Edgardo BAUZA: “There are things to correct”


Edgardo BAUZA held a press conference following the team’s 2-2 draw against Venezuela.

Edgardo BAUZA, Lucas PRATTO and Javier MASCHERANO all spoke to the media following the match. BAUZA stressed that the team had to take risks in the second half but that there are some things to fix. Here’s what he had to say:

Edgardo BAUZA:
“The comfort I have coming out of that match is the effort that they did to come back from being 2-0 down. There are things to correct and we’ll talk about them the next time we’re all together.”

“The goal changed our look of the match and allowed us to turn around a game we didn’t want to lose 2-0. We managed to rescue something, we’ll think about what’s ahead. There’s a lot of things to think about.”

“We faced the Venezuela we were expecting to face. A vertical, aggressive team counting on RONDON’s power, it didn’t surprise us. The fact that it rained made the game better because the ball moved smoother. The pitch wasn’t all straight. The idea was to win but they complicated things. And for that, it was a point rescued. We risked a lot with the changes in the hope of getting that.”

“We were much better in the second half, able to do more of what we wanted and because of it we were able to get the draw. We wanted to win but we were losing 2-0 and the pitch wasn’t good. But at the very least we got something out of the great effort the team put in.”

“It was a hard fought match. The pitch didn’t help as it complicated things. What I liked the most was the character shown from the team. Because we were losing 2-0 away from home and we kept looking for the draw.”

“The team showed character.”



  1. The thought of having many defensive-minded players to get a solid defense (or to close down a game so to speak) is a fallacy i wish it died an ugly death in argie football. That mentality was from the eighties, nineties? We’re in the middle of 2010’s years and they havent evolved one bit here….

    While there are players that needs to get the bout, the major problem for years (outside the Sabella period) is there isn’t identity of game with the NT. Can anyone tell me how are we playing? Personally, i can’t awnser the question but i don’t know.

    You need first to identify how you want to play, then call the right players accordingly of your idea. Bauza just got the job and it’s difficult (actually it’s impossible) with 2 games and barely a week of training. I just hope he has a clear idea of what he wants or else this will end in another failure.

  2. it’s ridiculous when somebody here thinks Diva Maria had 2 good games…faaaaak…u were watching different game..that Diva with Kun aguero and higuain..and few mofe shud be OUTTTTTTT OUUTTTTTT of NT

  3. The team has 3 main problems :
    1.Lack of ball playing CM.
    2.Static fullbacks
    3.Di Maria.

    Whether it is Biglia or augusto,they can’t distribute the ball or can’t control tempo with passing,suffers under pressing.We have only 2/3 ball playing CMFs namely Pizzaro,Paredes.I was very happy when Martino called Pizzaro for Copa but then decided not to.Pizzaro is doing well in Mexico,Paredes so far has been one of the most important players for Roma.Both can be solution to this problem.

    We all know the fullback problems.I prefer one attacking and one conservative fullback in XI.We have good options actually.Buffarini,Mercado,Ansaldi and Tagliafico would be my choice for now.

    For Di Maria we have a lot of options.Vazquez and Perotti will be my choice.I would not put youngsters immediately there.Vazquez can play from left and had an telepathic understanding with Dybala.Diego Perotti is doing great for last 1 and 1/2 year,I don’t understand why he haven’t receive a call yet.Both will do better than Di Maira no doubt.Di maria has been so poor lately!

    • Cannot agree more. And as for the CM, for me Banega is not the answer, he has matured a lot.. but he is too lethargic and plays too deep. We need youth.

  4. messi needs good lb and supporting left midfielder… not rojo and dimaria… with messi dimaria needs to play rw … he is best there…. no use in starting line up for dimaria… rojo need to be out of the squad…. biglia too….
    funes mori did well against strong defender….back line need face… musachio is the best option…. midfield need strong player in biglia position agusto done well.. if he there in copa we are the champion because he deal very well vidal in first game thats why we won the game… not dimaria or banega….
    and upfront need player to score important goal… in final… not higuain…he feard every final…. icardi worth try… he is good in the air… on left side is important… gaitan do well in copa… correa or auguro worth a try that position…
    we will decide argentina will win a world cup or not in a next call up..

