Confirmed Olympics squad numbers, LANZINI in


As we reported last week, Mundo Albiceleste had gotten the squad numbers for the Olympics.

Today, the AFA confirmed the numbers. The big news is that Manuel LANZINI, despite being out of the tournament due to injury, is still included and has the number 7 shirt. I remains to be seen if PAVON (should he get called as a replacement to LANZINI’s injury), who previously had number 19, will receive LANZINI’s number 7 shirt or take the number 19 as his own.

1. Geronimo RULLI
2. Lautaro GIANNETTI
3. Alexis SOTO
4. Jose Luis GOMEZ
5. Lucas ROMERO
6. Victor CUESTA
7. Manuel LANZINI
8. Santiago ASCACIBAR
9. Jonathan CALLERI
10. Angel CORREA
11. Giovanni SIMEONE
12. Axel WERNER
13. Joaquin ARZURA
14. Giovanni LO CELSO
15. Lisandro MAGALLAN
16. Leandro VEGA
17. Mauricio MARTINEZ
18. Cristian ESPINOZA


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  1. Here is first half game with COlombia.

    I think it wasn’t bad as for footballers that played for the first time together . I like to see the team with solidarity pressing. I like to see Gianetti attacking rival high to receive the ball (for me he has a chance to be our best CB in future). It wasn’t best game of Lo Celso (he can do better) but players like he and Lanzini are need here among crazy runners and dribblers like Correa or Espinoza (pavon).
    The only chances of Colombia was after wrong offsides trap but it’s to improve with the time.

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