Edgardo BAUZA takes jab at Tata MARTINO


New Argentina National Team manager Edgardo BAUZA has taken a jab at former Argentina coach Tata MARTINO.

Speaking to TyC Sports, BAUZA spoke about Lionel MESSI and took an indirect shot at MARTINO by saying that MESSI was left alone and had problems generating play. Here’s what he had to say:

“If you leave him (MESSI) alone, we see what happened against Chile, where he had four players on top of him. He suffered a lot in that game, and he had problems in generating play”.

“The idea is that the play goes through him, we know how he can change a game. MESSI has played in three positions: as a central forward, a little deeper, and GUARDIOLA used him in some games on the right.”

“The intention is that he is placed where he can change things, and for that he needs the participation of the team, we can not depend solely on MESSI.”

About meeting with MESSI:
“I don’t know why they are saying that he must be convinced.”

“I am going to talk about football with him, and afterwards we will see if that chat gives way to the possibility of him reversing the phrase he said after the (Copa America) final.”

“Those of us who have felt that frustration understand that phrase”.


  1. Quote from Bauza and I like what he says:

    Finally, also he left a message for all players who aspire to wear the Albiceleste “Wear this shirt weighs. Whoever wants it put going to have to kill. I will evaluate all Argentine players, Whether the local environment, which are at a good level, or where they are. If they have the level to wear it, they will be cited. You have to respect the history of this shirt and the team. “

  2. Bauza badly wants to the job which is very positive. He is saying the right things as if he is answering me directly for my concerns about him. “Balance” “In form” “attack and defend as team” “integrating the youth” are things I want to hear and he said those.
    Just like he said it’s another thing watching them on TV and another directing them. He must take his own advice and implement all those things in practice because he will have many roadblocks on his way.
    If he does all those things I will be the first to admit i was wrong and will apologize!

    • He reads a lot.He knows the sentiment of fans and their expectations…He might saying what we want to hear,but if a man is that intelligent,he must also know what to do to build a balanced winning approach.

      Man management is one of the most important jobs of a football manager.You will agree he is doing pretty good dealing with press and fans.He started the process of convincing Messi even before talking to him.He said he understand’s messi’s frustration and will not talk to convince messi but just football…this passive approach is the trick here!

  3. Bauza: Leo, you lay the plans for NT and i will just tinker it and polish it.
    Messi: im very strict and clear on this, i want Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Banega, Lavezzi around me in the ‘new’ team for the World Cup QF and World Cup itself.
    Bauza: oh!! Is that all your request??… im double ok with that… bcoz thats whats on my mind too… plus i will add Tevez too and bring some old experienced players.. sure well done ‘down’….
    Messi: Thanks im back…
    Bauza: Congrats! On your return. Probably it is the fastest come back by any ‘fool’ sorry player.
    After the meeting…
    Bauza calls Bilardo… Hey Boss, thanks for proposing my name… i will 100% keep the Bilardoista flag flying high… we can certainly beat the Mennotista disciples… And i just managed to convince Messi to come back by proposing his friends names and the ploy worked…

  4. Bauza: ‘I’m taking charge of a team who reached the Copa América final… it’s one thing watching on TV, another entirely coaching them.’

    Bauza: ‘[Being part of the 1990 World Cup squad] was huge for me as a player, even though I didn’t play, just being part of the group.’

    Bauza: ‘I’m going to watch everyone. And if I think they have the level to put the shirt on, I’ll call them up.’

    Bauza: ‘The day I stop thinking that I’m going to win a championship, I’ll look for a job outside football.’

    Bauza: ‘Balance doesn’t have to do with whether players are offensive or defensive. It’s the XI that finds that equilibrium.’

    Bauza: ‘I’m not going to talk about names or a system because it depends on the players. The formation is completely relative.’

    Bauza: ‘I’ll talk to directors about youth divisions. That’s where I started as coach. I’d like to give my ideas, but I won’t impose them.’

    Bauza: ‘We’ve not spoken about a contract yet. I think the most important thing is to be here, with this track top, talking to you.’

    Bauza: ‘I’ve not been able to thank [Maradona] for kind words yet… I’ve talked to Sabella. I’ve not talked to Martino yet, but I will.’

