Edgardo BAUZA: “We will start integrating young players”


To follow up on the earlier quotes, here’s the transcript of Edgardo BAUZA’s quotes.

The new Argentina coach discusses the team’s playing style, about how certain things need to be worked on and more.

About the team and the upcoming list:
“It’s not entirely set in stone. I won’t make major changes in the first call-ups. It’s important that these players lead the way. More than anything because we have little time. After that, we can talk about some names that may not have been there in the past. But it’ll mostly be the same ones which have recently been called-up. I’m not going to mention any names in fear of me changing ideas. We have very little time and we’re already working. We have until the 15th of the month to announce the list, we’re going to wait until the last day because I first want to talk, not only with Leo, but with several other people. Four or five players which have marked this generation of the National Team.”

“There are a lot of players. But I don’t want to get into mentioning names because even though in my head we’ve started working, the problem is that we have very little time and we need results right away. It’s for that reason I don’t think we will have big changes. We need players that are used to playing in the Qualifiers. But yes, we will start integrating young players.”

Playing style:
“Obviously we have the choice and with the amount of quality which Argentina possess, it gives you choices. Furthermore, the thing is that in every team I have coached, everyone attacks and everyone defends. To defend, we need everyone. As the coach, I’ll try to take advantage of all the choices Argentina presents.”

“We have not contacted MESSI or anyone in his family. The idea is to speak to PEREZ and after that to travel to speak with MESSI. It’s not about convincing MESSI but to talk to him. Those of us who have worked in football know the frustrations. MESSI has defended a lot. He doesn’t need to run to the half circle in his own area to defend. When one says “everyone has to defend”, it starts with where you are to defend. If you’re doing it in your area, in the attacking half, etc… There are different ways to defend and you don’t have to run a lot to do that.”

“The issue is how we can organize the team defensively. I think that’s the part we have to work on. With the options that Argentina has, offensively, very rich but we have to organize defensively for the team not to get worn down and recover the ball as soon as possible. I have an idea in mind but for that, we have to talk to the players, explain the idea and work on it.”

About Tata MARTINO:
“I’d like to have a coffee with him because speaking to him can make things clearer. I’ve spoken with SABELLA but I’ll get together with other coaches when I can.”

“They were 10 days with a lot of ups and a lot of downs. When they called me, I was very excited. As I said, it was a good conversation. It ended just as I had wanted it. We’re very excited and anxious to organize and work in such short time.”

“Surely HIGUAIN will be there. But like any player, we have to support him and give him confidence. He’s now at a club due to everything he’s done in the past few years, nothing was gifted to him. I know exactly the sacrifices he had to make.”

MASCHERANO could play as a central defender but also has great timing in being the number 5 of the team. I think about TEVEZ just like all the other players. He’s a player that nobody can put into question.”

“It’s the most important challenge of my career. And I told Armando PEREZ today: I’m grabbing onto this and I’m giving it my all. If today I don’t dream about bringing the World Cup to the Pope and more so with Argentina, I should devote myself to another profession.”


  1. i agree wtih those who want some youth into the team now, sure its not about starting them all now and all of the time its about integrating them into the system, letting them get the feeling of what it is all about, making them really hungry as they can touch and smell the shirt-its so close and it should make them hungry for the shirt just being in the set up as well as informing those incumbents who are not preforming that your time could be up if them cant up their game or become constant.
    it tells new players the manager is really looking at them instead of the generic “lip service” managers give too ofturn.

    their is no real good time to throw new players into the team as its always an important game but now is better then what we have done since 2002 in taking half fit and recovering players all because we did not bother to give potential new talent a good and real chance (add managers egos) and since 2002 it has bitten us in the ass and we dont seem to learn from this.
    as ive said ill backing this manager and will reserve my judgement until after 5-6 games but i will say it is important he brings in some new talent into the 23 now and we all know who they are and their is no better statement from a new manager then “shaking the tree” from day one.

    • I personally would like to see Dybala, Icardi, Enzo, Perreyra and Lanzini called up in the next squad but I will understand if they don’t make the squad this coming round but I need to see some integration of the young in the following round to have hope for the future.

      • sabellista: that would be very nice to see them all and now, their is no need to start them all but for these upcoming quif’s but they should be in the 23.

        i like the saying “their is no time but the present” meaning
        “to encourage someone to take action immediately instead of waiting” as time is not at all on our side with nothing but quaifs ahead and then hopefully the w/c.

        for bauza to pick the exactly same players again means he does not have a firm plan in mind of who he wants etc and that for me is not a good start but as ive said we will just have to wait and see what his team actually is before i pass thoughts on his 1st selections.

