than Otamendi Funes Mori. He is still 29 so should have at least 3-4 years of top level performance in him.

    • F ’em……. they wouldn’t be barking like dogs if he wasn’t doing something right in the 1st place.

      Once a fan, always a fan through thick and thin.

  3. That’s great news, solid and mature defender and will only get better if he goes to Italy.

    I was at a gas station yesterday pumping gas while wearing one of my Messi jerseys and all of a sudden I hear “F You Messi” in Spanish, I turn around quickly to see who it is and this not bad looking woman with almost half her body out of the front passenger window of a car driving by, smiling and giving me the finger.
    I was never given the finger by a woman before but it was funny.
    Let the haters hate And we will continue to represent.

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