  5. in seven matches messi will perform five to win a sevan matches messi needs suport.. with messi we never lost from 2014 final…. new formation is good … but team seclection terrible… rojo….(red card) meesi geting two fouls and one red card … he easily give away and terrible after that… no plan no support for messi… went on penalties… we lost… dimaria great on messi position… and not good with ball not great control… he is worst on lw… if dont injury to augusto and gaitan we won that final… because he support messi well… on the left and phsical strength and good in the air… auguro not good in receiving the air ball… with dimaria auguro and messi… and bad midfield you will have problem always… to change that… and back line need face and ball playing centre back… goalkeeper need to change otherwise…. all talents will be no use…my line up——————— rulli —– —————– ——–marcado/zaba ————–mussachio———— ottamendi————— ansaldi ———-macherano———- augusto/ banega/pardes messi —————dybala———— gaitan/lamela/correa ———————– ——————-icardi/auguro———————subs(dimaria pastore )

  6. It was an abysmal display aside from Banega and Mascherano and Pratto can be excused due to the lack of service.

    Had this been away to Spain or Germany fair enough but Venezuela ? Bauza says he will take his time over implementing changes. There are only another ten competitive games before the World Cup. Ten games in which he should be consolidating new players into the team.

    It is up to him to form that group and create a winning mentality. People say well Bielsa sailed through qualification only to fall flat on his face in the end. That as may be but ultimately he was let down by fatigue and Lopez. Building a winning mentality breeds confidence and inspires fear into opponents.

    This side look anything but. Messi ? The side has performed well without him before so that is no excuse nor should it be given the quality of players available to choose from.

    Bauza has to select players on form and merit. Not because they are pals with Messi or have been part of the squad. Mas had a poor debut with the seleccion but he played well against Uruguay only to be ditched for Rojo. What sort of message does this send out ? Where is the incentive to play well ? It also gives the message to players like Rojo and Romero that it’s okay to sit on their backsides and you still will get a starting place.

    Bauza also needs to be more decisive. He should have been at half time. Withdraw Lamela who was appalling and bring in Alario to help an isolated Pratto and withdraw di Maria more centrally and for the love of god get Rojo and Zabaleta up the pitch. He was fortunate that the first goal came soon after the Venezuelan second and that they tired.

    But Rojo certainly is no lateral and Zabaleta has lost his stamina and whatever pace he had. Players like Gomez, Tagliafico, Peruzzi, Mas need to be brought in. And the lack of pace in defence. Otamendi needs to go. Impetuous not imperious he is a disaster waiting to happen again. Garay cannot come back soon enough and he needs to be paired with someone like Musacchio or even Gonzalo Rodriguez.

    And in midfield. Masche needs an understudy ideally Ascacibar. Biglia needs to be dispensed with. What Augusto Fernandez was doing not playing is mystifying. That midfield needs more pace, more creativity and a two way player. Along with Augusto Vasquez needs careful consideration. He also has balls.

    Other players need to step up their game. di Maria in the first half was terrible. His cross for Pratto missed Banega who had come steaming into the box and when you consider he is up against a fullback who plays for Huesca well. He too needs competition. Perotti needs to come into consideration.

    Why these players who have played well for the last couple of seasons get ignored is beyond me. The same players get recalled and are complacent as a result.

    Bauza needs to sharpen up his tactical game. Managers like Simeone and Pochettino and Berizzo don’t stand on the touchline clasping their chins in their hands they make changes quickly. Why it took a second clownish goal to spur Bauza into action beats me. When the first plan and some player are not performing change it. And the counter attack. Sluggish and slow. There were several opportunities late on to win the game notwithstanding the clowns at the back especially Romero trying to let Venezuela score a third. That is poor. A good keeper one who has also actually played competitive football recently catches the free kick in the first half and stays on his line for another. He is living off the penalty shoot out against Holland. Time for Rulli and eventually Batalla/Werner to take his spot.

    If Messi is running a chums club for selection then Bauza has to sort it out with him and show who is in charge by picking on the criteria of form and merit. Not loyalty. If Messi wants a title then he has to do the managers bidding. Not for the manager to fear to tread on his toes. If he cannot then Bauza must go and get Simeone in who will brook no nonsense even on a part time basis.

