Rumored line-up for BAUZA’s first match


The rumors are out and with it, the statting line-up.

The media is speculating on the starting line-up for Edgardo BAUZA’s first match in charge of the Argentina National Team.


The two remaining positions appear to be between Pablo ZABALETA and Gabriel MERCADO (though MERCADO looks favorite to start) and between Ever BANEGA and Paulo DYBALA.


    • We also need to give the coach at least 4 games to see what he has in mind.. expect conservative tactics, player selection and shit results.. that is expected while in transition. Sabellas first games where ugly.. and in time he polished his system.

    • Setting aside lineups and formations, I’m really excited to see what Dybala can contribute. Especially alongside Messi. Down the road he is a Ballon d’or type of talent imo…Also, I have not seen enough of Pratto to give a good opinion but Alario is a very good/smart target man who I would not be surprised if he is the starting 9 by the time Russia kicks off.

  1. Here we go again. Nothing is confirmed and Mundo is already criticizing. This is speculation. At least wait and see how the team plays before rushing to conclusions. Yes it might be familiar faces but no one knows what instructions they’ll be playing under. Every manager has his own ideas and that is reflected by the way the players interpret his ideas on the pitch.

    Batista, Tata and Sabella used almost the same players group of players but was the football the same? The answer is NO.
    What is important is how the team plays regardless who is playing.

  2. Biglia. Why o why him?
    He is so overrated. But I think i am walking on old grounds here!

    This whole precautionary detais of having 2 defensive midfielders I’ve never had an issue with. We have players all over the pitch who need to track back. So what’s the point of having 2 like for likes in the DM role?
    Biglia can be replaced with a deep lying playmaker. A number 6.
    A hybrid. Problem is I cant think of one!! Lol.

    • If you had to ask Eric Lamela to play in that role, he would take it in a heart beat. And he would do a better job than biglia.
      It would be interesting to compare stats between biglia and lamela’s defensive work rate. And another comparison of their creativity work rate. Granted they play in different roles but it would be good to see the averages.
      I would boldly say lamela has a better ball retention than biglia.
      I would also hesitantly say that I am comparing a biglia playing for us and a lamela playing for Spurs. And not a biglia playing for lazio!!
      Maybe someone can put me in my place and tell a whole different picture of biglia. Don’t say he’s lazio’s captain. Cos lazio are in a different place now.

    • “So what’s the point of having 2 like for likes in the DM role?”

      I would also like to add to that the 2 centerbacks we always play as fullbacks. Like always! Even when there was Zanetti, we were starting Burdisso as RB. I do not know what’s the problem.

      I know we don’t have Cafu n Roberto Carlos at the moment but had any of our recent managers tried something new or fressh? like 3 at the back or something. The mystery was complete when we started 5 Cb with 2 defensive midfielders. O lord!

      The whole thing of playing 4 Cb with 2 defensive midfielders is just sad. Hope we get out of this shit!

  3. I am Not impress with bazuas possible lineup…it can be great …. Like this…..

    We khow Otamandi and Mori are great but Mascarano and Musshachio can be more dynamic against team like Uruguay because they have Suarez…I think Mascaranos natural possition is left side central defender and world best last man standing….truly our all defender is left sided central defender except Mussachiho…..And he is one of the right sided in the world….we need right player right possison…I khow lamela and Dybalas possition is not right …

  4. I really like most of the things Bauza is saying so far but his actions leave a lot to be desired SO FAR.
    He should work on his vision and not rely on Sabella’s formation formulas or Martino’s eleven.
    if this rumored line up is true then:
    Zabaleta(same, was out because of injury) Mercado(same,got in b.of injury)
    Rojo(same,suspension) Mas(same, because of injury)
    Funes Mori(same)
    Di maria(same)
    Pratto(only there because Higuain(same) refused)
    the only 2 changes were forced.

    It’s really hard to expect better results from the same formation with the players. Hope he forces his own hand instead of copy catting his failed predecessors and listening to the players, media and fans.

    • Approach is important in my view.Fernandinho for example looks like a different player under Guardiola’s system,as if he was born for this system.We have to see what Bauza come up with.

      It is also not appropriate to expect big changes in his 1st matches which happens to be a superclassico.Every manager will go for safety as there is very little time for preparation.But I also believe with Bauza,his mark upon the team will arrive slowly,as it happened with San Lorenzo.They were not very good at first losing many matches,but improved dramatically to become champion of South America.

