Match Highlights: Lionel MESSI, AGUERO, HIGUAIN, VIETTO and more score


It was Argentine goals galore on Saturday!

Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, Luciano VIETTO and Pablo PIATTI all scored twice for their clubs with Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Ezequiel PONCE and Pablo PIATTI also finding the back of the net.

Lionel MESSI captained Barcelona and scored twice while assing another (and overall having a monster performance) in Barcelona’s 6-2 win against Real Betis.

Sergio AGUERO continued his great goalscoring form for Manchester City in their 4-1 win against Stoke City. Willy CABALLERO, captain Pablo ZABALETA and Nicolas OTAMENDI also started the match.

Luciano VIETTO scored twice in Sevilla’s incredible 6-4 win against Espanyol. In the same match, Pablo PIATTI also scored but for the Barcelona based club.

Diego PEROTTI scored two penalty kicks for AS Roma in their 4-0 demolition of Udinese.

It was a dream debut for Gonzalo HIGUAIN who came off the bench to score the match winner in Juventus’ 2-1 win against Fiorentina.

For Ezequiel PONCE, it was his first for his new club in their 1-1 draw against Villarreal.

Lionel MESSI’s goals:

Sergio AGUERO’s goals:

Luciano VIETTO and Pablo PIATTI’s goals:

Diego PEROTTI’s first goal:

Diego PEROTTI’s second goal:

Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s goal:

Ezequiel PONCE’s goal:


  1. Our coaches put 4 defenders and 2 defensive midfielder which leads to an unbalanced team where 2 units are created:
    Attack:3-4 players
    Defense: 6-7 players
    the result is we lack man in attack and lack man in defense, simply said we are not a unit and so don’t do either in unison.
    yet people hail those coaches on one side and in the other complain for lack of chances created, not realizing that they put such a formation that takes away elements to attack from fullbacks or from midfield, and instruct players not to defend or cant make them defend.

  2. Off topic

    Over the past 2 weeks I have seen a lot of other sports at the Olympics. After watching several handball, hockey and basketball games returning to football this weekend was a bit boring. Play is stopped way too often. There are so many prima donna’s that want (and get) attention. Football could be so much faster and more attractive if FIFA was willing to change to rules. I will give a few examples:
    -Replace the throw in with a kick. It’s football right? You’re not supposed to touch the ball with your hands
    -Get rid of extra time and go directly to shoot outs (like in hockey). Shoot outs are much more exciting than penalties
    -Do not stop play for substitutions. Subs can take place during play and could be handled by the fourth official
    -Enforce respect for the referee. Every insult should be a yellow card
    -Think about introducing a video referee for dubious cases in the box (foul or no foul)

    • 2 weeks ago. De Boer led Ajax to 4 consecutive titles in his first 4 years as coach. When he entered the club it was a mess. I guess the Inter board thinks he can do the same. I watched 10 minutes of the match yesterday. It was awful to watch.

  3. a fact most people seem to ignore is that the best strickers on average miss 2 out of 3 chances. So if you are going to judge, judge shots on goal vs goals scored for truth. This is why, although he did not rise above the occassion, I dont fault Higuain or Messi all that much for Copa and WC loses. When you receive no assists all game, have to make your chances (either via dribbling brilliance, or hustle or timing) and you miss the one or two chances you got, its easy to scapegoat. The real fault lies in midfield which was unable to give forwards consistent service, and that is a coaching problem considering the talent available. Sabella, and Tata both failed to generate a robust midfield, mainly due to the double #5 system.

    • I have always said that we don’t create enough clear cut chances for our attackers. For every goal Suarez score his misses about chances. That’s why I have no hate for Higuain. He was never fed consistently. If missed 2 or more chances in one game, I’d regard him useless. With the players Argentina has, this team ought to force at least 5 scoring opportunitis per match against whoever.

  4. lets give some more chance to Calleri..It is his first lets wait..Higuan too started off like that..but he is now one of the richest transfers..hopefully, Calleri scores for NT..

    Remember AGuero too misses penalty..but still is highly rated..

  5. Is Jonathan Calleri related to Higuain by any chance. I don’t know if we have new Messi or not, but looks like we will have a new Higuain! You have been warned 🙂

  6. compared with hotspur’s vincent janssen .Both calleri and janssen waste an one on one chance in their first match in premier league .I think calleri perform better than vincent janssen in terms of skill .As vincent Jassen is the most promsing holland striker

    • Sorry, comparing with someone who also failed does not make you great. Lets talk when he does not miss or compare him with someone who did not miss. Standards should not be so low!

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