Lucas ALARIO: “It was a dream”


Lucas ALARIO and Ramiro FUNES MORI both spoke about Argentina’s win against Uruguay.

The two River Plate boys commented about the match. For ALARIO, it was comments towards MESSI and the upcoming match. Here’s what he had to say:

“It was a dream, we know he’s the best (MESSI) and to share a dressing room with him, training sessions and a match with him is something I’ll never forget. Argentines should enjoy him and admire him more.”

“I’m a little sad because the injury won’t allow him to play the next match. We’ll try to have the team and play the match as well as we can and try not to miss him too much.”

“We are aware we’re at the top of the table but we know every other team can be complicated as well. There are no easy matches in these qualifiers and we can’t underestimate anyone. We must take every match seriously.

Luis SUAREZ is one of the best number 9’s in the world so it was important that I had marked him well throughout the game.”


  1. The last time I checked; Bravo, Vidal and Alexis Sanchez are Chile three best players, they all started in the Copa Centario opener against Argentina. Instead of giving the actual facts of who play and what happen, some folks like to make up stuff to fit their own narrative. At the end of the day, fantasies and made up story are only make believe. We all have quixotic ideas which will not work, because at the end of the day, keyboard coaches are in no position to tell the NT coach what to do on the pitch. Watching from your tv/phone screen and ranting is one thing, actually training and preparing for a team is whole different level. Sorry, when you’re not in the room or on the training ground, your opinion doesn’t count one bit, no one cares about an Argentina local league ‘’expert’’ here on Mundo or what he has to say pertaining to the Argentina national team.

    • KidultHood,

      I don’t know why you consider you as winner everytime when DI Maria is just in starting line up. As if it was final triumph of you and your reason. As far Di Maria is bankrupt and you with him. For me to be called up again and again without merit is not a triumph yet.

      “no one cares about an Argentina local league ‘’expert’’ here on Mundo or what he has to say pertaining to the Argentina national team”.

      Nope, man. Heh. Unfortunately for your ignorance it looks rather like still more and more people here is interested about local league and no matter how much you don’t like Primera Division. For you the only indicator of class player is to play in Europe and it’s hard to find more clear proof for ignorance. This is all the more because every NT player has played in Primera Division. Di Maria too. One more time: what would you say about Di Maria if you has seen him few years ago in Rosario Central? And where from your aversion to PRimera? It’s like split personality if you pretend to be Argentina fan. Many times before you showed your querr personality changes and it’s still the same style.

      Good advice: you shoud try to mask your ignorance at the very last.

    • And your name “NoHateOnlyLove” sounds for long time ironically rather. It was always so easy for you to be autoparody.

  2. This may be the starting lineup apparently as per mentioned during training session today

    Sergio Romero; Pablo Zabaleta, Nicolas Otamendi, Ramiro Funes Mori, Emmanuel Mas; Javier Mascherano, Lucas Biglia; Nicolas Gaitan, Éver Banega, Angel Di Maria; Lucas Pratto

  3. the team can’t perform to its potential as long as Diva Maria still in the team and starter. Di Maria is placed as the worst player we have in the roster right now.

    • People are just ensnare by idea of Di Maria. No matter what he did there’s always some reason to start with him again.

  4. Pratto is a joke, not sure what skills did the new coach found in him, regardless he should be dropped from now on when we have far better players in the attacking department. Hell, Higuain would wonder by now how on earth this fatty new guy got his spot when he produces no danger at all for his opponent. We are losing if Pratto is our sole striker with the absence of Messi. When will the stupid coaches realize that selecting the right players, the healthy (not injury prone) ones, and players with strength and stamina secures 70% of chances in winning titles.

  5. Hopefully for the next round of Qualifiers, Icardi & Lanzini will be in the squad….

    Lanzini can play in Right MF & Central MF as well. Good at long range shooting & right footed player…

    Messi, Dybala & Di Maria are left footed and can’t shoot with their right foot….

  6. Romero-Mecardo-Otamendi-Funes Mori-Rojo-Masche-Augusto-Banega-Di Maria-Gaitan-Higuain all started against Chile in the opener at the Copa Centario without Messi. All the Coach need to do is start basically the same team minus Higuaín, just play Pratto or Alario in attack. Bauza has plenty of option with the players I mention and the ones in the current squad I didn’t name. Venezuela football team is missing their two best center backs because of red cards against Colombia this past Thursday. Venezuela is going through a political crisis, they’re at the bottom of the CONMEBOL table, the team confidence is pretty low, it’s hard for the fans to pour into their home stadium and support a team passionately when they have zero chance of making the 2018 world cup. With Messi out, I feel the Venezuelan supporters will have less interest in the game which benefit Argentina on Tuesday. The only time Argentina lost to Venezuela was back in 2011 with Sabella first game as the national team coach. As I can recall, Sabella inherited a horrible team from Bautista going into the game against Venezuela. Argentina just need to apply themselves professionally during the game and they will get a good result.

    • that 1st game vs chil In the copa, chil were with out their 3 better players and I don’t want to see d/m their at all as its way past time we tried other options in his place.

  7. its a good time to make changes as when else do we do it?
    this is a team we should beat in our sleep with any team.
    bauza needs to see al players with his own eyes and what they do should give him things to think about, for some its a trial.

  8. Update :
    At practice today banega-Lamela and gaitan were playing in the attacking line behind Pratto, who was upfront. Gaitan has been named messi’s replacement but I believe bauza was just resting dimaria during practice. Rojo and mercado are said to start at fullback on their respective sides and there is a question to whom masche will team with, biglia or Fernandez.

    • I like that but part of me is wondering isn’t that too many changes at once? That’s like 5 or 6 changes, obviously Messi and Dybala are forced ones but still. What does that do to team chemistry if half of the team is different. Some coaches like to rotate the squad for the sake of freshness of players or for tactical reasons, others prefer to stick to their main starting 11 as much as possible. We’ll see what happens.

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