Latest comments by coach BAUZA about ICARDI, DYBALA, more


BAUZA recently spoke to the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport before the Inter vs Juventus derby.  He commented on HIGUAIN and DYBALA, BANEGA, and ICARDI.  He also spoke again about MESSI.

“The Derby d’Italia is a Clasico of world football and the context of the match will also affect the analysis of ‘our’ performances. I would’ve loved to be at San Siro, but I need to be in Peru right now.

“In a game like this, with so much history, every team gives its best and current form is somewhat neutralised by the importance of the fixture. Clearly despite many changes, Juventus are still the favourites, as from the midfield up they have players who can break the deadlock and are very solid at the back.

“Even if HIGUAIN isn’t yet in the astonishing form he had last season at Napoli, he is still doing well and can be decisive. He will give a great deal to Juve.

“I expect a hard-fought match and complex on a tactical level. Whoever scores first will have an enormous advantage, maybe even a decisive one.”

“When someone pays a price, it means he’s worth it, because nobody gives you anything for free,” continued BAUZA.

“HIGUAIN’s season for Napoli was extraordinary. Now he is in the process of adapting to his new club and teammates, but I am certain he’ll bear fruit with Juventus and give them what they’re looking for in Europe. It’s just a matter of time. The partnership with DYBALA has everything required to be very, very strong.

“Like every player in Argentina, HIGUAIN generates feelings of love and hate. There are those who criticize him for misses in the Finals, but others praise him for his effort and desire every time he wears the Seleccion shirt.

“For me, speaking as the Coach, he is a great striker and I have a lot of faith in him. He asked me not to be called up in September because he wanted to get back into his best shape and I respected that. Now he’s returning with us against Peru and Paraguay.”

“Paulo is an explosive player. A different player, superior to the norm. He’s extremely quick in the final third and has great goal-scoring abilities. In the last two years he has improved constantly.

“I am surprised by how he manages to make his mark despite being so small. You’d think a little fellow who weighed just over 60kg would struggle to make his mark in Italy, but on the contrary, he always finds the breakthrough. His 2016 has been sincerely exceptional.

“He is young and has margins for improvement, but that is his great strength, the fact he can get even better despite already reaching this great level. Will DYBALA find space in Argentina? Clearly, there’s no doubt.”

“BANEGA is a player who is already confirmed at the highest level, has great experience and nothing to prove,” the Seleccion Coach told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Speaking of BANEGA: “He has technique of the absolute top level, but at Inter plays in a different position to when he’s with us. With Argentina he moves further up the field, whereas at Inter I saw him close to the line of four defenders. I understand what the Coach is going for, because Ever has this great ability to move the team.

“Everyone has their own ideas and they are all to be respected, but personally I believe BANEGA works better in the opposition half in a trequartista role. Considering his quality, technique and vision, I prefer him 30 metres further up than his current role. If we want to simplify it with the old shirt numbers, he’s more of a 10 than a 5.”

In regards to ICARDI: “ICARDI is one of the group of 60 players we are watching,” replied BAUZA. “My great fortune, and the misfortune for Mauro, is that I have four or five men in that position of an excellent level.

“ICARDI is an explosive player, he finds the net easily and despite being only 23 is already the captain of Inter, which shows his strength of character. In any moment he could be called by the Seleccion.”

When questioned why ICARDI was not selected this time around: “No, because HIGUAIN and Sergio AGUERO were returning and I preferred to maintain ALARIO and PRATTO. Why hasn’t ICARDI been called since 2013? You’d have to ask my predecessor (Tata MARTINO). All I can say is that when we drew up the list of players suitable for selection, ICARDI’s name was on there with no problem.”

“Each of us has his problems,” continued Coach BAUZA. “I am only interested in the sporting aspect, in other words how ICARDI plays for Inter. He will only be judged on that and nothing else.

“There are no vetoes or negative opinions. All that counts is the football. The day he is called, he will have to adapt to our training regime, but that’s it.”

On MESSI: “There’s nothing complicated with MESSI, quite the contrary. Leo makes everything much simpler, both on and off the field. When I was assigned this job, I went to talk to him and I can assure you that it’s a pleasure to talk football with Leo. He is so knowledgeable.

“Now he is concentrated on the next objective: qualifying for the World Cup. People here love him so much and can’t wait to see him play for the Seleccion.

“MESSI is surrounded by enormous affection. Any other considerations are just silly.”


  1. After Crespo and Batistuta its Icardi. …….

    Dybala Messi Icardi. …..
    Wow amazing thing but poor coach don’t know the importance

  2. If Icardi wants to be in the National team, one way is to go to a big club. Like one of the big money clubs in England. You get a lot of box office and pressure from media etc. to get into the NT. One reason why Marcos Rojo gets called. He won’t get called if he was in Sporting or Galatasaray.

