Manuel LANZINI suffers injury


Manuel LANZINI has suffered an injury.

West Ham United midfielder Manuel LANZINI suffered a sprained left knee and will not play in Argentina’s remaining two matches against Haiti and Mexico. This would give coach OLARTICOECHEA a chance to experiment with the starting eleven prior to the Olympics.


  1. ARMANDO PEREZ: “Today I’ve met with Russo & in next few hours I’ll contact Bielsa. Russo said he wants to bring experienced staff.”

    • Russo said he wants to bring experienced staff.”
      Because he knows he will messed it up like he did almost every job he was. And it is scary future for Argentina football as it looks like he will be the coach

  2. I don’t see so far Argentina – Haiti on ROja Directa. If anyone find a link to stream please to send.

  3. Argentine coaches are just dickhead. Lanzini playing excellent as his maiden season in EPL which is very rear for other players who are come from outside of Europe. But this coach thinks otherwise.

  4. No.9 position and the attacking mid positions look shaky. I really hope both Calleri and Lo Celso step it up. They are the guys with huge pressure since they don’t have a back up. Simeone surely is not a natural goal scorer, we know he missed chances left, right n centre at U 20 level.
    Lanzini should never have been played as a forward in the first place since he already did well as a midfielder for his club. And looks like another glass type to me. Was injured twice during the season for West Ham n now here.
    Was Rigoni ignored or Independiente didn’t let him.
    Another twist in Vietto saga. He is close to Barca for 22 mil. His dream move, for which he even sacrificed his Olympics. Great move for him, even though he will be sub. Remember how Pedro developed being a back up player.

  5. “Armando Pérez met with Miguel Ángel Russo earlier following yesterday’s talks with Edgardo Bauza and said <>”

    Golazo Argentino

  6. Aguero brother, Gaston Del Castillo, won’t play for Crotone next season because of he has not european passport.

  7. Looks like Lanzini may be really replaced by Pavon.

    Pavon is far best Boca player of late. But still more RF than LF. I think we need rather LF. So I still thinking about players like Janson, Benitez, Pity Martinez.

        • Yes, but still lack of natural LF. Martin Benitez was very good in last friendlies of Independiente and probably is near to form when Real Madrid has offer 12 mln for him.
          Lucas Janson would be answer for problems both CF and LF. Unfortunate he is not among the reserves.

    • Pavon is good option anytime but it’s not good line up 3 players if each of them is hot mind edliking to dribbling and running (Pavon, Espinoza, Correa). You need someone with cool mind and scrutinous. Lanzini is the one. He was neither a good nor weak against Colombia. You can’t judge a player after first game with just now arranged team. Lanzini may be one of most important for us.

      • Angel Correas real position is LF, inverted forward a la Messi, on the right wing i’ve never seen him play good. Imo Lanzini would be only good in ZM pos. atm, unfortunately Lo Celso seem to be immature and out of form, have to step up. Btw Correa’s key passes, through balls are good too, but on the right side he’s playing like a dickhead, selfish like hell. (since he play in Atletico). A good counter-attacking team would be Ascacibar-Lanzini-Lo Celso—Correa-a mobile CF Vietto-Pavon or Espinoza.

  8. Walter Benitez from Quilmes who was candidate to Olimpic Games is our another young goalkeeper in Europe. He join to Nice.

  9. A chance for Espinoza to start on the wide. Lanzini did so well playing midfield for West Ham, yet Argentine coach thinks otherwise.
    I am not expecting big deal out of this make shift squad, considering many players were not allowed to go.Even then I think we should have had an attacking player instead of Arzura, perhaps Pity Martinez, or Cavallero or Oscar Benitez or Gamarra?
    @ Gonzalo. There’s a lot of hype about a new 17 year old kid at Independiente.

  10. Even if he will be fit for Olimpic Games he will not integrated in the team on pitch. I’m not sure Olarticoechea should take another player. Martin Benitez or Lucas Janson.
    It depends how tough is the injury.

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