Diego SIMEONE: “I dream of coaching Argentina”


Diego SIMEONE re-affirmed his stance on wanting to coach the Argentina National Team.

Diego SIMEONE spoke about his desire to coach Argentina and how a solution must be found for the best coaches to manage their clubs and countries at the same time. Here’s what he had to say:

“I aspire to that, I dream of coaching my National Team.”

“It’s hard to do both (coach club and country) at the same time, it’s not easy. I think with time it can be done but not today. We’re not ready for it. The best thing is the National Team. There’s something holding you back from going to coach (National Teams). We have to look for solutions for us, for those who like to coach the best teams in the world and would like to coach National Teams. We’re looking for a good system that allows us to coach in the top teams in the world.”

“I often wonder why GUARDIOLA doesn’t coach Spain, why ANCELOTTI doesn’t coach Italy. There’s this thing about how the best coaches in the world can’t coach their National Teams. We have to look for a solution, just like I’m looking for a solution: To coach the National Team and club at the same time. There’s a problem with that but we have to look for a solution otherwise the supposedly best coaches in the world will not be able to coach their National Teams.”


  1. I agree with Gonzalo here. Watching Portugal and Brazil win, one thing is evident they looked like a team who wants to win more than their opponent. Argentina plays finals like a tactical game or something of that nature and then leaves it to destiny. Its never like a do or die attitude.

    Overall, in my 34 years long association and love for Argentine football, I can say we are the ones who will win 2 out of 10 finals we reach. We are a perfect runners up of the world. Its like Holland. We will probably win once in a while but mostly we will go to the finals and lose. Its in the DNA of the nation, to come up second. Its not about talent, skill or experience. The little extra something that differentiates a champion from a runners up is missing – its the hunger and attitude.

    • nah, the only lossing attitude is your own. We where unlucky. And the biggest issue has been AFA corruption leafing to poor coaching and the dismanteling of the local leauges and youth development. Anyone, whinning and shit talking looses all my respect.

      • Leandro, really I don’t see in our players attitude of Brazil, Chile and Portugal of that finals. Do you want to say “poor coaching and the dismanteling of the local leauges and youth development” is reason for all the lost finals? I don’t think so. It’s problem with the generation (optimistic version) or, as Debasish said, we are loosing finals in DNA (pessimistic version). Argentina means “land of silver” from Latin ‘argentum’ – silver.

        • Leandro, you are entitled to your opinion about the football team and I respect that. No need for personal attacks. You don’t know who I am or what I have achieved in life.

          I do agree with you that you need element of luck to win, otherwise it never happens. I did not see the whole game yesterday, but I heard Germany hit the post a couple of times, Brazil had the luck. I agree. Then Germany hit the post against Argentina also in the final from the corner, Howedes hit the post. We had our luck.

          I also agree that if AFA was more organized we have a better chance to perform, but not WIN!! Players play on the field. AFA did not stop Higuain from scoring the goals, AFA did not stop Palacio, AFA did not stop Messi. You can blame anyone and everyone, but you need to deliver when it matters. A student can be prepared to the best by her parents and teachers, but she has to go and write the exam on the day of the exam. The student need to have the desire to be number 1.

          Anyway, we hope we have a generation now who has the desire to deliver and win something for their own. May be Russia, you never know, may be Messi in Russia. You can never give up.

    • This is sad: In the last 12 years the best Argentina team (technically gifted, good defense, great offense) can not win anything ; even going to three finals and losing all three. Yet Brazil worst decade still manages to win “something” with their superstar and CR7’s Portugal winning the Euro (without their superstar but no one will remember that) – even Portugal won something in this decade before Argentina! If we are ever going to win, we need unselfish creative midfielders that MUST be inserted to the team, messi should either play forward with dybala taking his right side of the pitch (2011 Barcelona Messi was a forward) or Messi should be further up the pitch and let creative Midfielder do his job when he plays for Argentina. Messi needs to make the unselfish passes in front of goal and not take the shot when there is a clear opportunity for a teammate to score.. Same goes for every glory hoggers on the team (DiMaria known for this). I don’t even know what to say anymore. I’m disappointed to see Suarez (Copa America 2011), Vidal & Sanchez (Copa America 2015 & Copa America 2016), CR7 (Euro 2016), and Neymar (Olympics 2016) win a final BEFORE MESSI, WHO WENT TO THREE FINALS BACK TO BACK TO BACK! WE NEED TO PRAY AND FAST FOR THIS TEAM BECAUSE THE RIVALS HAVE WON A FINAL IN THEIR WORST DECADE OF FUTBOL, CHILE HAS TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THE ABSENCE OF BRAZIL AND EVEN URUGUAY WON, PORTUGAL SHOULD NOT HAVE EVEN QUALIFY PAST GROUP STAGES AND THEY WIN FINAL ANYWAYS- THAT’S CRAZY! WE NEED TO PRAY GUYS, THIS IS NOT NORMAL

  2. Brazil won but I don’t think their supposed new superstars Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Barbosa are as good as Brazilians are thinkig now.

