Videos: Nicolas GAITAN, Federico MANCUELLO score


Nicolas GAITAN and Federico MANCUELLO both scored for their clubs.

Nicolas GAITAN scored his first goal for Atletico Madrid. GAITAN, who made the switch from Portugal’s Benfica to Atletico, scored the first goal in the team’s 2-0 win against Italian side Crotone.

Meanwhile in Brazil, Federico MANCUELLO scored a beauty for Flamengo in their 1-0 win against Atletico PR.

Federico MANCUELLO’s goal:


  1. the more players who get to play and make the grade under sim the better for the n/t as sim makes players work very hard and if they cant cut it they are gone.
    we need more players who will die for the n/t as currently we have a lot of “show ponys” and only a few who give it their all every time.

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