    Bauza: ‘The qualifiers are… difficult. Before there were 2 or 3 favourites, now things are more even. But we have the players we need.’

    Bauza: ‘That talk, once we’ve had it… there’s a decision to be taken. And he [Messi] has to take the decision, not me.’

    Bauza: ‘I’m going to talk [to Messi] about football. It’s easy to talk about football, and with a football player, much easier.’

    Thanx to Sam Kelly ‏@HEGS_com

    Bauza on style: ‘We’re going to try and take advantage of the fine form a lot of the players are in to be protagonists and win each match.’

  5. Like i said in another post i feel good about this coach, i like the believe tactical knowledge & the confidence he has.
    Mr bauza will bring the trophy.
    Vamos argentina.

  6. If this is a trick by Bauza to clam Messi’s ego down and make him to join Argentina again,I say this is a hell of a man management.FourFourTwo gave Bauza 4 starts for man management,ofcourse it was not for nothing.I read today Messi is going to change his decision.

  7. Inter Milan is a good example of a good team managed by poor manager.If u get thrashed by Tottenham while you have Miranda,Murillo,Ansaldi,Kondogbia,Banega,Icardi,Perisic in your rank,then it is a big problem.

  8. After first 10 minute into half time,I knew we are not gonna win it.Because the playing approach brought back the memory of last two final.I did not watch it after it went to extra time.Except Higuian,It was not fault of players but the decisions made by Martino after we were reduced to 10 man.

    Argentina was not unlucky on penalties.Penalty takers were simply not good enough.If you look at WC semi-final penalty takers: Garay,Aguero,Maxi Rodriguez.This guys never miss a penalty,where Biglia missed in the previous Copa against Colombia.Masche was also an wild card,even though he took a great one.Dybala,Garay are good pk takers,they were left alone.We missed two penalty shoot out without Garay.His great penalty alone raises teammate’s confidence.

  9. After half time, the only attacking partner of Messi was Aguero.With Rojo’s absence,we were already lacking a runner at left wing,then Martino took out Di Maria for Kranevitter.Total left wing play was off.If we consider Banega a direct attacking player which he is not,we had 3 attacking players on the pitch.It was never enough.Even after being reduced to 10 man,they had two attacking fullbacks,Arganguiz and Vidal in midfield who also participate in attack.So they began to dominate.

    During Sevilla-Barca final,after barca was reduced to 10 man,Barca kept their attacking 3 while sacrificed Rakitic for a CB.2 midfielder was Busquets and Inietsa.They struggled hard to keep the defensive shape,nevertheless they won because they scored.If I remember right,one assist was from Alba,an offensive fullback.

    • Taking out Di Maria was the best sub of the game before that substitution Argentina couldn’t recover a ball for the life of them.

      • And what was the result of that?Almost zero attacking threat.What is the point of recovery if it after goes back to opponent after 2-3 passes?

        Would it be so wrong if it was lamela instead of Kranevitter?Lamela does a lot of recovery too.He even got an yellow at today’s inter friendly due to tackle at 80 mins.He never stop running and chasing,and ofcourse recovering.

  10. Sorry for too long post

    It’s incredible as bias can make you a blindman. How is it that people see how egoistic and brainless are Correa’s dribllings while they can’t see that Messi is doing exactly the same. If Di Maria is egoistic and glory hunter player then tell me who is Messi with his ultra-egoistic games.

    How is it that some people can’t understand why Messi is not smart player like Maradona was and (among other things) for that reason Argentina can’t win a tournament with him?
    Maradona was just team player, altruistic one on pitch who was knowing it needs teammates to win a tournament and that football is team game. He was best player to flowing, of rapid decisions football that basing on one-touch, ‘one-two’ football.

    It is something Messi almost does not practise in NT (only a bit under Sabella in qualifiers). SIC, altruistic one – against egoistic one. Messi is like black hole. When he is receives the ball wants just to run run run dribble dribble to do it by himself. He want to over-dribbled all opponent defense and it’s always failing on high level. What’s the use of being still fouled? No use. Why he is so self-concentrated, autistic? If you want always to dribble with 3-4 defenders something is wrong with you. Or you have got wrong instructions or just you are not too smart. Football always was team game so quick decisions and one-touch football always was/ and always will be up to date and better mean than have best dribbler. Looks like Messi does not understand flowing football if keeping the ball too long instead pass and rev up action.

