Edgardo BAUZA comments on HIGUAIN, TEVEZ, more


Hello everyone,

Here are some recent quotes from our coach Bauza. It seems as if he is actually still thinking of giving Carlos Tevez a chance.  It also looks like Higuain will definitely be called up for our next set of qualifiers.

Speaking in regards to HIGUAIN: “I spoke with him.  He knows that he could be selected at any time.  He’s a National team player.”

The players may meet directly in LIMA, PERU: “The idea is to cut the travel time for the players coming from Europe by heading directly towards Lima.”

In regards to his first two matches coached: “The idea has been instilled… the objective is to qualify for the World Cup.”

“We’ve been reviewing the last two Qualifiers.  There’s good things that stand out but also things to correct.  In both games, there was an idea that was instilled which started since we started working in Ezeiza.” 

“We know that during these tight qualifiers winning is important…the idea is to always win.”

“I saw that match that Peru played against Ecuador, it’s going to be a matter of who is stronger.  But after, we have the last two qualifiers that are going to be difficult against Brazil and Colombia. We’re taking it piece by piece. We’re aiming towards Peru and then we’ll see.”

In regards to TEVEZ: “He’s getting back to his best form…but we’ll have to see how he comes back after the suspension.” And “He could be selected if he maintains his form.”

What do you guys think of all of this? Should Tevez be given another chance? Or is enough enough already?  What about Higuain? Yes or no?  Does his Juventus form merit another chance? Or is enough enough?



  1. From the comment’s i get the impression he just talking the talk ie the words could, should be ready etc bauza is not saying he is going to call up player x or b but is telling all players im watching and keep work hard.
    I also think its to keep sections of the notorious argentine media quite for a while as we know how influential they are but we will see where bauza is really walking soon with the next selections.

  2. the team needs lungs and 2 way players.
    the players I want to be integrated in the team are Ascacibar, Gomez, Tagliafico, Rulli, Paredes, Lanzini,Perreyra and Icardi.

    • If our coaches won’t to widen horizons of selection (to Argentina, Mexico and other leagues) to find right players and not just most popular European players we will left always with Aguero, Higuain, Di maria, Banega, Biglia, Rojo to set again and again new formations but still with the same worn out players what’s lead to nothing.

  3. There’s 5 players in Primera Bauza should deliberate:

    Ascacibar (in Biglia place)
    Jose Luis Gomez (instead Mercado)
    Tagliafico (instead Rojo)
    Lucas Janson (instead Aguero)
    Gonzalo Martinez (instead Di Maria)

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