    Off course, once in Icardi can face problems inside. I never understood the issue. The women made the move too. He did not kidnap her against her will, right? And he is sticking to one, its not that he is going after every friend’s wife. This is too childish. Two consenting adults.

  3. Banega is another world class my ass, overrated midfielder. He is effective only if there other physical and mobile midfielders on his team like Augusto in the COPA or his Sevilla and Inter midfield teammates. Personally,I don’t like the Riquelme type of ball hogging playmakers who are only good passer and controllers of the ball but contribute nothing without it because they’re lazy to do off the ball work. I put Banega and Pastore in that category too. Messi recovers the ball from opponents many a times more than Banega and Pastore. Banega and Biglia are the reasons Argentina struggled against physical midfield like Chile and other physical opposition in the past 2 years.

  4. Banega is better on center line than near opposition 3rd.From that position,he can move up and down,can be free to dictate flow of the game with passing and forward running from deep,can be more involved in the game.

    After the end of 1st half of Panama match,Banega was moved to central position for the rest of the copa america and he was one our best players in the copa.Against Venezuela,he was near oppoent D box,he was constantly harrassed and marked,also he had to wait ball to reach him from Biglia_masche rather being the distributor of it.Whatever he is,Banega is not a teraquista!

  5. I am sure about that Icardi will back up heguin in World Cup 2018…I want him 2018 World Cup team but not now because it will be great for him and Argentina…sometimes this type of police make great things…bazua should ignore icardi as late as possible..this type of ignoring can be makes icardi more hard worker and a great number 9

  6. I honestly feel for Icardi, he’s the reverse tevez now, where no matter how well he does he just can’t seem to make it into the team, but I hope he maintains his level of performance because at some point the calls for his inclusion will be too loud to ignore.

  7. I don’t think inter will be able to keep hold of Icardi this winter… English clubs are in a hunt for pure no9 strikers and at the moment this guy is miles ahead of everyone.. Inter will get offers they wont be able to refuse.. Man utd, Chelsea, Liverpool they will break the bank to get him. especially Mourino and chelsea… Inter fans should enjoy Icardi as much they can.. he is not going to stay very long there

    • im not sure as inter have been bought by some very rich Chinese backers i believe and that is why he was not sold in the last window, we will see icardi with a massive pay rise i imagine soon to keep him their but as its football who knows.

    • Who tells you all this? Are you a Rube fan ? Haha

      Icardi loves Inter. He’s Inter’s captain. He’s well paid. The first thing he said after yesterday’s win was “I’m here for a long time to come”. Secondly, Inter has the cash now, we have new investors. We ain’t a feeder club anymore of the recent years. If at all any club comes asking, they have to really break their banks as the release clause now stands at € 110 M! So , you know !

  8. Bauza is a liar.

    He says that “it’s misfortune of Icardi that the forward position has 4-5 players of excellent leve!” – how is Alario or Pratto be at a better level than Icardi ? Mr. Bauza, show some guts to say the truth or go home! And the truth is, Mascherano and Messi have told you a NO on ‘that’ phone call! Stop mincing words and weaving stories. We might be a thousand miles apart, but all Argies can count how many breaths you take in a minute!

    Mister fake words – Bauza.

    • That’s exactly the reason behind all this drama, Messi and Mascherano didn’t give him the green light… pathetic. Pratto and Alario are better than Icardi? in which sense?
      Like some folks here mentioned that the problem is not just Icardi snub, but the midfield is a mess….Dimaria and Biglia have no business to be in the team…..having them along with the old Mascherano means a train wreck.

  9. Just a pure football classico it was. Argentina coach should take notes from this highly intensive match. From defense to attack, a lot of things can be learned. Banega was the architect of Inter’s every attack. I don’t know how it sounds, but he played like Requelme in this match! Never thought Inter midfield would dominant the whole 90 minutes against Juve.

    Inter’s attack showed tonight how to break a defense like Juve. Every time ball went to Icardi, he gave his full effort to make it finish any how. Icardi lead the team like a real champion! Clearly MVP tonight.

    On the other hand, Dybala was totally flop sadly. Actually as a team the whole Juve was flop. They just defend & defend….! Higuain added nothing in last 30 minutes. That head was good though, but that’s it.

    Sorry for wasting your time! 😉

  10. Icardi is the closest thing to a true #9 in football.

    My god, hustling and fighting with Chiellini-Bonucci-Barzagli the whole match itself is a big credit, but coming out on top of those guys is just amazing. It seemed like he had a point to prove, and yes he did prove his point!

  11. magic from Icardi on the 2nd goal, his teammate blocked him but he kept his composure, recovered the ball by inches from the touch line and pass it over, ball inside the net….how is that Bauza? Icardi was the architect of this entire game. Uventus didn’t know how to handle him with all their solid defence troops.

