Mundo Albiceleste’s Transfer page!


Introducing a new section here on Mundo Albiceleste, the Transfers page!

While we will continue to update you on all the transfers involving Argentinian players to and from Europe, it can get a bit difficult to keep track of them all. Which is why we are compilling (and are still working) on the Transfers page. In that section, you will be able to find all the transfers involving Argentinian players in Europe as of June 1, 2016 until present. This page can be accessed through our navigation menu by clicking on TRANSFERS or by clicking this link.

The list also includes those leaving Europe (Fabricio COLOCCINI going to San Lorenzo) and the likes of Geronimo RULLI (signed with Manchester City but remains a Real Sociedad player).

It is a section we are still working on and considering the large number of Argentinian players moving around, it is not always easy to catch. If you feel like we have missed one, do let us know!

Thank you!


  1. According to last rumours from Olè, Real Madrid are following Lautaro Martinez, a 18-years-old striker playing in Racing de Avellaneda.

    Also Atletico Madrid and Valencia are keen on the player.

    Is this guy really so good ? Played totaly 56 minutes in PD. And 8 million euros ? Conechny imo the biggest striker talent. (Dybala-type).

  2. Benfica, Sporting, Sevilla, Inter, Genoa – a lot of Argentines.

    If anyone going to watch Cervi in Benfica then must look for “Chucky” name on T-shirt and not “Cervi”.

    We will see how it goes with Alan Ruiz (with his brother Federico) and Marcelo Meli in SPorting.

  3. I have a suggestion which is very difficult to bring to life because I don’t know if it exists.
    For us Europeans or some other time zones it is difficult to follow the Argentine league because we have to wake up early to go to work, and in the summer when I have free time they don’t play.
    Does a show like “Match of the day” or “sportschau” or “la liga highlights on youtube” exist?
    If we could post highlights of the games here, and no I don’t mean just goals because that is boring. I mean highlights of the game. 3-5 minutes or more..

    • Ghost,

      liga will start soon. I was usually watching on Futbol Para Todos full games but not on live (it’s deep often night in Europe). I hope in upcoming season Futbol Para Todos will still release full games. I heard there are some licence problems with this.

  4. I’m really liking. This I think is a great idea. I have feeling the young player to watch I’m Europe who are going to break through this season if they are allowed playing time. Cervi de paul cartabia

  5. This is nice…would be good if the position they play is also added…like Goal Keeper, Attacking midfielder, striker etc..

    This will be good for our future blogs…

  6. We may add:

    Franco Cervi to Benfica
    Lucas Boye to Torino
    Walter Benitez to Nice
    Alan Ruiz to Sporting Lisboa
    Federico Ruiz to Sporting Lisboa
    Tomas Martinez to Sporting Braga

  7. Batistuta and Cannigia formed such a lethal partnership upfront… hmmmm… watching old videos… bored with present Argentina football and the garbage can AFA

  8. Man, these ‘Generation of 86’ rumours have got me worried.

    I think I would even prefer Russo to that…

    Of the options left, I would go with Diaz, personally. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least he has a bit of spark (and he does have a pretty impressive winning pedigree).

    Failing that, I wouldn’t be too disappointed with Bauza.

    Whatever the outcome, it can’t be too much longer before we get an answer. I just hope it doesn’t leave us feeling too depressed.

    • New manager will be presented by this week’s Thursday or Firday,that’s what Armando Perez said last week.We may not need to wait that long as negotiations have become easier as everyone has turned down.

      With Argentinian fans there is never an “everyone’s cup of tea”.But it is time to take matters into consideration.Simione,Pochettino,Sampaoli,Bielsa,Berizzo,Bianchi turned down..after all of that if we complain about Diaz we truly deserve Neri Pumpido.

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