    And while this shambles goes on the AFA still needs reformation at all levels. That elephant has not gone away.



    ——————Messi——————-di Maria——————-

    • I agree with most of what you say, including Otamandi. Look at him a second before the second goal. Thats not how a world class CB react.

      But based on what proof are you saying Messi decides team selection? Please stop this rumour mongering. Not a single player or coach or staff have ever made a comment like that. YOu also know what happened in WC14. If Messi decides the squad Banega would have been in the final squad. And there are so many examples like that.
      Even in Barca, he is never accused of something like this. He doesnt interfere in others jobs like that. There are people here who wish he did that, but I dont think he will ever do that. The only thing we know he requested the coach, was asking Sabella to use the fantastic four during WC qualifiers.

      • Even if he tries to do such thing the coach should grow a limb and call whoever he pleases.

        I don’t think Messi directly impact team or squad selection, but even if he is indirect, there would be a huge impact that’s for sure! Cruyff once said that players like messi will never tell you something on your face, they will do their thing and there will be consequences. Remember once Messi was shifted to the wing from the center and he was not happy at all? He reduced dribbling and had a few bad games, which forced then Barca manager Tata to make him play on the center again! That’s how these players roll and somehow you gotta deal with that.

        And I also think it’s not only Messi. I think there are several senior and elite members in the team that are more influential than the manager. Mascherano, Messi, Di Maria and even Romero to name a few. As a manager you gotta deal with situations like these, which Martino totally failed to deal with. Let’s see how Bauza does.

        O and I forgot Gago. Whenever he becomes fit again, he will be called. Mark my words.

        • Even if Pratto isn’t ideal one now we see by this case this team needs new blood. Warriors, hardworkers who are not in NT of tradition, as matter ofcourse but must to compete after their place. Banega has not enough energy even for Venezuela, let alone WC games. It was comfortable not to see Higuain and Aguero against Uruguay. Now I would like to see the team also without Di Maria, Banega, Biglia, Rojo.

          Now we have mutual admiration society in NT.

          • Romero (bench)

            Zabaleta (bench), Rojo (out), Mercado (bench)

            Biglia (bench), Banega (out)

            Higuain (out), Aguero (bench), Di Maria (Out)

            See? Not many Exile is necessary. I would keep Romero on bench with Biglia (decent defensive midfielder)

            Some players needs to stay away from the NT though. The likes of Rojo, Higuain, Banega and Di Maria. Thank you for your services, but please don’t come again!

        • Really?
          Tata moved Messi to the wing in an El Classico match, for the first time, and that was one of most hard working match Messi ever played and many Barca bloggers thought he was the MOM in that game without scoring.

  7. We need 3 big replacements here which are both our WING BACKS and BIGLIA…di maria is NOT our biggest weak link here especially when Messi is on the field cause he doesn’t get to see the ball too much..also there is a slight advantage when he’s around when we’re initiating a counter attack as he is easily the FASTEST player yet in our team…the only other similar player who could match his pace and stamina could be correa who is still quite raw imo

  8. we need to find a replacement for zaba… zaba can be a good back up… Romero can only be a backup.. i still blame him for the goal in the wc final.. he was mere spectator… a good goalie would have done much better…

    Rojo can’t be in the team not even as a backup… and with zero playing time under mourino he will lose his confidence…

    what we really need is a playmaker.. not a fake headless attacking mid like dimaria… and where is GAray?? did he also bang someone’s wife or what??

  9. Damn that was brutal. let me organize my vent:

    Central defense:
    Otamendi and Fuming Mori should go straight and file a case with the cops. Because they got FLAT OUT ABUSED by Rondon and buddy. Bullied off the ball too easily, but more worryingly, the pace. Rondon’s buddy (too lazy to look his name up) burnt them like a cheap sausage on a bad barbeque grill. A couple of times , it was just embarrassing, thankfully our CDs used a bit of experience to snuff it out. Really worried what a pacy pair do to them.

    Rojo : Can just someone put me out of my misery? Guy provides good width while going forward, but nothing else. Crossing is atrocious , but that happens only when he doesn’t lose the ball already. Defending, the less said about it , the better. In the 1st half, ALL of Venezuela’s danger came from that wing. It was painful.

