Edgardo BAUZA confirms line-up for Argentina, press conference quotes


Edgardo BAUZA has confirmed Argentina’s line-up for their match against Venezuela on Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference, Edgardo BAUZA has confirmed that Marcos ROJO, Ever BANEGA and Erik LAMELA will start. Here’s the line-up:


Argentina Lineup Venezuela
Argentina line-up against Venezuela

Here’s what BAUZA had to say:
“Looking past not having MESSI on the team, the idea will remain the same. We’ll try and be the protagonists. Marcos ROJO will come in for Emmanuel MAS, Ever BANEGA for Paulo DYBALA and Erik LAMELA for MESSI. MESSI has talked with the team and he’s wished them good luck for the match tomorrow.”

“The important thing in the debut match was to win. It’ll be a different match against Venezuela. I know their coach, he looks for intensity in his teams. We’ll have to watch out. I see a very committed and eager team. Venezuela has 5 or 6 players who are playing at a high level. We’ll have to be very careful in the back. Venezuela aren’t the team they were 10 years ago. Most of their players now play in Europe.”

“We’ll have to be prepared for the long balls and their pressuring.”

“The idea is to give LAMELA freedom. He’s a player that gets to the goal. I saw him as better than others. MESSI is the player that can unbalance a team the most. He won’t be there. But we have other very good players.”

“The World Cup Qualifiers are totally different than the Copa America. But the idea is to always win. We’ve had very little time to work but we’ve talked with the players. We’re looking for a balanced and winning team.”


  1. I think the game starts at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, 12:00 AM UK time and 4:30 AM India time..

    Still the midfield selection is not the best that will win a cup..

  2. Another biglia mache lineup… that really blows.. they are probably going to try to score a goal and hold defensively… I don’t understand why 2 DM when you don’t have a true goal scorer as of now.. I mean lamela I guess has highest chances of scoring then dimaria.. let’s wait and see

    • Not that any forward selection would make us irate considering how atrocious they have been wearing #9 of their nation,almos all including Aguero,palacio(who denied prato chance starting his Boca spell),Higuein even Tevez.

      Prato’s selection has less to do with becoming a clinical finisher,if any thing to create a space to Leo,Dybala and co. Tbe decission to pick him up is tactical and am afraid if Icardi can work his ass of like Pratto did or is expected to do. Prato is like Benzema,who diaplaced Higuein to serve Ronaldo in Madrid. If he is efficient as the outlined plan, i wouldn’t mind about absence of any of our #9 who are scoring loads of goals in their respecrive league. Pethaps, we can have tbem for paln B.

  3. This team needs some crucial changes soon base on this Line up:
    Mercado–Otamendi–Funes M–Ansaldi



  4. I expect the team can forgive Icardi and give him a chance to prove himself not as a bad guy, but as a bad finisher. Sometimes, you need to put away some egos in order to succeed.

  5. nothing but 3 points is acceptable.
    bauza should have made those calls ups he could have done because of injuries as we look and are very thin on strikers, i struggle to see were the goals will come from but we are lucky its ven.

    another chance for pratto and at least he being given a fair chance, my game one observations is he worked very hard and ran a lot but did not command the box as a real number 9 should for me, we need a no 9 who can be ready for the cross field passes messi makes every week at barca. i know its early days for him but he seems like a player id bring on to defend a lead and nick another goal rather then a player to score a goal urgently, he seemed committed and is prepared to run and throw him self around but does need to work on his fitness.

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