Which formation would you play against Peru?


With news hitting that Lionel MESSI is out for October’s World Cup Qualifying matches, which formation would you go with?

Against Venezuela, we saw a depleted Argentina in attack and one that was not very pretty to watch, despite managing to come back from being down two goals. Against Peru, with MESSI out yet again, which formation would best suit Argentina, considering the players which have been called-up?

Obviously formations are very flexible and nothing is set in stone, but how would you line-up Argentina? Would it be a 4-3-3,
4-3-1-2, 4-2-2, 4-2-3-1 or would you even go with 3 at the back? What would be your starting line-up?


  1. Romero ( for god sake Ruuli )

    Zabaleta — Otamendi — Mori — Mas ( Never Rojo )

    Mascherano — Banega

    Maria — Dybala — Aguero

    Higuain /Icardi not sure he will play for us in our life time )

    * Just read in “Inverting the pyramid” – attacking midfielders playing on the flanks, they must be playing with their natural foot away from the touch line as physically n psychologically it will make them not to keep the ball longer n make crazy runs. They will penetrate more towards the center instead of flank. We all knew one of the finest games of Di Maria in our shirt came in that friendly against Germany after the world cup which we won 4 – 2 n Maria was the man of the match that time. Why we never try him in right.

    * Banega in spite of his criticism being lazy, slow but he got the ability to hold the ball even in pressure n find a team mate. He is doing reasonably at Inter n we need him in the absence of Messi.

    * Considering the form n confidence of Icardi at the moment, if he is not selected for Messi replacement, we can drop all out hope that Bauza can bring us glory. He may end up more worse than Maradona or Martino.

    * But realistically, Bauza will be a failure. Sorry for the pessimism n negative thought, but taking someone like Demichilis n Rojo n avoiding someone like Ruuli n Icardi, what we can expect from a coach with this attitute.


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      Respect for all life and earth is the key, factory farming and city life out of touch with Nature the imbalance..

      So wherent we talking about futbol? This is a serious, albeit fixable injury, which has been cronic for Messi, and its because of the INSANE amount of high level gams he plays a year. He needs rest.. glad he has less pressure to start everygame at Barca (Neymar Suarez) and can take his time to heal..

      As for thr NT. Its good news! He came back, had a monster game and now can take time off without the quiter stigma drama. It most importanyly is forcing Bauza to show his coaching skill and build a team without the pearl. Bauzas strenghts and weaknesses will be layed bare.. fingers crossed.

  2. After this season everybody will speak high of Icardi,Lanzini,De paul, Parades and Pereyra. I dont have any doubt they will excel in coming years and will cement their place in NT.

  3. Everyone who is thinking a kind of box to box midfielder (in Pereyra style) is our missing link and who is looking for best one with honest should to watch few River Plate games and estimate Ignacio Fernandez. Very simile to Pereyra. Almost the same age. Real box to box (goals, assists). Last night in Copa Argentina again with assist to Alario. Never was kind of player I like but this type of player can give more than Banega or Biglia who are very one-sided players. I think Ignacio Fernandez is good competitor for Pereyra, Augusto, Pizarro, Lanzini.

  4. What formation Bauza will use thats the question. I think he will go with this lineup against Peru.


  5. no matter how many formation you have for the likes of mascherano, banega, di maria, biglia, higuain, zabaleta, rojo….it still will be the same.
    all these players have been with many tactics and approach under different coaches in nt, yet the outcome is still the same; they sucks! so what’s difference does it make now?

    i don’t give a rat’s ass about tactics and approach now if the same players will going to execute it.

    get some fresh new players, and see how they will do it is more important than worrying about who will provide the ball to the striker, who will take messi job and so on. it’s all useless, and waste of time.
    you shouldn’t expect zabaleta, rojo, banega, di maria, higuain differently under bauza. in my opinion, these are the players who shouldn’t be in argentina nt team anymore.

  6. I watched Independiente vs. Chapecoense yesterday, to tell you the truth, I saw nothing special about Nicolás Tagliafico, he is like a poor mans Lucas Orbán.

      • Of course you would say that, not surprising on your comment. But does hating on the likes of Rojo, Di Maria etc. improves your life in any way, shape or form?