    Zabby: Zabby, I love you, you have the experience, but gosh, I am worried if we are going to bank on Zabby in 2018. You can see him lose pace.

    Central mid:
    Mascherano – not one of his best days. All those wetting their panties thinking of him being a deep-lying playmaker can now rest easy. It’s not going to happen. A few misplaced passes, and just not enough support in defending from others ahead of him.

    Biglia – A performance where there’s really not much to say. Does his job with whatever limited ability he has in a very limited zone, but offers lesser threat going forward than a sunday pub player, and doesn’t have the speed to recover if the attack bypasses him.

    Banega – Mr. Inconsistent. Tremendous at certain times retaining the ball and getting out of tight areas, with a couple of nifty passes, and wasting it completely at other times. Has been and will always continue to be a polarising player.

    Further up front:
    Di maria : BAD. You are supposed to be one of our senior most players man. Every time you see him and think that he can’t possibly do worse, in he comes with even more horrendous decision making. For some reason, he thinks he can dribble 22 players and the field security and immigration at the same time. I get physically sick at the sight of him running right into a circle of 3 defenders, and coming out on the other side, on his ass , without the ball. His crossing was traumatizing. You are blessed with talent, and some decent team-mates. USE IT, USE THEM or get off the pot.

    Pratto : He could probably sit in the world’s worst restaurant, and yet get served better than this. Showed decent industry, good heading ability. Needs to work a bit more on fitness and speed, but a useful stop-gap option till a more formidable #9 emerges. Deserves a few more opportunities.

    Lamela : A performance worth lamenting about. After a while, I just shut my eyes every time he had the ball as I feared the inevitable. This was a great opp for him to show his wares, but he was just never in the game. Deserves more chances for sure, nobody should be written off. He has proven with spurs that if you put your faith in him, he will deliver.

    Subs (Gaitan/Correa/Alario) : Not much to write home about in terms of impact and the time they had .

    and finally….

    Romero : He was back to his pristine , godly self again. The 2nd goal they scored… I nearly wanted to check myself into therapy. He just lay down there way before the shot was taken, very poor instincts. It was a horror show . Is there not 1 half-assed decent GK around? Are you frigging kidding me?!?!

    *Rant Over*

    • thevickerman: as always their is the nail and you hit it dead center on the head.

      like you i was far from happy yesterday and all in my household “ran for their lives” well before full time making them selves scarce for a few hours and no one was brave enough to remind me “its just a game” or “pablo you have no control over it”
      yes that may be true but i know speaking in a dark harsh tone, throwing things on the ground or if im stupid enough the t/v or venting at the ref from my warm room in new zealand etc etc can change a game, will make the coach change his tactics, will make subs as i see them to be needed, will make players run more and faster, it most definitely will make them shoot at my command and make that killer pass, i know i can reset it all even change the score line, yes all of this at any one moment while pointing at my tv -at least i think so in my mind…..back to reality…sigh….it was a really shit game for so many reasons and that i cant change at all.

      • Hahaha , Pablo bro, so damn true man. We all can so easily relate to the transformation that you described, where we all become couch managers, and are so desperately willing and hoping our team plays better. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING it hurts man.

  10. Call Ansaldi and Peryera,keep Biglia as sub for Mascharano and Banega shall pair the latter always. Nothing wrong with Pratto yet. Dimraria needs to have competition and be a sub for some games to teach him a lesson.

  11. I don’t get the Di Maria hate. The guy gave it everything he got and played consistent 2 X 90 minutes. I mean C’mon! Dybala booked twice and really put us in trouble against Uruguay and he is getting all the love. Di Maria battles two good games and still nothing but hate towards him here in Mundo. For what I saw he had some good crosses (two that Pratto should have scored), some good shots, very good track backing, tackling and defending and of course some lost balls and bad decisions but all in all two well fought games By Angel. Of course he needs to be better and he knows that. I would try him in midfield. Attacking midfield where he would have space to run ahead and then pass or cross. Against Peru I would like to see something like this:

    Zabaleta – Funes Mori – Otamendi – Mercado
    Di Maria – Mascherano
    Messi – Dybala – Aguero

    It could be fluidly changed to 5-4-1, 4-1-4-1, 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 within the game.

