Lionel MESSI: “I’ll see if I’ll play against Venezuela”


Lionel MESSI, Javier MASCHERANO and Sergio ROMERO all gave post-match interviews.

It wasn’t an easy match and the referee didn’t help (according to MESSI). But the team got the important 3 points. Following Argentina’s 1-0 victory against Uruguay, the three veterans on the team spoke to the media. Here’s what they had to say:

Lionel MESSI:
“We couldn’t play our game du to the referee. It was important to win today. The crowd? They’ve always shown me love. I thank them. If I’ll play against Venezuela? I have some pain in the pubis region. I’ll talk to the doctor…”

“We knew how necessary it was to win this match. We had a great first half and after that it was a fight. To start off a new era with a win is always important.”

Sergio ROMERO:
“Paulo DYBALA’s red card hurt. But after that it was a great job. We hope to repeat it against Venezuela. Thank God we came back well, we did what BAUZA asked us to do. Now we have to continue like this.”


  1. Valuable 3 points.
    Another stupid ref
    Team is excellent in defending, a huge improvement from Maradona and Batista days
    Same midfield and attack issues, forcing Messi to come down.
    Same Messi and Mache
    Same De Maria – any way we can transplant a different brain on this player, whose body has talent, but

    I didnt know much about this Pratto. But seeing him, really?, Higuain in his current looks is more strong.
    Am I the only person to think Mas is not NT material.
    Zabaleta is far from his best. In current form Mercado is a better option.

  2. nothing’s new, and nothing’s changed that much, it’s of course too early for bauza and judge him entirely but i honestly don’t understand why he doesn’t want to make changes in the 2nd half. the midfield is dead with biglia in it. biglia is worm in this squad.
    why don’t he use lamela or banega in the 2nd half? is he poor in making changes??? just like previous coaches; both sabella and tata is poor in making substitution, i hope bauza don’t continue that.
    i don’t like pratto. he shouldn’t be in albiceleste shirt.
    di maria even when he is fully fit and play 90 minutes, he still don’t bring anything in the team, and yet he still get a call up. di maria is a rubbish call up ever.
    messi is messi, what do you expect?
    i don’t mind dybala red card (although it’s so bad decision). there’s a moment when he got a chance and he make a quick decision to shoot and the ball hit the post which is brilliant i think.
    so now we have 2 selfish player in the team; messi and now dybala, and this i think is great. despite some mundo member here thought messi is not good just because he’s being selfish all the time. now we have 2 greedy players!!
    icardi and lanzini should get call up next. pratto and biglia is useless.

    • It’s difficult to say after 45 min of Dybala but yes, if he will enough “selfish” and not just looking for Messi and pass to him, there’s a chance this team will breath by two lungs and not only one (Messi) as it was to date.

  3. 10 random thoughts of the vickerman:

    1. Great crowd, but come on cameraman , show us some eye candy from the crowd once a while dude. Great to hear the love they gave Messi.

    2. Dybala – FINALLY! Dybala – oooh so close!!! No Dybala! NO dybala! Damn you ref.

    3. Pratto worked hard , did a couple of notable things. Nothing outstanding, lacking in fitness a bit, but surely he and Alario deserve a couple of games now that they are here.

    4. Uruguay were defending most of the 1st half, and to open up such a team requires more intricate play. Messi, Dybala, Pratto , Di Maria – this combo has not played often enough to develop that understanding. Give Messi and Dybala time together and they will unlock even a swiss bank vault.

    5. Positives were a good defense, oustanding Mascherano and Messi as usual. Dybala had some good moments , but was unfortunate getting 2 cards. Mascherano more than made up for the numbers. BEAST.

    6. I am not a fan of biglia (static player , very limited going forward , hardly goes forward too) , but the game against Uruguay suited him. They were hardly attacking and when they did, he read the play fairly decently and sniffed out the danger. Credit where credit is due. However, it would be great to see a Kranevietter giving him a serious challenge .

    7. Di Maria, come on man. you’ve got the talent and skills, but continues to infuriate with poor decision making more often than not.

    8. Uruguay were extremely poor going forward, devoid of ideas. Friggin hell think about it. They did so little that even Romero’s customary 1-heartstopping-screw-up-per-game was missing .

    9. The next game will be interesting. Dybala won’t be available (barring a miracle ). Messi may not be risked (I suspect he will play at least 60 mins ). Who comes in? Gaitan? Lamela? Correa?

    10. Bring on those Venezuelan turds with their hot Miss Universes (droooool) !!

  4. Most important 3 points in unfavourable circumstances.

    It was not new team. As far. It’s only first game but it was still fully Messi dependent.
    The best moment of the game was when Dybala was ignored Messi presence on the pitch and realease that nice shoot. It was independent thinking to choose best and not just looking for Messi. However Messi is in very good form.

    Di Maria – this player is still worse and worse just useless. But still some people will figure in their heads fantastic4 with him. We need more players who can shoot from long range as DYbala. Lanzini is one of them so why not in Di Maria place. Left wing is the weak wing when DI Maria is there.

    Pratto – nothing special but he worked hardly/

    Masche and all defense was best IMO. Yes, he is a bit underrated as passer indeed.

    Biglia – he is more concentrated on Messi than any other player. Always just wants hand the ball to Messi.

    Dybala didn’t deserve for red.

  5. I missed watching the game because of work but watching the rerun now as we speak and Messi played great, i see him running and chasing the ball every time it gets near him and that is great to watch.

    Still waiting to see what Dybala did to get ejected since all i have seen thus far is him getting chopped.

  6. Good start for bauza.the team did well and masch particularly was great.di maria is lost cause at this point.
    Playing messi and dybala was great. Pratto did well but it is clear he isn’t for the long haul.icardi is the missing piece in the attack.we already saw what dybala is capable of,confidence,accurate and smart movement and will to win.messi,dybala and icardi should be our three forwards in 2018 worldcup.

  7. Well urg offered nothing and that was great to see.
    The ref killed the match with his erratic cards and their is no way dybala should have been sent off.

    Prot looked ok and really tried but needs to work on fitness but sadly offered nothing in terms of a goal threat and that is what we want from a no9…que icardi who has to come into the squad.

    D/m has gotta go, im not going to go on about him as now its ovious for all to see he does not deserve a place in the squad and bil to the bench.
    Bauza has got the team all fiered up and that was great to see but i feel he waited to long for subs as after the 70 min mark we were running out of steam and it should have been lam and kran to come on.
    We were lucky urg really were poor and had few attacking ideas.

    Over all 3 points im very pleased we have won today and as they say on wards and up wards for us all.

    • Agreed on sub’s matter. Di Maria & Biglia should have went off before 80 minutes! Pratto tried his best as a debutant but lack of service also make it hard for him. We need a genuine CM alongside Masche in center. Messi alone can’t win us every time!

  8. Bring on Icardi, and let that bulky dude Pratto do some cardio to lose his belly fat.

    As for Di Maria, I don’t know what to say……he’s done as a player, no wonder R.Madrid gave him the boot a while ago.

  9. Congratulations to the entire team and fans. It’s not an easy start for Bauza but he did it and lots of homework have to be done and well prepared. We need the Number 9 desperately.

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