Match Prediction – Poll: Argentina vs. Honduras


With one loss and one win under their belt, Argentina play Honduras with everything on the line.

A win is the only thing that can take Argentina to the second round at the Olympics. A draw would take Honduras through due to goal difference (Honduras won their first match 4-3 and loss the second 2-1). A draw is no good for Argentina. With Victor CUESTA suspended due to getting red carded against Algeria, will Argentina pull out a victory or will they leave Rio early?

What do you think the result between Argentina vs. Honduras will be? Vote in the poll below!


  1. Bielsista football’s main weakness is the fatigue due to extreme running and chasing,any smart team can exploit that.Today we saw it with Sevilla vs Real.

  2. We have enough talent but 2 problems. Calleri and Olarticoechea. The second is bottom sort coach IMO. He was bragged about before 1st game and it was in Maradona coaching style.

  3. Facts
    -This is our Under 23 B team
    – we really don’t have any national team players like all the other nations having 3… Cuesta is not national team quality as we have seen in the two matches .. Sad really lol
    -we still have enough talent to go deep in this tournament
    -we would have won both games if calleri could finish one on one agai st Portugal and a sitter against Algeria.
    -because of Calleri missed sitter against Algeria, we have to win instead of tie against Honduras to advance to 2nd round.
    -with pavon on the ring wing and simeone in the middle and correa on the left we can counter and beat anyone in this tournament.
    -Lo Celso and ascacibar bring balance to the Argentinan midfield. Lo Celso needs to start as all attacks go through him as he passes to either correa or pavon. Ascacibar is a mini-masche with his tackling and distribution of the ball.
    -I’m still pissed of at Calleri for missing ALL good chances. Even his goal was a lucky bounce! Boludo! Finish you are our #9! Really I would start simeone up front.

    • We could win the last game 4-1 very easily.All pavon had to do is pass the ball to Simeone and Calleri to take a nap and finish the tap in with a fresh head.

    • It’s good and bad that Calleri scored finally. Good because it was must goal, bad because he will play now.

      He is deplorable. Never a fan of Simeone but he just must to be better because it’s impossible to be worse.

      I have a good impression about most of players still. Except Calleri, Espinoza, Magallan, Cuesta, Martinez. Correa only one good game as far.

      And still would like to see Arzura instead Martinez. By the way, when I look at names and appearance I think both Arzura and Ascacibar have Basque roots.

  4. Insallah,I hope argentina will win.i am a big fan of argentina’s football as well as messi.

  5. I went draw but seriously considering it as a bruising defeat. We are not at any level of competitiveness at the moment. We are unable to string 3 passes together.
    But then maybe that’s the theme of football at the moment!? Anyway going for victory might be too much pressure for them.

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