        • Let us wait and see the list i am sure some of the young players like dybala will be included, i am not expecting icardi now but he is must if we want win 2018.
          Let us qualify first but I feel good about this coach and our chances in russia.

          • Dybala will be for sure. It’s matter of course. But we really need more new players (it must not means only young new players). I’m not going to applaud for Bauza calling DYbala only. He must do more.

  2. i would say this:

    all WC in my memory we lost to european teams:

    90 – Germany 0-1
    94 – Romania 2-3
    98 – Netherlands 1-2
    02 – Sweden (it was a group match but it was also knowout match for us) 1-1
    06 – Germany 1-1 (pen)
    10 – Germany 0-4
    14 – Germany 0-1

    so lets put Romania off as something not quite representative.

    in rest we can see that we used to loose to teams that prefer
    ultra-defensive tough play agaings us.

    i guarantee you if there would be, say, France instead of Germany those
    4 times we would have at least 3 more stars on our shirts (Spain-2010 in semi would have no chances against Argentina).

    that is because of playing style so to speak.
    lest say that germans have enough patience and class
    to strugle against Argentina (with exception of wc2010 in all other games
    they we struggling and waiting for their chance. this would actually
    be so in 2010 as well if Maradona used correct tactics and selection).
    also, maybe some do not know that, Germany has best farm drugs, this is also
    a reason why they always look so fresh each tournament.

    so this is the type of our main enemy: a tough disciplined team that
    is quite humble to play first number against Argentina and is mostly
    concentrated on defence.

    this includes Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, maybe Italy, Dunga-style Brazil, Chile (but Chile is temporary here), sometime England, scandinavian teams, Belgium and so on.

    look, in 6 games mentioned above (again – except Romania) we only scored 3 goals.
    (and only once we scored first).

    so, if we want to win WC (no matter in Russia, Qatar or Mars), we MUST have
    working solution against such teams. there are not many that teams in the world of top class – 3-5 and couple of quite good class. there is no chance we will win them in beautifully attacking style with lots of hobbits on the pitch. NO CHANCE.

    our selection of player must be flexible. we must be able to play two games:
    easy fast attacking (1) and tough-boxsuperweightlike with one-two chances (2).

    lets see what we were able to play earlier:
    90 – 2
    94 – 1
    98 – 1
    02 – 1
    06 – 1
    10 – 1
    14 – 2

    surprise but each time we were good at defence and keeping our goals dry – we got to the finals. so lets say this must be number one tactics for us.
    or lets say this approach must be the one that we must be able to apply.

    thats why playing with lots of fragile players like Messi, Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Banega and so on will never lead us to success.
    all of you could see how cruicial it was on last Copa to loose Lavezzi and Augusto. not because they are best players, but because they are RIGHT players.

    you may put Di Maria instead of Lavezzi but he will never be successfull in
    games when there are lot of jumps, tackles, fouls and so on.

    in other words Bauza must have a team that combines:
    * worriors(80%) of the team. mentally strong people that don’t give a f#ck what the score is and what the chances are. they can fight until death. so to speak these are Mascherano-type players
    * artists that provide god blessed moments (2-3 persons (not more!!!)). these are Messi-type players. they may have soft mentality, its no problem
    * goalkeepers good at game and penalty shoot

    also, in other dimension, the team must have
    * fresh blood (that means to be joker-like unpredicted force), young people – that at least have a lot of health to run
    * experienced players that know what big tournaments are

    if Bauza succeeds in these factors, he will have great chances to win WC.
    if he is also concentrated on how to make Messi happy, we will have another
    one sad story to our records.

  3. Its like you need to be 50 years or older to be Argentina manager. And you need to be playing for us for 5 years to be called up.

    – Seriously why Rulli doesn’t play for us and romero plays?
    – Why Rojo plays as our LB?
    – Why Icardi does not play?

    Another pattern is we say like every time that we have to slowly integrate them with the team. I ask – when will we start to actually integrating them? I understand now is not the time. so when the time will come? After the world cup? Remember we are trying to integrate Rulli for more than 2 years now.

    And if I bitch and moan about these people calls me negative. They say I do not care about tactics and only care about players. The hell with it. i am negative and deal with it. I will state my opinion and will not engage in personal attacks.

    is it too much to ask if I say Rulli should play instead of Romero based on forms of a period more than 2 years? And if I say we do not need 4 CB in our eleven? On top of that 2 more defensive midfielders?

    there are a few things we could do right now. We can call them and not play in the eleven. They train with the team and in the 4th of 5th qualifiers after the first call up they play.

