Poll: How has Edgardo BAUZA done so far?


With two matches under his belt, Edgardo BAUZA has picked up 4 points out of a possible 6 in Qualifiers.

It’s still early days but how would you rate him so far as Argentina coach.

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  1. Poll: How has Edgardo BAUZA done so far?

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    Edgardo Bauza

    Author: Roy Nemer September 7, 2016 36 Comments

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    With two matches under his belt, Edgardo BAUZA has picked up 4 points out of a possible 6 in Qualifiers.

    It’s still early days but how would you rate him so far as Argentina coach.
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    Profile photo of Ghostdeini
    September 8, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    it’s easier to list the good things because they are just a few.
    – brought back Messi

    he did no such thing the whole thing was a scam

  2. it’s easier to list the good things because they are just a few.
    – brought back Messi
    – seems to be able to react when something isn’t going right.
    – grit, even though with 10 man he managed to hold the lead and losing 2-0 he managed to draw. This point makes me confidential that we will have a great tournament because so far under him we haven’t given up.
    mostly when we conceded it was game over.
    – although forced to do so semi-credit for playing dybala

    a lot of things need to improve, maybe next time he does better and listens to his own advice that many things have to be corrected.

    the fact that Rulli is not even in the squad tells the state of our team, you can say he should not be number one although he should but not even making the squad is a travesty.

  3. IMO Bauza has done a solid/decent job thus far (based on a mere 2 game run).

    He didn’t bow to external pressure/expectations to introduce major changes to the team, which was a wise decision IMO.

    He showed that he has a game plan, which ensured that a 10 man Argentina got 3 points out of a difficult game against a full strength uruguay.

    He also showed an aptitude for substitutions (something that even Sabella lacked at times), which saved the team’s blushes against a resurgent venezuela (they might be at the bottom of the table but they showed alot of promise in copa centenario). And remember during the 2014 WCQ Argentina LOST the away game to Venezuela so a hard fought draw wasn’t the worst result in the world.

    Like Mascherano stated already Bauza has alot of Sabella in him and for me that’s a damn good thing.
    Along with Simeone (who I knew would not coach the team before the WC2018) Bauza was my top choice and continues to be. Some mundo members might’ve balked at his election but for me personally anyone with his stellar copa lib (a remarkably competitive and underrated tournament) record should not be underestimated.

    Now for the coming games I would like to see some changes, namely Rojo and Dimaria hitting the bench only to be replaced by the likes of Ansaldi and Vasquez/perotti respectively.
    I would like to see Garay reinstated and would like to see the inclusion of powerful, box to box midfielders likes pereyra, pizarro and Enzo perez.
    Lastly now that we have youngsters like Dybala, kranevitter, correa not to mention relative youngsters like alario and lamela included, it’s high time we see Icardi, Lanzini and paredes be given a chance.

    All in all, 4 points from 2 difficult games for a team in transition isn’t a bad thing in my book and like when sabella took over the team in 2012 I have hope for the future.

    • Mamoun you brought about an important point that I had completely forgotten thanks to yesterday’s debacle (I do have a tendency to over-react he he he).

      Namely- Argentina managed pretty well with 10-men against Uruguay! Damn how did I forget that. Secondly, yes credit where credit is due – Venezuela played very, very well. Sometimes, we just need to accept when the other team (no matter where they are ranked) played well and deserved it. Their forwards and winger caused us heartache. Credit to Bauza and the team, they fought back and scrapped a point out of it. 4 out of 6 isn’t the worst thing in the world at all in that context with a new manager coming in just a month or so before.

      I think the fear for many of us (at least for me) stems from the fact that previous managers have come and gone and we have seen this before. The LB/RB situation , an unpredictable GK, the lack of settling on a box-to-box midfielder, #9, quality backups who fight for the position has bitten us on the buttocks in the past and it’s the fear of history repeating itself. Over and over and over again like groundhog day.

      Let’s hope Bauza breaks that cycle.

      • It’s true, Venezuela played well and deserved the lead and Juanpi, Rondon and Martinez caused our defence all sorts of problems with their pace and dribbling. There were a couple of times when Otamendi was literally outrun by Martinez, it was not fun to watch. If we were playing a high defensive line this would have been suicide.

