Match Prediction – Poll: Argentina vs. Algeria


After losing their opening match at the Olympics, Argentina play Algeria next in a must win match.

The team will be looking to rebound off their 2-0 loss but will they? What do you think the result between Argentina vs. Algeria will be? Vote in the poll below!

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  1. ARMANDO (Head,AFA): “We explained the economic situation of AFA to Bauza. We will pay what we can and when we can.”

    Bauza took the job without any payment guarantee.AFA has a monthly deficit of 50 millions peso and others owe 540 millions to AFA but not given yet.

    • Wow, that is a sign of character! It shows Bauza really wants this job. I respect his decision. Hopefully he gets good results in upcoming qualifiers with or without Messi.

      Meanwhile, against Liverpool Messi was lazy and ineffective.

      • “For many it might be an unnecessary risk, but I wouldn’t mind setting my feet on the mud with Argentina. I was born in the mud.”

        – Bauza on Argentina links

  2. It has to be a win.

    Look anything is possible after the recent events!

    Playing like crap through out the tournament and still manage to win, look at F***ING Portugal OR you play great, ONLY to lose…….who fucking knows anymore.

  3. I vote for draw..bcoz that vasco.. he will make “balance team”…so first loss second draw and then win…balance..OK!..

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