    So before you call me Messi-hater you just watch some Maradona and Messi videos because the diffrence what I’m talking about is so clear that your grandma by two-inches glasses can see this.
    Need to see Maradona in final and Messi in final. Look at Messi against Chile this year how many times he had, e.g., Higuain free on good position but he takes another blind dribbling:

    – look at first action already (15s on film below). It’s typical. Higuain free and situation waiting to pass toward Higuain and play one-two what was Maradona best art. But Messi choose dribbling of course.
    – 1:30 again the same
    – 2:07…
    – 2:16
    – 3:12
    – 3:17 – stupid dribbling again instead pass to not marked Higuain
    – 3:49 – he still beats with head at wall
    – 4:08 – as above
    – 4:42 – pass out of time. He keeps the ball too long again. Aguero waiting for pass
    – 4:53 – like a blindman while Mercado is not covered on the right
    – 5:04 – unspeakable. What a egoism. He could pass to Banega, Mercado, Biglia but of course…
    – 5:13 – still keeps the ball too long
    – 5:28 – why he did not pass on the right?
    – 6:07 – Banega on free space on the left but Messi must tangle up on dribblings
    – 7:09 – he did not saw Otamendi on the right of course
    – 8:00 – just idiotic and egositic. Running – his ‘idee fixe’

    Now you see he is kicking against the goads still. You can’t deny this what we all see here. He play like brainless one. How can you win a tournament playing like that? Let’s face it: your emperor has no clothes. All the time people looking for players to blame of losts all on the pitch but not in the one. You can blame every player but not the one. Messi always is doing fine – it’s axiom. But sometimes most obvious premise and axiom is most false and for that reason whole the system is failing time and again. You may keep your geocentric/Messicentric theory and believe with team build around him but in Russia these words will recall.

    So it’s obvious why Maradona was better player. He was team player. He was playing for team. His vision was incomparable to Messi. Maradona had eyes around his head always looking for teammates who was in better position. Vision and one-touch play it’s something special – Messi isn’t even near to Maradona with the elements. For example: a backheel pass? No, not as ‘l’art pour l’art’ but as fastest way to pass to your teammate who is behind your backs. How many times you saw playing Messi in this way? He did this maybe 2 times in all his career. Maradona was master in this element. And so on… By all this keeping the ball Messi makes our play slower while Maradona always was stepping up tempo.

    and now look at Maradona and his tempo of passes, decisions and sense ‘one-two’ game. My fav moment 11:14-11:20 (look, he just give up and at the same time beutifull pass)

    final 1986 (it’s great but still not best his game in tournament – look from 10:34 (but it’s not all his touches of the game)

    or here from 23:30

    There’s Messi fanboyism here indeed. A lot of people are here only because of him. And a lot of them will leave the site when Messi will finish his career. They are Messi fans more than Argentina and they will always want to see him in NT no matter what he do for this team. I’m Argentina fan only. I have not my favourite player, I have my favourite club (Independiente) but not a player. The only sanctity and holy thing for me is Argentina and I don’t care about Messi famous if he does not play for a team.
    Messi isn’t saint. I don’t want him in NT playing like this. He must change his attitude or Bauza must do this. Then Messi may back. With Messi doing like above we never win a tournament. Now we must to understand there is here and in Argentina strong lobby of Messi fanboys who always support him and his presence in NT even if he play against our team as you see on video above. So the lobby again puts a lot of pressure on Bauza now to concentrated all about Messi still what is our affliction. The lobby was doing that with Sabella and Martino and they need still to answer on Messi endless questions on press conferences. The brainless lobby even was crying that Messi himself should suggest who ought to be new coach. So all I want to say is We necessary need a team and not necessary Messi.

