Match highlights: Lionel MESSI scores, Argentina win


Edgardo BAUZA’s first match in charge of Argentina wasn’t easy but the team got the win.

Lionel MESSI scores the winner for Argentina in a fiercly fought 1-0 victory against Uruguay. A goal late in the first half by the captain proved to be the only goal of the match but there was a lot more to talk about. The highly anticipated partnership between Lionel MESSI and Paulo DYBALA was short lived due to the latter getting sent off just seconds after Argentina took the lead.

Two extremely soft yellow cards saw DYBALA in tears sent off in the first half and left Argentina to play the entire second half with 10 men. Luckily MESSI had already scored the goal because it would have been very difficult to put another past MUSLERA. Despite being a man down, Argentina didn’t do too bad and with the expected late flurry of attacks by Uruguay near the end of the match, the team was never in real danger of conceding.

A large part of that due to Javier MASCHERANO’s Man of the Match performance. Excellent sharp and crisp crosses, passes, tackles and reading of the game by the number 14 made the job of those around him much, much easier.

Lionel MESSI’s goal:

Paulo DYBALA’s sending off:

Lionel MESSI skills:


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