        • It is not about hating or liking particular players.it is about argentina winning a trophy and these 2 & few others are obstacles to that goal because they are terrible.

        • Why are you so much blind lover of these most popular players? You just want to see them in team above all. Even if this ship will go underwater by some of your favourites you will still defend. Why we must to keep so narrow perspectives and believe they are our best (without chance for others), we lack other players that may to compete with them? Why, why, why?

          I wonder what could you say about Mas before he was called up? You could say: he is poor of Primera Division player ‘ergo’ far behind Rojo. But Mas isn’t worse than Rojo actually. I think it’s the same level. Now believe: we have better players than Mas or Rojo.

    • Seriously I doubt you really watched full games because as you said it’s always makes you very sleepy.

      Tagliafico is not Orban. He is better not only in defence. Orban contribution to attack was always mere 0. He was very good defender. That was not best of Tagliafico game but still he was one of the most active players on the pitch. And just look at places on the pitch where you can see him. These are places where you can’t see Rojo. Very near to opponent goal.

      Tagliafico is not as Sorin in attack, but still more engaged than ROjo. Not to mention about defence where he is almost impassable.

      • No one said Tagliafico is ideal one but he looks to be better than Rojo. Tagliafico deserves to be called up not only by his warriorhood.

        If someone want to tell me ROjo is our best LB i must to protest and ask how many our LBs you saw actually? KidultHood please to watch more Independiente games. You may also watch other time when the opportunity another LB Elias Gomez of Defensa Justicia. And his teammate Alexander Barboza. Ahat do you think? If you want you may be ‘advocatus diaboli’.

        • Tagliafico:

          – great jump (despite his height Tagliafico is really good header)
          – very fast
          – stamina
          – warriorhood, tenacity, sacrifice
          – engaged in every left flank attack
          – decent long range shoot
          – he can’t to dribble

          Now you may compare with this characteristic Rojo or Orban. How is Orban fast?!

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  8. Peru and Paraguay are both the weakest teams in this WC qualifiers, so I expect they would get defeated by other teams….not a real test for us, and I expect 6 points no matter what formation we play.

    Now, November is the real test for Argentina if they want to qualify…..I can say that Bauza won’t get 3 points against both Brazil and Colombia. Not in his dream.

  9. I’m sure the formation will still be the 4-2-3-1 with the same players but with Higuain in for Pratto. As for messi being out they are a number of options Bauza could go with. The last game he chose Lamela who in my opinion didn’t do so well. another is Gatian who has a bit more direct playing style. I personally think he will go with Angel Correa playing him on the left wing and switching Di Maria to the right wing.I dont think there will be any call up to replace messi.
    If everyone stays fit I think this is what the starting eleven will be :


    Zaba–Otomendi–Funes Mori–Rojo


    Di Maria–Dybala–Correa


  10. Sabellista
    people claimed that all these teams kept the same players until they won. It is not true!
    those teams kept the in form players who performed well and added new players that performed well.
    This is what I want.
    Am I saying that we should banish players because of their age?
    I am fighting to get rid of this age barrier!
    I want the coach to consider a young player and not dismiss him just because he is young!
    I also want the coach to consider an experienced player and not dismiss him just because he is older.
    Get rid of that age barrier and find the right balance.
    This is what I want.

    I want competition in the team. nobody should be safe, no guarantees.

    One thing I agree with you is coach and tactics are important. No player is performing like he does for his club. They are caught in a system that is hamming them and not letting them perform. It is not only their fault.
    What you fail to see though is your biased view on coaches. I didn’t see any difference from Bauza’s and Martino’s team. Against Uruguay we won because Messi wanted to prove something but we didn’t play well. We did not play well against Venezuela at all. The only good thing was we fought back. Same uninspired play, but you choose to defend Bauza and attack Martino.

    Do you know where Bauza fails the test for me?
    first of all if Martino were to be the coach still and call Demichelis we all would kill him in here.
    Why is Demichelis in the squad?
    The experience factor?
    the team needs guidance?
    which young player needs to be guided?
    Zabaleta? Higuain? Messi? Aguero? Mercado? Romero? Mascherano? Rojo? Otamendi? Biglia? Di Maria? Augusto? Gaitan?
    they don’t need guidance they should be leaders themselves!
    Demichelis mentoring Zabaleta it is?
    I would understand if the team where constructed of young guys and he would call up Demichelis(not a stable man) for Guidance, but what are the player’s mentioned above for?
    If these players need guidance than send them home because they are a shame.
    Demichelis mentoring Zabaleta.
    It’s ridiculous!