    – New RB
    – New LW
    – New CF

  4. So I don’t give a damn when Bauza will succeed in qualifiers. He can do this easy we all know that. Even if he will winning games by 5:0 I don’t care. I’m not going to be naive.

    I just want to see perspective far-reached plan implemented from now on gradually and not procrastination, cunctation and guardedness. I want to see changes from now on (including progressively some new faces).

    ‘Audentes fortuna iuvat decoratque corona’.

    • then don’t read it. problem solved, blogs are to discuss and people have different views, that’s the point of blogs or forums. I don’t like what you write either but I don’t care write as much as you want and not everybody is turn the other cheek like you! If I don’t like something I say it. I am not into group thinking, I think for myself, this is a blog and people have different opinions, this is not a cult.

        • Oh getting personal now? just measured my blood pressure and perfectly fine, thanks for your worries! 😀
          You have nothing to say and get mad at people who express their opinion which is different from yours.
          If Grondona were to be alive he would give you a medal for excusing and justifying everything AFA do.
          You are a good soldier,keep doing it, you earned your stripes.
          don’t expect me to be like you though.
          forums and blogs are open for discussion where people express their opinion freely and not how you want them to think.
          don’t like it–> don’t read it!

          • Nothing personal. Are you kidding me? I am not backing corrupt AFA and i never did even i was against DON all the time. But looks it is more mess than it was in his time,at least people used to scare him and give way our players to go tournament. You completely misjudged my argument as you misjudging constantly the idea and situation and calling it is REALISTIC by bushing a new appointed coach that didn’t even has chance to provr himself. When i say it is depressing to read all the negative comments i meant what you guys writing about the COACH not AFA. AFA IS SUCK. You can write or post anything in their official page and i will be with you. But writing depressing comments on coach about he ain’t gonna select some young players in ver hard qualifications and one of the most crisis moment in ARGENTINA history is not REALISTIC. I am sorry if I hurt you but think about what are you saying and calling in sense for one moment. Do you really think it would be a solution what are you asking for a coach just introduce in CRISIS. I am not backing AFA i am backing BAUZA. But i would say that as i did before for CRISIS and no one wants to coach our NT and AFA(new committee) chose a good person for coach. It could be worse than that. I wasn’t unpleasant if you were bashing AFA,I was unpleasant you are constantly bashing coach at in crisis. Argentina football in the biggest crisis in their history and when you post negative comments about how Coach and players going to fail and this and that i feel like….YOU POURING COLD WATER IN A WINTER DAY WHEN IT’S ALREADY RAINING HERE.

            Keep up the discussion.

        • Jason
          No you didn’t hurt me, nothing in here can hurt me!
          Nothing personal from my side.
          All WE who are called negative are saying is we see a pattern that is repeating again and again.
          We don’t Bauza to do that also.
          Deserving players must play all I have to say is read my comment below there I have explained what I think.
          thank you for the discussion.
          wish you luck.

  5. I know Bauza is very smart and on highest level coach but if he is really right men he should to be able to do 2 things and not only 1 thing:

    1. Reach WC in RUssia
    2. In order to succeded there

    If Bauza has not a long term, far reaching plan but just want to use ‘ad hoc’ well known but worn out and spiritless players to pass through qualifiers you’ll see us landing in Russia one more time with these bunch of losers and they will do all the thinghs that we know from last tournaments.
    I don’t need 5 games of qualifiers to see a results of Bauza. I know he will win and take us to Russia. But it’s not feat the advance to Russia. Even Maradona as coach can do this. I want to see perspective, long range plan put into practice from now on. It’s the task. It is ridiculous and naive to evaluate him after few games of qualifiers. We all know what will be: Argentina will win, Higuain will scored some easy goals, Di Maria will be assistting and most of the people who were saying “no more Higuain and Di Maria” will say: “oh, what a fantactic changes Bauza did, see as they are better than ever”.
    Then people again will able to believe in these bunch of losers. Till the another lost tournament.

    No one can tell me rubbish about it’s not the time to introducing new players. So when will be the time?
    “if there is a time to integrate the young players, it is now. because after one year, one can say that the world cup is so near and youngsters cannot be experimented!”

