Pep GUARDIOLA: “I’d like to coach Argentina”


Manchester City coach Pep GUARDIOLA has expressed his desire of wanting to coach three National Teams.

Pep GUARDIOLA mentioned three National Team’s that he would like to coach one day and one of them is not Spain. Here’s what the Manchester City boss had to say:

“The chances are very slim for now but if you were to ask me, I’d say there’s 3 National Team’s I’d like to coach one day. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico”.

Our question is would you like to see Pep GUARDIOLA manage Argentina one day? Vote below!

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  1. Call me crazy but I voted no. As much as I respect and admire Pep, I just can’t see a non-Argentine coaching the national team. We don’t have the shortage of excellent coaches, so why Pep? That’s just my point of view.

    Besides I am more inclined to think that coaches with certain “philosophy” are not as well suited for the role of the national team manager as are more pragmatic coaches. Think about it, national team managers spend a lot less time with their teams so all the tactical nous are so much harder to implement.

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