    • I also don’t see a difference between Martino and Bauza as far. Just as far.

      About Demichelis that’s all so true what you’ve said Ghostdeini.
      If Demichelis is one extremity of age (very old) there ought to be also another extremity in the team (very young players). For instance Alexander Barboza (born ’95) is great modern CB talent and Demichelis would be guidance for him. Just for instance.

    • Ghost, I agree.. but as for Demi, he is not being started, he does have tons of experience so while ancient he is dependable to be thrown into a high level game with a random CB partner and he will do ok, probably better than someone less vetted across leagues and competitions.. I am ok with him there as long as he is a last hope sub. From Bauzas interview comments, it sounds to me he is brought in mostly due to his behind the scenes involvement. He may be acting as an important leading figure at training, etc.. we dont see the whole story in the 90 mins..

      Its the starting 11 and 2 or 3 go to subs which worry me, heads need to roll, as you say competition is missing. I am holding faith that Bauza is trying to not rock the boat mid way through WC qualifiers, sort out his game plan and then start making changes.. personally though, I would have made them on this last list.. fingers crossed.

      • Leandro
        I know. The Messi generation are great players!!!
        The problem seems to be that they think they are entitled and have stayed kids although by now they should be men and shouldn’t need a babysitter like Demichelis.
        Demichelis is basically there to babysit 28-30 year old players, which tells a lot about the mental state of the players.

    • I understand you and a lot of thinks we agree on but not everything. 90 defeat to the Germans made me literally cry, 2002 made me cry too. 2006, although I didn’t cry I was a grown up men but felt the dagger of being denied KO football after the Sweden game, I didn’t want to hear anything about the WC. Then I grew from being an emotional fan into an analytical one. I realized that Argentina since 86 have been losing the tactical battles at tournaments despite having superior players to the opponents. Hence my focus on the coach and tactical aspect. I understand if you don’t see any difference between Bauza and Tata because the same players they both like. But I do see a difference in their idealogy and he’s been only in charge 2 games. Tata would never changed the formation to try to find goals when his team is 2-0 down. He wouldn’t adjust the personnel or formation. He would just change like for like player to play the same role. Is that no change in tactics? Give credit where is due. I just don’t like the fact that Bauza is 2 time Libertadores champion with limited players goddamn it and he knows what it takes to win tournaments. What tournament has Tata won before Argentina job? Only Argentine Primara. We saw what happened with Sabella a coch who also has won a continental cup and we just came short of being champions of the world because Sabella knew and had the ingredients of what it takes to win a KO tournament and yet people here don’t even realize or respect that, Bauza has won more than Sabella but people here are passing hypocritical judgements based on 2 games with the NT due to his selection. Goddamn it, the man is a 2 time winner of a continental tournament with different teams and yet guys here condemn him as if they have coaching experience of their own. i’m not saying that he is a great coach but the man has his ways of winning. Most of the judgement here are based on disagreement on player selection preference but that’s not where success is measured on. Bauza right now is being only be judged over his player selection but no one is taking about the improvement on the tactical side. All I’m saying is that let the man who knows how to win be his own man. Judgement can come after he has succeeded or failed.

  11. Are we sticking to this old batch up untill 2018 at the pretext of hard qualification matches? Typical modus operandi of Old coaches to deny reform and integration of youths in favour of aged players. Delbousque,Lipi,Bauza and then most recentlyD. Advocate of Netherlands who costed them even partcipation of Euro 2016.

    How would midfield that would fully be throthled by Dinasours like Maschie,Biglia,Augusto and Dimaria compete with any of the NTs in Russia? Even portugal has young and dynamic mids who runned the mid in Eiro 2016. This is a wake up call for you Mr. BAUZA. Start to integrate youngsters who already have earned their spot deservedly like Tagliafco,Peryera, Kranevitter,Rulli,Vasquez,and Parades. Let the following Players have one final tributary match for their service; Demi,Zaba,Rocanglia,Mas,Biglia,and eother Macherano or Augusto.

    please show the world that Argie has one non real coach with a ball to drop dinasours!

