Javier MASCHERANO: “A lot has happened since Copa America”


Javier MASCHERANO and Lucas BIGLIA both spoke on Tuesday.

Javier MASCHERANO and Lucas BIGLIA both spoke at a press conference following the team’s training session. MASCHERANO spoke about BAUZA, Lionel MESSI and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“We want to help BAUZA. We know that the ultimate goal is difficult. It’s not a normal call-up. A lot of things have happened since the Copa America. If BAUZA was named as the coach of the National Team it’s because he’s capable of it. His achievements are a plus for him and it can be a gift.”

“The commitment to the National Team is seen in every call-up. Always thinking about the present and the future. Like we say in private, we have to swallow our pride and keep our heads held high.”

“If your friend, your captain, the best player, tells you he’s not coming anymore, it makes you think about a lot of things. Messi make the right decision: It would have been a sin, something very sad, not to see him playing with Argentina. I had no idea what was going to happen with Leo. After the Copa final, we all got isolated. It would be an injustice if Leo MESSI was deprived of playing with the National Team for any reason.”

“The team’s performance did not warrant MARTINO leaving. He helped us be competitive after the World Cup.”

“The worst thing we can do is look back. We’re right in the middle of it all and we’ve played a lot. The names may change but we will continue to be competitive. I’ve lost many times but I don’t feel unsuccessful. In this country, there’s always people who win.”

“Coming to the National Team is a blessing. Playing here is the highest of the high. It’s made me grow, it’s given me friends.”

“BAUZA told us that he likes to dream and that in his dreams, we’re all there. We all dream of something better. One always likes to be here and to take advantage of being with the National Team.”


  1. I really hope biglia and macherano don’t start together in the middle. Same old same old… coaches always say don’t want the same, but always keep in like that. I honestly thought I read that Bauza wants to steer away from 2 Def midfield.. guess it was just talk, or maybe not enough time for new strategy?

    • bauza took the job when argentina was in real trouble.he had to bring back messi.I think he hasn’t got enough time to establish his own strategy.after this two qualifiers we can see what he owns. now only one thing I want six points from this two matches.

      • That’s true, but Even Martino was starting Masche and Augusto remember? If he thought we needed continuation, then why Biglia with Masche?

        I’m really sick of the idea of 6 defenders and 4 strikers. Our managers need to think something new soon.

    • @David, I agree with you. Playing with 2 DMs hinders our creativity and threat. Instead, we only need 1 DM which then allows us to play with a true #8 who ends up being a box to box midfielder such as Enzo Perez, Fernandez, Lanzini or even a CAM, like Correa (in time)

      I get that we needed 2 DMs back when Sabella took over as our defence was a mess. Now, it’s a strong back 4 so be gone with 2 DMs Bauza! Like Pablo D said in an earlier post, I will reserve judgement on Bauza’s style when he has 6 to 8 matches under his belt and his methods are more transparent.

      Vamos carrajo!

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