Paulo DYBALA: “I got a feeling in my chest I’ve never had before”


Paulo DYBALA spoke about his red card against Uruguay.

Paulo DYBALA, who got himself red carded against Uruguay, spoke about what he felt at the time, his role as a false 9 and playing with the National Team. Here’s what he had to say:

“I got a feeling in my chest I’ve never had before. I’m not one to cry. At home, no one has seen me cry. And now, the entire country has seen me cry. And the world.”

About playing as a false 9:
“That’s how I play at my club. At Instituto, I debuted as an out and out number 9. Then the same thing at Palermo. But now at Juventus, they put me there, as a false 9. I like it.”

About playing with the National Team:
“It’s great. It’s a beautiful group. They made me feel like one of them. They all supported me. I couldn’t have asked for more.”


  1. He has always spoken well and is now backing it up with his actions on the field as he is not standing back and lets the game drift by he gets stuck in.
    He has the real passion, a will to win and is another natural born winner, exactly what the n/t has been looking for and needs more of.

    • Spot-on.very smart player we are lucky to have him.he messi and their soon to be partner(icardi) will form a fearsome partnership.and with bauza leading them i feel good about our chances in russia.

      • glued: so true icardi needs to be given a chance and he also has that never give up and winning mentality that we need to go with dybala, messi, mash.

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