  3. I didn’t even watched extra time. I knew Brazil must win the game. Because of one reason. It is will to win, eager and thirst to w fight. That was the same attitude I saw in Chile and Portugal last finals.

    So Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Banega and others may start with his goals/assists stunts another club season but if people will give trust him again – we are lost already. Believe me, winning still (like Spain few yeras ago) might makes you as much tired and weary as losing again and again. The players never more will spark the will to win and energy that is essential for tournaments. Messi is different case. He had the will in last final but he has doing all wrong. Messi was like children in the dark when was playing disregarding rest of the team. He neend someone over him who indicate the way.

    So, it’s not about youngsters. We need new blood and unnecessary just youngsters. We all know the old guard can lead us to Russia easy but they are flamed out and never win.

  4. Brazil’s passing was better than Arg …I watched both teams in Olympics..
    Arg needs players will bulls mentality , strong and sturdy in the midfield..box to box..the players Simone prefers..I feel Mascherno should play as one of the center back..he doesn’t have busquets quality or a quality of khedira or swanstieger..who can help the team in offence and often arg team becomes low in nos in offence..

    • Id Argue he is fine, its the lack of offensive wing backs which limits us offensively. Mascherana gives other midfielders offensive freedom the likes of Busquets dont.

  5. Roy
    I like Simeone and Pochetino for the reason that they choose the best players that they think achieves them success and not depending alliances like nationality, friendship, etc…
    their job is to make Atletico and Tottenham successful, not to play Argentinians.
    The current squad would have problems finding their feet under Simeone.

    Demichelis=Guinazu, Brana, etc…
    Mas=Sosa, Brana, etc…
    same ideas

  6. I don’t see what the big deal with Brazil winning gold is (I mean I do but it’s not that big of a deal). A month from now, no one will care. Their federation doesn’t even own the rights to their National Team. The Brazilian National Team is owned by a third party who dictates a lot of the team. Imagine not even being able to call the shots of your own team as a federation.

    Brazil is struggling just as bad as us. Their future (despite winning gold) is not very bright. They need to re-structure their entire federation or else another 7-1 isn’t very far away from them. If the roles were reversed and Brazil had lost 2-14, 2015 and 2016 finals and we won gold at Olympics, many would be complaining how Brazil has a system and just needed some luck to win those finals. Meanwhile we just won a gold at Olympics which means nothing. People aren’t satisfied either way 😉

    The country to really fear is the one that lost the Olympic gold final. Germany were beasts throughout the entire tournament and faced far superior opponents than Brazil. They were just gassed out (like we were in 2014) and it went to penalties.

    Completely off topic but I find it funny how people (not on here but some Argentina fans I’ve spoken to) bash Simeone for not picking Argentinians on his team or when he does and those players fail, they blame Simeone.

    Fact is not many Argentinian players (these days) are made to play under Simeone’s setup. Physically, he demands a lot. Just ask Vietto. And as a coach, if I’m Simeone and I find I can win with a Uruguayan more than an Argentinian, I’ll take the Uruguayan. It’s not my fault the Argentinian isn’t good enough. That’s what some fans don’t understand. Our players are just not good enough sometimes.

    Sorry, end of my little rant. Not sure why I felt I needed to get that off my chest!

  7. Sevilla game was manic! School boy defending from both teams.
    Vazquez was very good today. He’s got a good first touch and is well composed. I don’t think we’ve missed out on him as Italy got him. He reminds me of Pastore.
    Vietto got a brace. Which is important.
    Juve game you know who scored the winner….Dybala played well in parts and flashes. Juve didn’t control the game at all.
    Oh and Neymar…of all the penalties he has to score he scores the winning pen. Couldn’t care less who won the gold but for some reason I wished Germany had edged it..
    We need the qualifiers to come fast.

  8. what a nightmare year for us.
    it is getting worse, we are sinking lower and lower.
    our rivals are winning and we are losing.
    to top it all the same players who always underperform for us are guns blazing now for their clubs.

  9. + 2 goals o Aguero, 2 goals and assist by Messi and 2 assist of Oscar Trejo of Toulouse. What a weekend!

  10. Both De Paul and Paredes starts for their 1st serie A game of the season today in Roma vs Udinese.De Paul playing behind the Striker in a 3-5-1-1 system.

    • Mafioso, I just wanted to add the link;) Season starts next saturday.

      Most of them we know already. I hope Lucas Janson will show his potential. The same with Gonzalo Martinez, Martin Benitez, Cristan Pavon, Nazareno Solis, Juan Cavallaro, Augusto Solari, Gaston Del Castillo, Adrian Cubas, Leandro Fernandez, Ivan Rossi, Sebastian Driussi, Augusto Batalla…

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