    Or you want to go to Russia with Di Maria for example? Not to even mention about his shitty performances in NT last years but there are 3 tournaments in a row when he caught injury in crucial moments. Realize his muscles are too puny to endure playing on 100% in semis or final. So we need rely on player who will be integrated part of our team from now on to last game on WC. Player who will not destroy our tactical plans and balance by his injury.

    Here It’s only about DI Maria but I may find a few rational reasons to do not call any of Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero, Biglia, ROjo and even Banega.

    None coach will not win a tournament if he does not take a risk. Sabella didn’t win because of the reason and Martino too.

  6. One old man gets asked by a youngster:
    Y:”Why have you never married? you were rich and beautiful, you had everything a man could have, you were almost perfect”
    O:”Because I searched for the perfect woman”
    Y:”and you didn’t find her?”
    O:”No, but I found an almost perfect woman”
    Y:”Then why did you not marry her”
    O:”She was searching for the perfect man”

    Was Portugal throwing in Renato Sanches in the Knock out stages of the Euros the right time to do so?
    Because he was that good and he deserved to play on merit, he earned his place by beating the competition!
    the same you can say about Raphael Guerreiro!
    It doesn’t matter how old you are, it matters how good you are.
    Portugal didn’t select Hugo Alemeida, they trusted other players which paid off like Eder.

    If you are not good enough in a certain duty, someone else takes your place who does better.
    I don’t want Dybala, Tagliafico, Icardi and some others to play because they are youngsters. I want them to play because they have earned it.
    No left back is better than Taglaifico.
    Dybala leads Juve one of the best teams in the world.
    Icardi is captain of Inter.
    They are no youngsters, they are deserving players.
    Deserving players should play no matter what, players who don’t do their job should be benched!
    If he wants to play again he must earn it.

    Talk about age, talk about right time, people who limit themselves in such categories are doomed to fail.
    Coaches who reward players according to their merit in the name of competition are bound for success.

    These things make my blood boil:
    In our team some players no matter how good they do never get their chance. Some other no matter how bad they do they always play. What makes me even angrier is that people support such CRIME(yeah it’s a crime).
    Players thrive in the spirit of competition, if you perform well you should get the chance MERIT.
    No One should have a guarantee for life!

    People are attached to players or coaches, they don’t want to let go.
    putting players and coaches before the best for the team.

  7. The two quotes of Sandy and Mamoun

    “if there is a time to integrate the young players, it is now. because after one year, one can say that the world cup is so near and youngsters cannot be experimented!”

    “With that being said I still think that the likes of Icardi, Dybala, Lanzini, paredes etc…..should be called up and be given minutes even if they’re not going to lead the charge because the messi generation may be able to get through the WCQ but when Russia comes around the likes of pipita, kun, maria at the rest aren’t going to do what they weren’t able to 3 finals ago”.

  8. Bauza said he will integrate young players but will not rush into wholesale changes in the WCQS and people have a problem with that. At least he is his own man. And what if he sees in those players what computers coaches fail to see? The man wants to win the WC already, he’ll do it with the players he sees fit, young or old. All that matters to Bauza is which weapons suit the task ahead. It was Tata’s tactics that made our players look average for the NT.

  9. if there is a time to integrate the young players, it is now. because after one year, one can say that the world cup is so near and youngsters cannot be experimented!
    every time there will be something crucial, either the WC qualifiers or the copa america or the WC itself. this is not a justification for not selecting the youth. also a good number of the present team has disappointed us in three finals, then how can a coach rely on the same players?
    when rojo got the first call up, he was just 21. was he not young then? ever since then, he has been a part of the team quite regularly! under sabella federico fernandez was very regular and he got the call up at the age of 22. if this is the case why cant a coach introduce a player like tagliafico who is already 23? ansaldi is 29 and far better than rojo but he has played below 10 matches only! it is not a matter of young or old, it is just a matter of whether the coach likes a player or not.
    both hig and kun were injured just before the wc, but sabella decided to go with them along with palacio which costed us the wc!
    ansaldi, yacob, perez, gaitan, salvio, etc deserved much more chances than they have got.

  10. I pretty much liked the last part. That shows his determination and drive to lead Argentina to glory. I really enjoyed that part.

    Well, at least in words he looks quite likeable. We have to wait and see if he’s as likeable in actions or not.

  11. I for one like Bauza and even if I didn’t I will support him and wish him the best (just like i did with Martino) because to me the fate of the seleccion is the most important thing.