    • DiMaria ran (mostly foward). He had 2 good crosses. It ends there. I rather see Gaitan start. DiMaria is a poor leader of the group and of himself.

      • Di Maria is still worse and worse. It’s not progress. I see regress. What he gave? Player who has 80 games in NT… He is axiom of every starting line up and it’s obstacle to develope of NT for years. Banega, DI Maria, Biglia – it’s still the same names but in new configurations. And nothing new. I was hearing every excuse for Di Maria poor games for long time. Formerly it was: he should play as winger and not LM, that’s why it’s not work. Now it is: he should play in midfield because as winger it’s does not work. What more? He has always alibi.
        Bauza should enlarge perspectives and find someone new.

    • a famous manager said to his winger
      “all I want from you is 10 good crosses into the box and its up to the strikers to do the rest”
      but we have d/m who did 2 and lost the ball more times then I can count (I do believe d/m holds the world record for losing the ball the most times in a match).
      we saw in the copa that gaitan may not have the skill d/m has but gait just does the job and nothing else, with gat in the team we look far better during the copa as it was a balanced team and he fitted into it but 90% the time d/m unbalances the team and is now is struggling more then ever on all fronts from dribbling, shooting, crossing and team play.

      time for d/m to be gone from the squad as I don’t even see the point of him off the bench as we see he cant do the basics correct and unbalances the team.

  12. I hope Bauza has seen enough of the same old midfield. We need more pace there and Mascherano, Biglia, Banega will never be able to do that. Di Maria is not a natural LW and his talents are being wasted there. If one takes time to observe where he plays and what he does for PSG, one would understand that he is played out of his best position attacking midfilder. Hence we get the headless chicken version for the NT. Gaitan/Cervi would be better suited to be the left sided attackers but I’d still have Fideo in the squad not necessarily as a sterter because Messi needs his pace to carve defenses open and counters. Mascherano needs new more mobile partners,
    Lucho Gonzalez types. Banega and Biglia are also not really bad players but it is what they can not offer in the middle,pace and grit that makes them liabilities because they imbalance our team to our detriment. Offensively they make us one dimensional because they don’t cover enough ground to give our attackers options in offense. Therefore I we don’t need to see those two starting together anymore. That department needs an immediate shake up. We need mobile workhorses no necessarily big club players but players who can give us some pace and balance. I just hope we have seen the last of Mascherano, Banega Biglia midfield.

    • I totally agree. Its not the quality that is lacking. Its the balance and the chemistry. Banega, Biglia, Mach will never work well. 3 decent passing destroyers with the average speed of an old lady. Too similar.

      Agusto. Masch. Perreira

      While just as defensive as Bigl.Masch.Bane is going to win a million more balls based on dynamism and speed.

      Personally, I am sick of the double #5. It should be Masch and then 3 fast, young, gritty and offensively capable players.

  13. A draw was better than a poor defeat, so hard earned 1 point, in the last 20 minutes. thats good but.
    We had 6 + 1(if we consider Banega too) defensive minded players and still went 2 down against the team on the bottom of the table. When Messi dont play, teams are not very defensive against us, means we face more attacks, and we cant manage well. thats it.
    Even Messi’s sheer presence on the field help us defensively, ask Barca about it.
    Am glad finally more are seeing what I have been saying about DeMaria for long. The new addition is Lamela, he really is not anywhere near world class. This was his time to shine, when he got the opportunity, but was anonymous. He should have been withdrawn at half time.

    Our problem as always remains our midfield. Strikers are helpless if the midfield cant create. We are lucky that we have Messi who comes down and create on behalf of the midfield. But without him the creation side suffers very badly. I felt bad for Pratto, who works hard, but if we ask him to score without creating even 3 or 4 chances, thats not fair.

    We were extremely lucky, inspite of the stupidity of Romero we didnt suffer a 3rd goal.

    Next team selection of Bauza is very important. Please bench DeMaria, find some new midfielders, please.

    • Yes, we should to search for someone quit new on LM/LF.
      Maybe Joaquin Correa or Cervi in near future. Or just Angel Correa.

      • A. Correa, Lanzini, Salvio, J.Correa, Cervi, Gonzalo Martinez, Janson – they are most interesting options on Di Maria position IMO.