    ‘quot erat demonstrandum’

    • It is ok. Your favourite generation have atleast partcipated in Rio Olympic. Who knows they will also play in WC. I.e how Lio’s generation lost the 2008 olympic and then never make it to 3 important seniour cup finals with in 2 years. Just swallow ur pride!!!!Don’t vent out your your anger against the best player the world has ever seen. Just enjoying your long but egocentric at times self contradicted post.

    • There’s Messi fanboyism here indeed.
      There are also messi haters or should we say hater(with multiple accounts).
      No player dribbled more then maradona period, he was the master of dribbling and there are countless examples where he lost the ball it happened every game he played unless you never watched him.
      Messi is not the problem argentina has and a player like him gives extra edge to any team he plays for,so far coaches screwed us and finally we got a quality coach in bauza god willing we will lift 2018 world cup.
      I am sure messi lifting the world cup will bother you right.
      Good advice for you. Get a life.

      • Messi fanboy is here.

        If you are smart player and you expect to be covered by 3-4 defenders then you should to know best thing is to pass because it means some of your teammates are unmarked. Messi apparently isn’t enough smart because, as you see on video above, he didn’t saw his teammates. Instead that he just wade into crowd.
        We all see that on video, man. You can’t deny that.
        It’s not about Maradona. It’s about Messi. Maradona was dribbling lover but he had collective mind too and proved that on WC in 86, in final as well (in a crucial moments he had played more altruistic). He hasn’t played for his own glory. He rouse to the challange in that point.

        “there are countless examples where he lost the ball it happened every game he played unless you never watched him” – truism. Oh really? I thought Maradona never lost a ball. Despite this he was seeing his partners still unlike Messi in last final.

        I have not multiple accounts. You may ask moderator secretly.

        • You know that I disagree with you completely here and I dont want to argue, but just a couple of thoughts –

          * Messi never passes directly to a players feet in the final third. He plays the ball into the space for the runners, which never happens with Argentina. And he also never plays the ball when he feels like the player receiving the ball wouldn’t be effective. Like he almost never passes to Sergi roberto like that in the final third, or Montoya before that.


          * Messi likes to play one-two with midfielders or forwards in the builup play. While playing for us, he is always too behind or too wide to do that. Also this is not possible when your team-mates are aguero, di maria or mercado. Too different.

          Just name one player who is better or as effective in creating space by movement or dribbling in last 10 years and I will start arguing with you on this. [provide stats and facts…not feels…like the republicans]

          • “and I dont want to argue”
            “I will start arguing with you”

            Why always people do not want argue in some questions and they want on others at the same time.

            “Just name one player who is better or as effective in creating space by movement or dribbling in last 10 years and I will start arguing with you on this [provide stats and facts…not feels…like the republicans]”.

            Is that seroius? How do you want to discuss about something what we can’t measure? What’s the criterion after that we may to calculate something like “effective in creating space by movement or dribbling”. What’s the numbers that can illustrate this. It’s are ‘imponderabilia’.

            “Messi likes to play one-two with midfielders or forwards in the builup play. While playing for us, he is always too behind or too wide to do that. Also this is not possible when your team-mates are aguero, di maria or mercado”.
            Maradona in NT was behind too. It’s the same position. I saw some ‘one-two’ playing under Sabella so it doesn’t mean Aguero or Di Maria can’t do that at all (I’m not mean they should stay in NT). Messi needn’t play one touch ball with Mercado but he should just pass to him in some situations on video. We see what’s on the video and if someone want to whitewash totally Messi it’s just under suspicion.

  11. “If you leave him (MESSI) alone, we see what happened against Chile, where he had four players on top of him. He suffered a lot in that game, and he had problems in generating play”.

    he is already better than tata!!

    • He was not alone, he just didn’t want to pass. Bauza never say that Messi was just egoistic because he want him to come back.

      • Messi was alone… No one but Lamela on some runs was with him… I was sitting there at the game wondering if dimaria would be better as a substitute than starter in future games because messi needed a running partner in the last 15 minutes of games…. Of course dybala or lavezzi would be there running if Paulo was selected or lavezzi was healthy… The fact is Argentina was scared to throw numbers into attack against chile and that stems from their coach… Hopefully bauza has the enthusiasm and huevos that Argentina needs to not be complacent !

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