    Like I said many times before Bauza will play ugly (as will simeone when he coaches the team someday) but the man knows how to win tournaments and at the end of the day that’s what matters the most.
    I also said that he’s not going to make any major changes right in the middle of the WCQ and I think that’s the right thing to do because sadly the time of experimentation is gone (Tata should’ve integrated younger players when he took over from Sablla but didn’t) and now getting through the WCQ is the most important thing.
    With that being said I still think that the likes of Icardi, Dybala, Lanzini, paredes etc…..should be called up and be given minutes even if they’re not going to lead the charge because the messi generation may be able to get through the WCQ but when Russia comes around the likes of pipita, kun, maria at the rest aren’t going to do what they weren’t able to 3 finals ago.

  12. wow….he will get higuain and even tevez back in the squad. what a joke, seriously this is a joke.
    i don’t like this guy already.
    this is just another sabella era.
    sabella got us in the final only to get shot in the ass by the german, i’m pretty sure the same with this guy, if he lucky enough to pass the qualifiers.
    what a joke.
    i won’t support argentina anymore unless i see 10-15 young players in the squad.
    i won’t support argentina anymore if higuain, aguero, tevez, biglia, romero, lavezzi and afew more will be in the squad.

  13. Pablo.d
    I also hope that Bauza shows the players who the boss is.
    “We talk about it for 20 minutes and then we decide I was right” – Brian Clough on listening to players’ opinions.

    I certainly didn’t want Bauza as coach and said everything that I felt needed to be said, don’t care if people in here like or not.
    But a man got to do what he got to do!
    Bauza is now part of the family so I have decided to support him and whatever players play for the team, there no other option.
    hopefully in 2 years we get together to celebrate because have suffered enough.

    • I support him as I supported Tata martino, Basile, Batista too! I bitch and moan but I support. I feel like not everyone has to be like “everything is fine” in a blog. If everybody has the same opinion, then whats the point of discussion?

      Having said that, I’m still skeptical about this dude because I think he is too similar in terms of personnel as Sabella. He might make the same mistakes that Sabella did but at this point these are all assumptions. I will not judge him until at least 5-6 matches. I also feel like he will be fine during the qualifiers as he has tons of experience in South America. He knows very well about what is waiting in Bolovia or quito.

    • ghost: that a nice clough quote and correct as players have far to much power these days.

      like you ill support this guy (not my 1st choice) but tata did not have my support from day 1 when he took over he showed his hand in allowing the afa to pick his 1st team, it showed every one he was not his own man and was not the one making decisions as and manager needs to make a statement from day 1.

      after the failed barca debacle he needed to be in charge from day 1 but was not at all.

  14. Some people here dreaming about the youngster to lead the NT but I afraid when the result didn’t come out then they gonna bash them again. No coach will do it because it take years to give time new player to integrate into a team. Of course, Dybala will be included in next call up but the guys like Lanzini and Icardi is still far ahead to be call-up immediately when Higuain and Aguero is still here with the age of prime time for a footballer.

    For me, Let coach decide on his own. I don’t prefer individual players but a team. We have played most possible game in last 3 years. We only need to kill the final and take the trophy back to the home.

  15. I already rate Bauza postively and for nt,I will held my judgement for atleast 5/6 games,to judge his approach,performance and issues around them.That’s the minimum time to show an impact.And if you think it will be right to throw unproven(at intl stage) and inexperienced youngsters into difficult matches in this desperate times,then you haven’t been paying attention to the game called football.

    • Mafioso,

      Higuain over Icardi? One more time: how many goals scored Higuain in last 10 NT games? Even inexperienced in NT Icardi could not be do worse. So Icardi over Higuain.

      Kranevitter has some minimal level of experience in NT so why not? Other option in Mascgherano place?

      Tagliafico is guarantee of best defence and no matter of unexperiened when he may give 120% of his health what is recompensation.

      Aguero over DYbala?

      Di Maria over Lanzini? Di Maria is so mindless player… Lanzini is very carefull and precise in passing. I don’t think he is risky for qualifiers.

    • mafioso: unfortunately their is no good time to blood new payers as its full on qualifs or the w/c itself, sadly n/t football these days is being pushed further back down the pecking order in favor of the champs lge and to be a n/t manager is becoming increasing difficultly as the clubs have such power.

      the key is bringing new players into the 23 man squad and if their chance comes they must take it but at the moment we seem to take injured players before potential youth/new players.

      n.b i cant comment on the currant manager as he has not picked a team yet.

