Edgardo BAUZA: “”I will see MESSI”


New Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA was officially presented on Friday.

BAUZA was presented via press conference where he spoke about several matters. Obviously the big news since his take over was if he can convince Lionel MESSI to return to the National Team. He commented about MESSI, the AFA, the team and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s an honor for me to be here. We’re anxious to start working. There are experienced players and we have to take advantage of that. The dream of wanting to coach the National Team was always there. I would like to thank Armando PEREZ for his confidence. We will give our life.”

“I will see MESSI but I don’t know when. It doesn’t depend on me. With MESSI, I’m just going to talk about football. Nothing more, nothing less. After our chat, the decision will be his. I understand MESSI. I was a player and I understand when the frustration takes over.”

“Surely there will be lots of players from Tata’s lists. Maybe there will be some new ones, maybe not. It’s not about imposing, it’s about analyzing and looking for the best option.”

“As for the youth players, I can give my ideas but I can’t impose. I’m a coach trained with youth players. A player grows with competition. I’m going to observe everyone, including players from the local league.”

“The day I don’t think about leaving as champion is a day I’ll dedicate myself to something else.”


  1. i fed up from all the talk about the return of messi into the national team. in my opinion , messi’s comeback does not guarantee winning the world cup. it is better for Bauza to concentrate on forming a strong,organized team rather than talking on a single player even if he is the best in the world.

  2. After Dybala and Illanes Instituto Cordoba send another player to Europe. 19-years old Mateo Garcia will join to Las Palmas.

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