  4. Agree with most views – Too early to judge , so I put it as “Decent”.

    1. Got Messi and Masche back : I’m sorry ,but until otherwise proven, we are a much better team with Messi . Any day.
    2. Use of subs in the 2nd game. I’ve seen other managers wait too long and the game goes out of hand. At least we earned a point out of it.
    3. Flexibility in tactics . Changed things up to good effect.
    4. Dybala, Pratto, Alario , Correa (though I think he has been called before by martino?) – all decent calls . Dybala is a good long term option. Pratto can hold his head up high , put in a good shift. Alario seemed sneaky in the 1st game, didnt do much in the 2nd game. Correa does have potential.

    Areas I hope he addresses:
    1. GK problem: Romero needs competition, if not replacement. Situations’ a bit dire.

    2. Defense : Rojo – just unconvincing. Zabby – tremendous squad player but would love 1 backup to him to pick up the robes. Central defenders – I soiled my undies when I saw the venezuelan strikers bit$chslap Fuming Mori and Otamendi. A couple of great, pacey backups would help!

    3. Midfield: Masche is a machine and can play till his balls sag and hit the ground. I am not worried. Would love to see a better alternative to biglia though. Enzo Perez / Fernandez type player with that work rate and attitude.

    4. Up top: I am guessing Pratto is a stop gap. If not him, then who? Icardi? if so , call him quick and test it out. We don’t have much time.

  5. One who wins without problem it is just; “VICTORY” But, One who wins with a lot of troubles that is ; “HISTORY” Hopefully Bauza will make a sweet history

  6. Bauza has done a decent job so far. Everyone seem to forget that his first matches were WCQs not friendlies. He had very few days to prepare the team. So he had to go with the familiar faces. I will pass my judgement on his player selection based on the identity he wants to shape his team in. He has shown tactical flexibility with his substitutions which was non-existent in the past era.
    Personally, I don’t care about beautiful possesion football. I identify beautiful football with goals and winning. If we play with the emphasis on outscoring every opponent by generating more opportunities, I don’t care if the opponents win the possession stats battles.

    I trust that Bauza knows what he is doing and i feel like we have a coach again.

    • Totally agree. Possession football is a huge liability on a team, since most goals are scored from counter-attacks and set pieces. I’d rather have my team sit back, let the other team hold the ball, and try to counter attack.
      As for beauty – we can win every game with an off-side goal scored with the hand in the 90th minute after holding the ball for 1% of the match for all I care.

  7. It’s impossible to judge Bauza at this moment. His focus was on his club only weeks ago and when he was appointed NT coach most European leagues had yet to start. He had to make a selection without a chance to look at other players. While we do that every week. It’s only natural he selected players that reached 3 finals in a row.

    His comments after these two matches and his subs indicate he does have a clue. In the remainder of this month he can look for players who can strengthen the team. He knows changes have to be made. In Venezuela we all saw a very mediocre team. A team that has zero chance against the big teams from Europe. Without Messi (and Dybala) we looked bad.

    I therefore expect new names in his selection for the qualifiers in October and November. After the November games, we will be able to pass judgement.

  8. It is too early to assess Bauza as the national coach. He is a proven club coach. He is analytical which is a bonus.

    I hope the scouting network both in South America and Europe is keeping it’s eyes open to assess players on the basis of their form for selection.

    I vehemently disagree about Banega. He has matured as a player and been key in the Sevilla midfield. The problem lies in getting the ball from the back. There is no ball playing centreback willing to carry the ball (usually because the opposition press high) or able to distribute accurately at distance.

    Like Messi Banega has to drop deep to collect. I think apart from a couple of misplaced passes he did rather well and one of the few to emerge with any positive credit after the shambolic effort against Venezuela.

    As I said earlier Bauza needs to develop a coherent group with defined tactics and ensure through winning regularly that they develop a swagger and confidence which frightens opponents. Half the battle is in the mind. I would love to know given the state of the AFA finances whether Bauza has the requisite support staff in terms of analysts, psychologists that all major teams employ and that the current crop of Argentine managers here in Europe employ with great rigour.

    There will always be a problem in the Argentine backline centrally in terms of pace. Musacchio is no speedster as some think he is. He reads the game extremely well. So the name of the game is to control possession. This needs to be improved and the amount of misplaced passes especially in the defensive third was shocking and led to both opposition goals.

