Lionel MESSI officially out against Venezuela


Lionel MESSI will miss Argentina’s match against Venezuela.

Edgardo BAUZA will not be able to count on the little magician for Argentina’s World Cup Qualifier against Venezuela on Tuesday. Messi, who had discomfort even before the match against Uruguay, has inflammation and is ruled out of the match.

The statement was released by the coach himself. Here’s what BAUZA had to say:

“MESSI is in pain and he won’t be playing on Tuesday against Venezuela”.


  1. I want to see next match….


    Lamela can be very good options for left sided
    Cantral defender……..his defance ability is quite good..
    He can full fill our Rondon…

  2. The good thing is about Messi and Dybala absence is that it presented us a chance to see how Bauza will adjust his team in case of injuries or suspensions at the WC. We need of players who take responsibility on their own instead of our captains from Barca. We have seen how he deals with parking the bus defense with Uruguay. Now he’s presented with another possible tournament scenario.

    First of all, even though Venezuela are not the same whipping boys of a decades ago, still they don’t have the players of Di Maria, Lamela, Gaitan, Macherano, Banega, Zaba, Agusto or Correa’s caliber in their ranks, except Salomon Rondon. The only way we can lose is if we out coached. So far the Bauza’s first 2 matches already tactical acumen tests.

  3. Bauza said Lamela or correa would replace dybala and gaitan or correa would replace messi on the right. He also said Pratto played a great game so I look for him to start against Venezuela. Also mercado and rojo with play this game ..I’m thinking..4-2-3-1
    mercado-otamendi-funes mori -rojo

    • It depends which version of Correa shows up, Correa a la Di Maria that dribbles endlessly or more of a team player.

      Personally I would prefer Gaitan – Alario/Pratto – Lamela attack with either Correa or Di Maria coming in as subs. I know you are not entirely sold on Lamela but him being a very left-footed player actually suits him playing on the right wing.

      • “It depends which version of Correa shows up, Correa a la Di Maria that dribbles endlessly or more of a team player” – that is right. But I can’t believe Correa under nestor Bauza would play so lighthearted football as on Olimpic Games.

        Correa is talented not less than DYbala. I thought even about trio Messi-Dybala-Correa in 2018. Of course Correa must grow up.

      • I feel the same, d/m should be dropped on principal as he’s been poor for a long time.
        In-lamela and id also go for al, gat and prat all to be given a fair chance.

        Corr for me is another d/m and does not impress me at the moment but he is young and hopefully in time his on the field decision making can match his abundent skill.

  4. After reading comments here on Mundo and elsewhere I basically observed a pattern in terms of who people think did not perform well yesterday. The following players were mentioned most frequently:

    Di Maria – totally agree, he did not play well. Should improve a lot to justify his starting position. Cannot argue much about him being criticized.

    Pratto – people are saying he was not that impressive but I think that was largely because of the nature of the game. In the first half Uruguay essentially parked the bus so even some of the best #9s in the world would struggle when spaces are so limited let alone Pratto. In the second half we were one man down Uruguay had more of the ball so Pratto did not get the service .I believe that centre-forwards should be judged primarily on how they perform in one on one situations and in the penalty box when they receive passes. I don’t remember Pratto either being one on one with Muslera or being fed balls to him in the area. So I think it’s premature to writer him off just yet although I would also agree that Icardi is a massive upgrade on Pratto. For now though, I would like to see him given a couple of more opportunities to prove himself.

    Zabaleta – He did not go forward often but did his job well defensively. Some would prefer Mercado to start over Zaba and I can see why, after all Mercado did impress when given opportunity and even scored a couple of goals. The only problem is that Mercado is a converted centre-back playing as a right-back whereas Zabaleta to my knowledge always played as a right-back or occasionally as a left-back so he might be a better fit at least in the short run. Personally, I’m not a fan of central defenders playing in a fullback position, I’d rather have a converted winger do that. Modern fullbacks are supposed to attack. In the long run, Gomez, Buffarini, Peruzzi should be considered instead.

    Mas – I think he had a good game, both offensively and defensively. At the very least, I think he is an upgrade to Rojo.

    Biglia – Like many I did not want him to start but he did his job well, especially when we were a man down. Against weaker teams or those that park the bus we will probably need a more creative player along Mascherano. Even though Masche was on fire yesterday and was literally everywhere, snuffing out danger in defence, making runs forward, passing long balls with amazing accuracy, I don’t think it’s realistic to expect him to always play like that.

    • Enganche , I find myself nodding with your points.

      It’s just 1 game, too early to judge the good or bad. Pratto may not have been great this game – but he hardly had much service and whatever little he had to do , he did ok. Same for Alario. Like any other player, if they are in, and they deserve a fair chance and run to prove if they are up for it or not.

      Mas did his role well, as did Biglia. But this was 1 game that suited them. Mascherano was outstanding. But in his entire career, there might be very few games where Mascherano had the kind of offensive impact that he had yesterday. Uruguay couldn’t find their way out of an empty room yesterday and Mascherano had all the time in the world to sit and pick out a few tasty passes. So , I doubt that Bauza has magically asked him to be some sort of deep lying playmaker in his team.

      • I think, in a way, perhaps subconsciously, one of the reasons I defend Pratto is because I don’t ever want to see Higuain play for us again so I want other strikers to cement their places in the starting line-up 🙂

  5. The good news is there is no way in hell Bauza can play mache/biglia

    I’m thinking he will play

    Gaitan banega dimaria

    Alario pratto

    I think he will play 2 forwards

    • It is possible he will play 4-4-2.i wish Dybala was available.referees ruining our chances every time since 1990.the corrupt Brazilian guy(havelange) who died few weeks ago started this Witch-hunt against argentina.

  6. Fat Tata has this luxury..if Messi was injured then he cud use Kun..Higuain..Di maria ..lavezzi.. but now Poor Bauza Dybala and messi is out..who will score for us?

  7. So No Messi or Dybala, the shitty luck just refuses to go away but it is what it is! The rest of the team needs to step up against the last team in the qualifiers.

    • Last place team, yes but Venezuela will be difficult as in la copa. We must attack with our midfield and keep pressing or Venezuela will be happy with a 0-0 game. I wish banega would play with lamela in an attacking midfield but I think a 4-3-3 formation is out of the question with bauza. Still we should pull off a Victory based on a great defense and counters with gaitan, lamela dimaria and Pratto with correa and alario coming on with 25 minutes to go…

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