  12. Icardi is a great leader wearing that captain armband…..leading the team like a veteran player. This game has a fast tempo and Inter are keeping possession very well. Higuaín is warming the bench and it’s getting really hot.

  13. Icardi just scored against Uventus, what a header….he’s been everywhere in that game. Eat your shit now Bauza, on 60 watched player list, wise man !!!

  14. Dear coach Bauza,
    We know you would like to call Icardi. It’s okay we know you weren’t given permission to call him. We know you are powerless and have to conform to the Mafia.
    We don’t blame you because nobody got your back.
    but can you do something about the fullbacks and midfield to make improvements there or is this also an area where you are powerless to act?
    If so then I am sorry to cause you any trouble!

  15. Breaking news
    At next annual fifa event afa will get a price for originality.

    After Batista, Sabella and Martino now Bauza is the fourth coach in a row to live by the original motto

  16. It’s funny how you guys are so interested in whether Higuaín starts or not. It’s like a celebration here. The coach is clearly resting Higuaín after playing a full 90 minutes against Sevilla in the UCL this past week. Serie A games are also coming up in mid-week, it’s call rotation. Manzukic is not doing anything for Dybala on the pitch, he makes Dybala life much harder. Banega has been master class in this game, this is what Buaza is talking about when he refers to Banega level of play, great on the ball when going backward and forward. Higuaín coming on in the second half will easily improve Dybala game in attack.

  17. Higuaín is not even starting the game against Inter….apparently his form is still below par, so why not give his spot to Icardi… about the never ending injured man: Aguero? why his spot is untouchable?

  18. Bauza should also talk about what went wrong against venezuela..i want him to talk about the midfield strategy…and not just forwards..He should create a formation, where there is space for each player and what they need to do…

  19. has been watched within the 60 players on the list??? Good grief, good luck with that. As long as Messi wants both of his buddies Higuian and Aguero in the team, there is no room for Icardi since the young striker spot has been given to Dybala and Alario, oh and the fatty static player Pratto. Icardi will not be in the team as long as Messi and Co. are in it. Didn’t Pauza just ask both Messi and Mascherano for their permissions? well obviously the answer was: NO

    Keep club bench warmers: Romero, Lamela, Rojo, and alike.

  20. “Each of us has his problems,”
    continued Coach BAUZA. “I am only interested in the sporting aspect, in other words how ICARDI plays for Inter. He will only be judged on that and nothing else.
    “There are no vetoes or negative opinions. All that counts is the football. The day he is called, he will have to adapt to our training regime, but that’s it.”

    hope he may call up in november or 2017.I want to see him in russia.(if argentina qualified)

  21. No one seems interested in evoking the left and right flank voids nor about the absence of visible mid players like Peryera and Pizaro.I expected Bauza to talk about Ansaldi too, if he is talking about Juve and Inter classes. No matter, who is there upfront, he will continue to struggle in replicating his club records.

    The isolation is still aparent with Maschie Biglia duo in Mid field and Zaba, Rojo stagnancy in flanks. Pratto with his extra willingness to work hard is a better solution if things remain same. Pastore, Lamela and either Biglia or Augusto need to take a break.

  22. “Why hasn’t ICARDI been called since 2013? You’d have to ask my predecessor (Tata MARTINO). All i can say is that when we drew up the list of players suitable for selection, ICARDI’s name was on there with no problem”

    I mark these lines of Bauza. Let’s see….!

  23. I cant wait for the game to get started ………..lets see who wants it more.

    I like Bauza’s commitment to this team and I for one have liked what i have seen and heard thus far. Sure, we all, well at least most of us want to see Icardi play and disappointed he wasn’t called up but that is just ONE of the things we want to see corrected.

    No manager in his right mind will ignore Kun and Higuain right off the bat and go to Icardi from all people in such a pivotal game(s).

    I forgot who posted a site yesterday about how the current ARGENTINA squad has the best striker force EVER and again I, for ONE would love to see these 3 along side Di Maria and the Kid get the due these deserve in bringing success to the Albiceleste and I’m hoping this guy can somehow unlock this enigma once and for all.

  24. My thoughts about the whole Icardi thing is this.

    I think Icardi gets called-up for November matches. He can’t keep talking about Icardi and not call him up. Tata rarely spoke about Icardi and it was clear as day he would never call him up. Bauza’s been in charge for a month or so now and has talked more about Icardi than Tata ever did. It’s either he gets called-up for November’s matches or first list of 2017. That’s just my opinion but he can’t keep talking about him and not get him on the team.

    • totally agreed Roy. I think right this moment bauza is trying to make things normal and convincing all the members about the inclusion of Icardi. thays why he talking lot about Icardi. he will call him up soon

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