  16. My team for next qualify….Messi must be…

    ——-Mussachiho ——-Mascarano—–Otamendi —


    My sub..peruzzi-Maria -heguin-Aguro

  17. im going to reserve my judgement to after his 1st selection as on one hand he is saying I’m going to call up youngsters but on other their will be no real charges for the next quaifs, we must all just wait and see but it is important he makes new call ups immediately to tell the incumbents to up their game or they will be replaced and to make his mark on the team immediately by saying I’m the boss and none of you are safe.

    their is no real excuse for not making new call ups this time because the next quifs after this one their is still the same actual amount of time of only a week he will have with them and the next ones its still a week but the only part excuse for these ones is the seasons have not kicked off and its hard to tell who is inform or who is not.

  18. Reactions in European sports media are pretty much the same. Bauza is unknown in Europe although they give him credit for his Copa Libertadores wins. They are surprised Argentina for their 5th option (after 3 coaches in Europe declined as did Bielsa).

    I am glad the soap opera for a new coach is over

    Curious to see his team selection.

    He will get our team through the qualifiers. Lack of european experience could damage our chances come 2018.

  19. Keep saving yourself to CURSE the coach more as there won’t be many changes atall in first call up. It’s not rocket science to understand why he would not change much. I am sure changes will come definitely but he shown he is the coach who man handle the players and mature,not emotional. I like his press conference too,you talk to the press like this. Keep them guessing. Ohhh FYI he plays 4-2-2-2 and recently changed to 4-2-3-1 & yes he used to play 4-4-2. Like i said he is the coach who change his tactics according to the situation. Maybe he had to play defensive as he had limited player selection but now he has pond of talents and he needs to select according to his tactics. I like his idea everyone attack and everyone defend. It shows team that work hard and play as a team. That’s what Argentina were missing. Play as a team not only Messi.

  20. Today Argentina play with Venezuela in semifinal of COTIF tournament. THe game is on Roja Directa. If anyone want to watch Vadala, Del Castillo, Martinez, Conechny…

  21. Bauza: “With a team that has the technical richness of Argentina, how can you not attack? Question is how do you defend.”

    No, its not the question. Our defend is solid for years. No matter we play with Zabaleta, Garay, Demichelis, ROjo, Mercado, Roncaglia, Otamendi, Funes Mori, Cuesta – it’s still solid. Question is clueless attack.

    • Yea…the qstn is how do you defend?…You defend as a team or you defend with two defensive midfielder ahead of 4 centerbacks?You defend in opposition half with pressing or around your D-box with 8/9 men forming a human wall?You defend with Zonal marking or man marking?These are the key question if properly answered,attacking richness can be used in it’s sharpest form.

      • Unless you have Higuain on the top. Then your attack may not be enough sharp.
        We go to two extemes. First when thinking all is about selection and then when thinking it’s about coach and tactic.

        Bauza could be best coach for me but some things are unacceptable. Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero, Biglia, Banega, Rojo had enough chances. I may accept Banega but only for qualifiers and not WC. They all had enough chances. It’s unfair towards talented generation 92-93 growing in the shadow of these losers.

        If Bauza is so good he should be able to incorporate with advantage some players of ’92-’93 generation: Rulli, Tagliafico, GOmez, Kranevitter, Lanzini, Dybala, Icardi.

        How many goals scored Higuain in his last 10 games in NT? I don’t think Icardi could be worse.

        So I’m waiting.

  22. I heard Bauza is a big fan of 4-4-2. We have plenty of depth in 4-4-2 if he really want to play this formation.


    Ansaldi/Gomez Otamendi/Musacchio Garay/Funes Mori Tagliafico/Ansaldi

    Lamela/Pereyra/Salvio Augusto/Enjo Perez Mascherano/Kranevitter Lanzini/Correa

    ———————Messi/Dybala Icardi/Vietto/

    • From your plentiful I would take:

      assuming Messi is out for the time being

      • I would always put Dybala in the forward line. Why waste his goalscoring abilities by playing him as a 10? Also Salvio is an upgraded version of Lavezzi…good player, but not national team material IMO. If we really need to play with a 10, play Lanzini there, and put Gaitan on the LW/LM. And Romero really? Rulli should play because he plays football often. like once in every week against good opositions. And I would wait another season for Gomez. Lets see how my 4-4-2 diamond formation would look like –


        Ansaldi Otamendi Garay Tagliafico





        • I would take Rulli over Romero it’s just for a bit more experience.
          For Gomez breakthrough would be Rio.
          Actually line up with Dybala along Icardi is better indeed however Lanzini in place of Gaitan.

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