  14. Di Maria is always the same. Seriously, I don’t like the player since WC U-20 2007 yet. I remember his game in final of that tournament and not only. Too much chaotic always. So disorderly and brainless. I remember he was iritating in the same way in 2007 yet. Always felt his playing is based of big dose of luck. It’s like lottery. He is horseman without a head. Even if he do sometimes a thing good still I have impression that it’s very lucky. It’s waste of time and space for many years. Yes, our coaches are loved with him and it’s very sad. I don’t see any other player who wasted so many games in NT. It’s almost 80 matches for NT! I doubt if, for instance Gaitan, had 80 games for NT could be so shitty.

    Banega was even worse than Di Maria. No energy, lazy, no idea for playmaking. How he is playemaker? He is playmekaer only in games like friendly against BOlivia or Hong-Kong. Banega is good to our C team. We need warrior in his position. Waste of time and space on more.

    Lamela – for me never NT material. Even when he was scoring in last Copa was not impressing. He is so unnatural and mannered in movement with his ducky/coco style. By this he can’t run in full sprint. That’s why he always struggle with defender who want to tackle him – because he is not enough fast to leave the defender. He is strong phisically but not enough fast by his unnatural movement. And too one footed player. Extremally one footed, as no one in our team hence his distorted/warped style of running. Moreover his favourite position to shoot is exactly the same as Messi’s and Dybala. Of the right angle of penalty box. The more I don’t see him in NT despite the assist.

    Rojo – he is not a fullback. But he is not dependable as defender too of late. In this point Tagliafico is guarantee of quality so why not.

    Pratto just should start next game again. He deserved.

    Aberrant game. Even Mascherano and Otamendi were not reliable while against Uruguay both impressed.

    ROmero shaky but somehow his mistakes aren’t costly for us. At least not not in important games.

  15. We drew. It’s not a walk over environment any more despite venezuela sitting bottom of the group. We all know that the round Robin in conembol is difficult.
    Positives were we faught back where in the past i.e. during certain tenures we would’ve conceded defeat at 2 nil.
    Banega is inconsistent. We knew this before. Rojo is not an ideal LB. Romero isn’t the world class keeper. Di Maria disappoints now more than ever before…..the list isn’t that long regarding complaints. However my worry is since Sabella I don’t think these professional coaches are confident in alternatives otherwise we wouldve seen them by now and the debates would be done. I think we need to come to a realisation that some players are mediocre in certain positions but the brutal and harsh reality is its the best we’ve got.
    As qualifying is concerned we will get there. I have no doubt. But it’s going to be difficult for everyone from 1st to 6th.
    I don’t see anyone runaway in this group. It will go down to the wire.

    • Every game is tough. The talent level and figthing spirit pace and stamina of South American players is just that high. This is why the days when ARG and BRA were sure to qualify are long gone. But it’s good. I’d rather watch some quality games with high intenstity and excitement.

      Don’t agree about Di Maria though. He was consistent and always atleast trying to make something out of the ball and space he got. Unlike Banega or Lamela. Some good crosses and good corners. Some trickery and lost balls, but still a decent game from him.

      I would like to see something like this against Peru:

      Zabaleta-Funes Mori-Otamendi-Mercado
      Messi – Dybala – Di Maria

  16. Despite the fact the comeback was admirable, Bauza must have noted why Romero was benched at his last 3 clubs, that Rojo needs to be replaced (Mas, Tagliafico), that Biglia is past his prime, Di Maria is of no use and Icardi should be given a chance.

    Our spot at the top was shortlived without Messi…

    • totally agree with you Richard. these are the four immediate things to be corrected.

      ansaldi is 29 years old and he has played just 5 games for the NT where as it was rojo’s 50th game yesterday! tagliafico is 24 and he is yet to get a call up! if bauza cannot replace rojo and the likes, his tenure is not going to be different form his predecessors.