    We need a Garay there for example by trade a midfielder who is comfortable on the ball. FM and Otamendi are in the same mould and neither can pass under pressure.

    Augusto has been criticized but he was instrumental in the Copa in central midfield. He and Vazquez need to be brought in. The midfield is far too static without them. Biglia contributes very little offensively and is not a playmaker at this level either.

    Bauza has to get it into players like di Maria that they are highly skilled in their own right and to use their ability and not look to Messi to do everything. It seems when he is on the pitch everyone lowers their own game. Use him as a decoy if necessary. Don’t pass constantly to him shirking responsibility.

    Perotti needs a call up based on his form over the last eighteen months, maybe Pereyra who has developed into a decent two way midfielder and who I saw play for my club Watford just a couple of weeks ago.

    Laterals who can attack/defend and have the necessary stamina are there. Teams sit deep, they block the midfield and final third and we still try to play through them almost every time. The pitch needs widening and the laterals can do that. Rojo is useless , Zabaleta is over the hill now. di Maria can get blame for a poor first half (very decent second half) but when your team mate on that side refuses to go beyond you but constantly passes back then options are more limited.

    It’s a simple game. I hope Bauza secures the defence and changes it quickly because the whole back five need replacing and a new unit needs to be created. Further to that if there are injuries then the new players need to know that system when they come in to slot in seamlessly. And that goes for the whole team.

    It’s rather sad that things like the reformation of the AFA, management of the under age sides, violence in domestic football (another referee attacked), scouting network are still being discussed and no action has been taken when we at the World Cup blog were discussing the same issues years ago.

    It is a disgrace that it will be twenty five years without a major trophy. A calumny against football given the number of greatly talented players that other teams would kill for.

    And then you compare the shambles of the AFA against the other team sports in Argentina and see how well they are run with far less resources to put it into further perspective. I name both the mens and women field hockey teams, the mens volleyball squad and of course the Pumas and Pumitas (third in the last Junior World Cup).

  9. I’m gonna hold off on my criticism on his call-ups for now, and just address the way he handled the team with the players he had.
    The first game was excellent, but a much easier one decision-wise – Uruguay are a much better team than Venezuela, but the game was at home and he had Messi.
    The second one was much harder decision-wise, and I want to address it:
    I think his worst decision was starting with Banega, Biglia and Mascherano together. Banega’s shirt may have had the number 10 on it, but his skill set is wrong for that role, and he played as a 50-50 midfielder. Because of that the connection between the midfield and offense was seriously lacking, and thus we had almost zero goal scoring chances in the 1st half. Venezuela’s 1st goal was beautiful and almost unavoidable, and it turned the 1st 20 minutes of the 2nd half into a terrible display of football. we wanted to put the pressure on Venezuela but didn’t have the right tools for that. This made getting the 2nd goal much easier for them.
    This leads me to the best thing to come out of this game – Bauza’s in-game management. From the 65th minute on his subs were spot on. He wasn’t afraid to change his tactics, and almost turned the game around. When was the last time we had a coach who does the right subs in a game? Pekerman may have built the best NT I have ever seen (possibly the best in Argentina history), but killed our dreams with terrible subs against Germany. Bielsa may have played the best football, but killed our dreams with abysmal subs against Sweden in 02 and against Brazil in the 04 Copa.
    So if you ask me, the subs are my main optimism point from these games. All in all I think he did a good job, and I’m feeling pretty confident about the future. As for his call-ups – let’s see what he does next month.

    • Agree on Subs & Banega-Biglia-Masche combo. You can add also Sabella’s wrong subs in 2014 World Cup. Why the heck he subbed off our best player in that final Lavezzi for an injured Kun at half time!? I remember even Mourinho couldn’t quiet on it. Sabella also sub off a physical Perez for a slow Gago before injury time in that final!

      I think alongside Higuain & Palacio’s ridiculous miss, Sabella’s subs also made huge impact for our loss against Germany.

      • I hope to god I don’t don’t see Gago back in this team. I wonder if the older managers knew it was the Argentine National Team and not a hospital for Gago to visit with or get an injury !!