      • I capitalized “SO FAR”, and stressed that I like the one who’s talking way more than the one who’s making decisions so far and I wan him to be Buaza and not Sabella or Martino. 😀

        • This SO FAR should be few matches I believe,little to see now.He is certainly not Martino,but Sabella?We have to wait to see if he is another “realist” defensive mined manager or as “possession/pass and receive” oriented manager as he described in his articles

          • Mafioso I don’t like his first decisions, not saying he will not do better in the future. Just saying so far his decisions were exactly what I expected them to be.
            To be honest he seems to not have had a plan at all to be DT, maybe he was caught unprepared and now relies on already established blueprint, meaning fantastic four or starters of Martino.
            Maybe he will develop a plan in the next 2 years where we see the real Bauza.
            His talk is mostly good, like said before except for some cases. Such a case is when he commented that Romero is his keeper backing him using strong words that if he decides to demote him he will look bad.
            Romero will be a reserve keeper for over 4 years and nobody will displace him, guarantee for life.
            this is our main problem we hand guarantees for life and it doesn’t matter how good others become and how bad they perform –> they start.
            It’s not only romero!
            I was hoping that a new coach comes in with a blank state and makes all the players win their place, instead we got the same players that under performed last time given a guarantee for life.
            How is possible that Sabella, Martino, Bauza or all the coaches like the exact same 11 and exclude the same players?
            Imagine yourself being a player, your dream is to play for your country but are never given a chance while others are given chance after chance and you never…just because someone doesn’t like you. Do you think Burdisso was better than Gonazlo, this guy has been ignored since for 10 years, all he got was some call ups where he never played. Man I have a immense respect for him he tore his acl 3-5 times and always came back, yeah he couldn’t fulfill his promise but he deserved a chance especially when some jokers played instead of him, the same goes for Ansaldi, Perotti, and a lot of other players that don’t come into mind for a moment, they are also Argentine and they also deserved their chance. not some 10-20 minutes but a run of games, but they never had that chance and never will because it seems someone else does the selections behind the curtain, the untouchables are untouchable, only some fringe players change.
            I know people will say with time he will change the players, but it’s not so easy, he will probably win games and will be satisfied and become familiar with the players where it will be more difficult to change them, especially if they win games.
            the ultimate goal is to win the world cup, there we must perform well, qualifications and friendlies brought as the meaningless leading of fifa rankings.
            We win them all the time.
            Everybody should get deserving chance and no guarantees!

          • Spot on, Ghostdeini. It’s my thoughts also mostly

            “I know people will say with time he will change the players, but it’s not so easy, he will probably win games and will be satisfied and become familiar with the players where it will be more difficult to change them, especially if they win games”.

            This is it. This is what probably will happend and it’s not good if they all will start again in WC.

    • Im the same as you ghost as so far bauza can talk the talk but is not impressing me with his walk.
      As ive said before actions speak louder then words.

      I know some are saying he had little time in tbe job but to get the job he would have had to had a firm plan in mind to get the job and is this it? I hope not as its just a rehash of the last term especially the failed mach/bil combo that does not work creativity and that is a big problem linking from mid to the front.

      Again im not going to say much until after 5-6 matches in charge.

      • To be honest: if Bauza is going to play the same players – what we see – he should win immediatly. No need to 5-6 matches if he will play with the same squad and rely mostly on Sabella’s and Martino’s works. He takes the same players and it’s not any revolution to wait 5 games for results. If he took the risk to play with 3-4 new players I will give him 5-6 games to wait and see but now in this case. I’m pretty certain also Martino was able to qualify with the old guard.

        For me, the only trial, test and criterion will be World Cup because I know he can make qualify even with Higuain, Aguero Biglia or Di Maria. My enthusiasm is freezed untill WC. Even if they will beat South American teams by 4:0.

  5. I would love a 4-4-1-1 with Banega-Masche double pivot.Dybala just behind Pratto and Messi-Di Maria on the wing.

    If Masche-Biglia starts with Di Maria-Messi-Dybala-Pratto up front,there is no one to distribute.If Banega starts instead of Dybala it is lone striker all over again.

  6. Interesting news friends: messi is in doubt for the Uruguay game with his hamstring, gaitan may start in his place with dybala in CAM roll!! Exciting to see that Bauza’s plan is instead of isolating quality strikers up top, (dybala, higuain, aguero), he rather play them alongside Messi (dimaria on the left, dybala in the middle and messi on the right) with a physical passing #9 up top who posts up and distributes ! This is the reason that we will also play with two holding midfielders. This front 4 will be attacking, with messi so he isn’t playing alone and the back 7 participating sometimes in attack but against the higher quality teams they will guard back for counters.
    Wondering to see the hype behind the qualities of Pratto. They say he is a good distributor of the ball to overlapping players…lets see…
    I personally like banega to pair with mascherano compared to Fernandez or biglia who are the definitions of anti-offense. Lol banega being the best offensive midfielder of the three could at times contribute to counter attacks or combine with the front 4 as he is a natural CAM.

  7. Not a bad line-up. But I would like to put Banega or Agusto in Biglia’s position & leave Dybala in AM alone. Because we have options like Lamela/Correa to play as substitute playmaker.

    I think Mascherano-Biglia combo is a burden for our midfield. Either one of them should start with a Box to Box center midfielder. I wish, we have Enzo Perez or Parades in our squad to fill that position! But Banega or Augusto will be fine too.

    I actually want to see this line-up with 4-1-3-2 or 4-2-3-1 formation in near future.






  8. Exactly. I agree. There should be no place for Biglia, Rojo, Demichelis, Hig and Aguero. I am not sure whether Mas can handle Suarez as he will be coming from his side predominantly

  9. I HATE the sight of Biglia being in the starting lineup…such a static player whom will be literally futile when we attack…why cant augusto start instead?? Why are all coaches fond of him? Another mystery like dimichelis

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