Edgardo BAUZA holds his first Argentina practice!


El “Patón” Bauza held his first ever practice with the Argentine national team this afternoon.  Sergio AGUERO and Javier PASTORE were not present as they are both injured.  Bauza has stated that for now nobody else will be called up.  The only players missing that will be arriving tomorrow were: Mascherano, Matías Kranevitter, Gabriel Mercado, Mateo Musacchio Ever Banega, Angel Di María and Messi.

Here are some quotes from Bauza:
“I am going to be happy if we get 6 points by winning the 2 WCQs. Now, our main focus is on the Uruguay match first.”

“Marco Ruben is an important striker and I will continue to follow him. He is a player who can get a call up.”

“We are following 60 players. I don’t want to take opportunity away from any player. For these 2 WCQs, we may not call anyone else.”

“I met with Menotti. We talked about football for 4 hours. I want to hang out with Maradona & Bilardo. Such talks enrich you.”

“Reaching a final isn’t easy. It’s no longer just a game. A team has to be balanced & committed to tactics. That’s what ensures win”

“Even 2nd place is failure for because Argentine players are good, not bad. That’s why we’re at the top of the FIFA ranking.”

“I am glad that Zabaleta has played a full 90 minutes. It will help to decide who the 4 defenders will be.”



  1. I am likinhg almost everything that I have read about Bauza anfd his approach. Also the man gives very sharp answers to football world’s questions and speaks straight forward about some subjects that most NT managers want to hush about (superstar’s defending responsibility being one..)SO really rooting for Bauza! Here’ hoping that the first two games come with the result.

    • Peter (owner of Golazo Argentino) is a friend of ours here at Mundo.

      As mentioned, we are working extremely hard on providing as much as we can and will be updating about the Primera and Argentine’s all around the world (South America, MLS or elsewhere).

      We’re trying to deliver as much content as possible and we hope you all realize that. We (just like everyone else) have lives, work and other things which sometime get in the way.

      We’re doing our best and once the international break is over, you’ll see more content being rolled out 😉

      Just stay tuned!

      Thank you.

  2. This exactly my thought and what I have been saying:
    “Even 2nd place is failure for because Argentine players are good, not bad. That’s why we’re at the top of the FIFA ranking.”

    Bauza should not limit to 60 players, all the players should be followed, some drop while other rise. Messi wasn’t even on a radar until 2005, just imagine Pekerman saying I follow 60 players in 2004.

    • Possibly it is for now,the 60 player list and also possible the list is dynamic.Because he said earlier that if Vazquez is eligible he will add him to that list of 60.

  3. Great news from FIFA. They will hire Dutch legend Marco van Basten to implement new rules for football to make the sport more exciting. In recent years Van Basten (a protégé of Johan Cruyff) suggested shoots outs instead of penalties, time penalties for yellow cards (so the team who’s player was fouled really gets an 11 vs 10 advantage for 5-10 minutes), a kick instead of a throw when the ball crosses the side line, video referees and substitutions during play. No longer crowds in the stadium and millions behind the TV will have to watch some guy drag himself to the side line and taking 40 seconds to be replaced. His most controversial idea is the abolishment of the offside rule. We’ll see which ideas become reality, but football is about to become more exciting.

        • @ Mafioso. We have to see that this become reality because it changes tactics completely. There will be much resistance against a rule like that. However, it would almost certainly result in more goals. On the other hand we should avoid situations whereby the number 9 stays in the opposing penalty area the whole game.

          Kick ins, time penalties for yellow cards and not stopping play for substitutions would be great. Hopefully they will be introduced at WC 2018.

          • Yea those rules will make football more cleaner,faster and seamless…no more dirty tricks of wasting time in 88th minutes with a slow sub.

          • the only rule id change is the free kick rule, as long as its in the correct place the team who has the free kick should be able to take it as soon as they want/desire as why should a defending team who committed the offence be allowed all the time to construct a wall, get every play back etc.

      • @ Jack, Similar to field hockey. A player starts with the ball appr. 25 meters from goal and can try to go around the goalkeeper and score a goal. The keeper can come off his line and challenge the player. Basically one-on-one situations.

  4. **Important**

    BAUZA: “Argentina is not banned for Icardi. Don’t mix personal life with football. I watched Inter match & he played well. I may call him”

    • Bauza do it, dont talk about it just do it as this man is the type of no9 we have been looking for for years as he is a predator, thrives on pressure and is a football winner.

  5. Start it over again. Wish all the boys and new coach El Paton a huge success; Dybala should be included and start, the team need to be refresh and only winning can rebuild their confidence.

  6. Why you need to hangout with Maradona!? Didn’t he recently criticize Messi for his u-turn on retirement? Please stop linking with Maradona regarding Argentina NT.

    • agreed and i also feel its a mistake not to call up any one else to the wider squad to fill the vacant sport because of injuries.
      im not talking about a starter or 2 (in saying that icardi should be picked) but why not couple of young promising local lads from the domestic lge, as ive said before let them see what they could be, rub shoulders with the incumbents, feel the set up, encourage them instead of the usual manager speak “we watching 60 players” yawn and hardly inspiring to any player and then we throw them into the deep end and wonder why they struggle as they have had next too no experience in the set up, team and different tactics etc etc.

  7. Argentina XI should be changed few position for WC2018 russia romero replaced by Rulli as GK Benega/biglia by Lanjini as MF Dimaria replaced by lemela as Winger Higuain replaced by Icardi as CF, Messi Aguero Dybala should play in starting XI

  8. Here we go……Battle stations.

    I have never been so angry, not hurt like I was after the recent WC loss, but ANGRY as I have been since COPA……..losing SUCKS, it sucks and nothing taste the same, food, drink, sex, whatever when you’re a damn loser and DAMNIT I want to win!!?

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