  10. i rate bauza as a “good coach” for the good things he has done. if he can “correct” certain “mistakes”, i wouldnt even mind to qualify him as a “great coach”. my judgement is grounded on the following reasons:

    1) when bauza was announced as the coach of the NT, i felt extremely frustrated beacuase bauza’s credentials of being a coach having experienc in south america alone and leading a south american team into victory in the copa libertadoris reminded me of the bitter experience of three years before the 2014 WC! so i expected that bauza would call up crappy players, his friends whose credentials are not great, and players who have gone past their expiry date. now i reckon that i was mistaken. he has disproved me. for this reason i rate him as a good coach.

    2) four players: pratto, alario, dybala, and corria had their debutes within two games since bauza took over the charge. introducing four players within such a small duration is a great thing! this is something sabella couldnt do in his long tenure of three years! bauza has injected more fresh blood into the squad than sabella and martino put together! whether you like these players or not is another matter. till september 1, dybala was just a 22 yr old argentine player playing in the italian league (even though he was praised as the next big thing by a few), but after september 1st, fans started talking about his absence in the next match with anxiety. is this a very small thing?

    3) buaza seems to have a strategy, let it be good or bad. his predecessors didnt have a plan a, leave about plan b! and his plan is clear, that is to attack. the very first match has proven it. in the second match also, all the changes he has made were in order to increase the attacking intent. he even subbed rojo for gaitan which is something our ex coaches coulnt even think of.

    4) he is tactically flexible and he shows the attitude to make changes and change plan. sabella or martino didnt have a back up plan. copa america centenario final has proven this.

    5) to me, it seems that he is someone who is always trying to imporve, attain perfection. i dont no whether i am right or wrong in this but it seems so to me.

    6) he seems to be a genuine person with genuine ideas. go through his statements: the whole team has to attack and defend.
    it also matters where do you defend; messi need not come all the way down to do the defensive work.
    venezuela is a tough team. within the last 10 years they have improved a lot. they have 5-6 players who are really dangerous. i know them really well.
    venezuela are a”vertical, aggressive team counting on RONDON’s power, it didn’t surprise us”
    “there are things to correct”.

    all these statements show that he is a keen observer of the game. he has got football intelligence and he is a genuine “pragmatist”.

    7) the last reason i consider him as a good coach is that i hope that he is going to make changes in the future. i hope that he will replace rojo and play with only one DM. i hope that he will not rely on the crappy idea of the “fantastic four” strategy. this is a survival from the sabella era and the players survived under martino as well! i believe that except messi, he is going to replace all the others at some point in time.

    if my expectations are proved wrong i dont mind accepting that i were wrong. but this is what my mind says about bauza now.
    i will be waiting keenly to watch the upcoming wcqs!

    Vamos Argentina!

  11. Also, Romero has been a mixed bag for us. Sometimes he bails us out with a world class save, other times he commits inexplicable errors that could and have proven costly. I think Rulli needs to be already in the team, at least on the bench. His mere presence there might force El Chiquito to get his act together. Knowing that a really talented goalie is sitting on the bench waiting for his chance may, just may work wonders on Romero. There is no way Guzman and especially Andujar are better than Rulli even if they are more experienced. Just saying.

  12. Of course bad job with the selection of Di Maria, biglia, aguero, Rojo, the glass man pastore. Playing a game without a world class striker…..what does that tell you.
    Argentina after all have only 9 goals in 8 matches….so poor attacking ability.

  13. I think Bauza did a decent job considering the circumstances. At the very least, as a tactician, he is an upgrade on Tata. Bauza had the cojones and the wisdom to change the formation, twice.

    Going forward, I hope he learns from the mistakes, not least in the team selection department. Rojo was garbage, we all know that offensively he contributes next to nothing but even in defence he has been awful lately. We really need another LB ASAP, even if it’s Mas for now.

    We also need a much more dynamic midfield. Virtually every world class football team in the world such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Germany, France, etc have at least one vigorous, hardworking, box-to-box midfielder. We still don’t have one. You know players like Rakitic, Tony Kroos, Vidal, Khedira, Gundogan, Sissoko, Matuidi. Biglia is nowhere near that. Unless we change that we can only do so much to compete.

    Otamendi is our best defender but he was badly exposed when it comes to pace. Muascchio is the only fast defender we have as far as I know.