  17. Hopefully Bauza has seen how below average defender Rojo is… he can’t even be as a back up defender for us.. we have loads of better talent than him….

    one of the major reason for Mr sergio free meal Romero to be regularly selected in the team is because of our execellent defenders and defensive mids… if our defense is weak then Sergio romero will only be a spectator between the post.. remeber how Neuer charged at higuain and almost broke his leag during the wc final … Yes we need a good goal keeper.. times up for romero also,,, please dont vouch for him for his 1-2 odd saves… he has been hailed as a hero because of some very good defenders like garay, masch, zabaleta and biglia(yes biglia is solid defensive mid… he might not be usefull if we are traling or attaking but when we are defending a lead he is on par with masch).. Sergio romero can only be a good backup goalie … thats all

    how long are we going to count on Banega.. he is too inconsistent… do we really dont have a good enganche other than Leo???

  18. Only death will prevent Diva Maria from joining the NT…..Coaches are in love with his stupid retard technique and there is no way he will be replaced….hell even when he was injured in the WC final, he was played as a starter.

  19. I think this is the first time since maradona was coach where I am really worried about making World Cup.. I keep going through every scenario to see how many we can lose

  20. I think the crucial changes that have to be made are quite straight forward here..
    Replace biglia with banega/fernandez as they inject so much more pace and urgency to the team…banega in particular would cause some unrest to the opponents..

    Di maria NEED to be replaced by a more level headed player such as gaitan or even remotely more composed and pacey correa

    Lets not take away any credit from pratto who worked extremely hard here bt we need a more “mobile” centre forward to work with our quick thinking midfielders(messi, dybala,correa/gaitan)..

    A big tall centre forward is of course a good idea if we were inclined to playing with good intelligent wingers or even wing backs..having said that, lets not kid ourselves here cause our wing backs in particular are the most defensive ones in all of the south american teams

    Imo pratto has to be replaced by a more mobile and pacey cf such as alario or the name that has obviously been in all our lips for quite some time here..the big inter captain !

    Overall I congratulate our team for showing some fighting spirit to get back into the game today..I hope bauza managed to find the few weaknesses in the team and patch them up before it gets too late..for us the argentina fans there’s nothing to panic yet…vamos argentina

  21. Bauze has seen the best players from the previous era. He has also seen the backups from that era as well. Now I will be eagerly waiting for his next selections and will try to find the following answers –

    1. Does he really think Rojo is a fullback?
    2. Is Mascherano-Biglia-Banega a good midfield? Or is Biglia and Banega are able to form a combative midfield? A midfield that wins possession back and does not isolate the attackers?
    3. Does Di Maria still has a place in this team? Is he a good team player?
    4. Is Pratto or Alario really capable of holding the line against the best defenses in the world?

    Honestly speaking, in my humble opinion, these answers should tell us how we are going to do in international tournaments, where some of the most organized and well drilled teams will lock horns. Where its a guarantee that nobody will play an open game against us. Teams will be defensive and try to hit us with counters. And those who will attack us, will do it with huge firepower.

    If our manager cant see there are more works needed to be done in the midfield than in the forward line – he should not be our coach. If we can fix our midfield and the wing, the firepower we have upfront should not be a huge factor for us winning championship.

    Again much to be seen as how we react. Like for instance if we score 3-0 at home against, say, Venezuela and begin to think Rojo is fantastic as a LB, Biglia-Masche-Banega is a fantastic midfield and Romero is a great keeper because he has saved our ass countless times, may be we do not deserve to win anything!

    We need to improve, even if we become world champion. The team should always evolve. The team should always be improved. There will always be some players that would improve a champion team. Just because Sabella took us to WC final does not mean that we need to exactly the same thing for a second time. We need to keep what he did good, and build on that. Lets see what Bauza does in his second selection.

  22. Dybala might be that number 9 we need. With aguero messi and dimaria behind him…. Against lesser talented team that play to fight and wrestle, a second holding midfielder is a waste…more attacking is needed… Biglia brought nothing to the game… He led a 4 on 3 break and looked like a deer in headlights. He is too anti attack as is Fernandez. Good against European teams when we need extra defense but we only took control of the game playing a 3-5-2… Which is interesting because with correa and dimaria on the wings and banega and gaitan in the center and alario and Pratto up top we started to control the game with masche playing as a sweeper.

  23. Despite the great character shown by the team and missed of king Leo, really need a new fresh young bloods to make the team play better. A strong striker number 9 and strong mid player to cover the loops hole. Icardi and Augusto is worth trying and given chance.

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