  14. We have to remember that the game was on the road, at some elevation, in the rain, on a shitty pitch without (forget messi) but aguero, pastore, dybala! Three key players in attack… We will see who bauza calls next month but rojo and Romero are liabilities to us…. And I’m sad to say that… Caballero should be 1/3 keepers and rojo clumsy play cost us the 1st goal and stupid red card( which wasn’t a red card by the way) cost us a copa America … Fact: rojo decision making is suspect and romero’s lack of play at club is evident.

  15. all you fans of convenience can go root for Bangladesh or whatever NT represents you. You can be annoyed, disagree, but a fan *never* throws the team under the bus or stops caring. I would change a lot of things, but Vamos Argentina! Always!

    • I think most of the international albiceleste fans never saw Argentina winning anything. So if they are supporting Albiceleste now, they are going to keep supporting! Being a fan is not a business decision that you make in a cool and calculated manner, its just happens!

      I don’t think whoever is saying things like “I’m done supporting the team” or whatever is going to stop watching the team play or root for them!

  16. im gave him a pass mark but only because he has just got this job but will be looking with far more scrutiny when he selects his next team and those selections will tell us a lot as even Stevie wonder can tell we need changes urgently.

    as ive said i thought he should have culled one or 2 big names before these 2 games just to show every one who is boss before these set of games and perhaps we might have seen more from some of the senior players who seem to think they own the shirt like d/m, bil, rojo, rom, etc and some who only did not make it because of injury like kun and hig who decided he did not want to be picked.

    simply put their are far to many players who know they are starting no matter what and that needs to stop.

    like us all ill be waiting for the next selections but like most of us i expect quite a few changes to happen.

    as for the 2 games i did like how bauza was able to change tactics during a game unlike mr 70 min man of a striker for a striker no matter what. i also liked how he said “their are things to correct” and i liked how he threw “no one under the bus” for having a bad game, their were no excuses (the pitch was 5th rate absolutely diabolical and he had every right to complain about it if he wanted to) and i liked how angry he looked on the side lines, he looked really pissed off and i imagine he had words to say during the half and after the game but any good manager keeps all of that behind closes doors.

    their is lots to work on and the next selection will tell us what he has learnt and the next 4-6 matches should show us his team tactics and core base of players, yes he has to work fast as time is not on his side until w/c 18 that i believe is only about 10 n/t games away.

    we can speculate all we want but sadly we just all have to wait to see the reality of what he does.

    • Same boat as you Pablo. Rated him “Decent” purely on the basis of circumstances, the time he came in at just for these 2 games. Keenly going to watch the next few games .

        • chalz, if argentina don’t go to russia, then i would not even see the wc at all, as there’s no point.

          but you don’t have to give up this team just yet, just because they sucks at this moment; no messi, no dybala, no icardi, no rulli and some more.

          they’ll get a little better once messi and dybala in the house, and lets just see what bauza might do next whether if he will continue being a dork a servant for afa, or will show us who exactly the boss is.
          so far, i’m not happy with his player selection.

  17. I think he’s done a good job considering all the circumstances. The team is not going to turn around to the better overnight and it will take sometime.
    Coming back after being 2-0 was a big deal in my book because the team that lost the 2 Copas would have packed in without their Captain and playmakers.
    Let’s see how Bauza does next month and I’m sure he quickly learned his lesson on player selection.
    I, like everybody else here thought Romero is a Big question mark but has done well or enough for Argentina but last night’s performance was bad and I’m talking about the 2 goals. He could have easily conceded two more, the free kick that passed over his head when he needlessly came out and the chested stop instead of using his hands, punching the ball one 2 occasions when he should have simply caught it, nm his blunder in last week’s game. I believe previous managers are more in love with his 6’4″ or 5″ instead of his skills!!

    I watched Brazil play a very well-organized game on both sides of the ball last night. The chicken head look confident along with all his teammates…….they all looked like they were enjoying their football once again and that was the last thing I wanted to see.

  18. we blame this player and that player but the problem is deeper.
    rarely a player is performing as they should.
    it’s true that many player should be not called up.
    coaches are calling players instead of deserving ones.
    merit is a word that is not part of our coaches vocabulary, they never have heard of it.
    the coaches job is also to find the right strategy and the right mix of players so that the team has the right shape.
    if we continue to excuse nepotism, exclusion of merit, use the same strategy that has not worked over and over again and not inflict competition than we only go to fight with 60-70% and Messi can’t always save our a.. because even against Uruguay we didn’t play well.
    we must give 100% to win.
    wake up.

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