  12. my formation would be 4-1-2-2-1.







  13. I like …….

    ——Mussachiho —Mascarano–Otamendi —–
    Lamela——Pereyra——Peredes- —lanzini–


    My sub,,,correa,Maria,Aguro,Vasquez ,Agusto ,,Muri,,gray,,icardi,,peruzzi…piyatti..

  14. Despite Messi fan i was supporting Germany in whole WC 2014. Messi won Best Player n Germany Worldcup both are deserving one. But argentina must win copa america 2015 but Tata martino cost n chile won first tite in 99yr. If argentina win copa 2016 which was planed suddenly messi hater always said its a friendly turnement not real copa america. Pele n Maradona haven’t won copa but worldcup, messi need worldcup to reach their lable but argentina would have won both copa 2015& 2016 with better coach. TATA isn’t bad coach but he doesn’t have plan B & C. Germany won worldcup 2014 with plan C by Jo Low n i consider him best international coach

  15. WC 2018 favorites will Germany Argentina Spain France. If we compare four teams
    GK wise
    DF wise
    Full back wise
    MF wise
    FW wise
    Coach tactics wise
    Back up Player wise
    Although both Portugal n Chlie are champions in euro n copa respectively but they will not capable to win in 2018 worldcup. In above comparish i don’t need to say which team is max chance to win worldcup but if Argentina want to win the worldcup then Bauza must improve MF otherwise Arg can struggle against Belgium or Italy in worldcup. Latin team always behind in qualty GK compare to europ still romero need to replace to improve Argentina more in GK department. God will do justice with argentina generation too like Germany 2014.

    • romance zindegi…than why Germany, Spain,france were failed to win Euro.and where is Belgium on your list??don’t be astrologer.

  16. I regularly read mundo’s report and albiceleste’s supporters comment.
    those who thought that argentina need young 6-7 players or change approximately the whole team.for those
    look at Germany,in WC 2002 finalist,,2006-10 semifinalist. and 2014 they become champion.look Germany’s 2014 squad,there was Filip lum,Bastian shoenstegar.and even miroslub close too(he was 36).Germany failed again and again but they keep believe on them.so matured player is matured player.there is no doubt on their ability.
    did you see Brazil in WC 2014?why they failed.because there was too much young player.2013 Brazil won confederation with young player and they thought they also win WC. but they forget that the big guns are waiting and it was nightmare for them.too much young player is dangerous for team.I have concern about Brazil,because they thought they can win with Olympic team.
    look England in Euro. the young are failed on big stage,even with Iceland.
    I think this Argentine generation deserves a trophy for their nt. and they should stay in wc18 squad.I am not saying that nt’s door is closed for young talent. but it was too early to call them.because to perform on big stage like world cup is not easy for young.lacking of experience they may fail in big stage.
    yes,some guys are deserve to call,,like dybala,icardi etc. but this is not right to change whole team.
    some people think that bauza may cost Argentina again.and treat him like a black-sheep.did you remembered in 2015 copa?in group stage match against Paraguay Argentina was leading 2-0,but at the end of the match it was 2-2.now the last wcq against Venezuela, Argentina was out of the game conceding 2 goals. finally it became 2-2.that’s the spirit from buaza.did you not see the deferance between ‘tata’ and ‘el Paton'(with about same players)?
    why we criticize buaza?bauza became the 3rd ranked manager in 2008.
    don’t be panic.wait and see.

  17. Dybala, Aguero,Correra trio with Messi plus sub Dimaria Lamela Icardi/Higuain ill decide argentina WC 2018 glory. When Team doing well, no1 at Fifa ranking Bauza should focas making squad much stronger rather than many changes

  18. I am surprising very few mantioning Aguero name here guys in Pep era we can see new Aguero pobably the best phase of kun carear. Aguero & Messi will be the key of Argentina success

  19. I read many comments that #ARG squad should be changed in 2018 i completly disagree with that, ARG not playing worst in last 3 turnement then why need to change it yes few young player should be included. Look at Germany Strong generation which was start at 2002 WC final after that Germany performs very well through out the turnement but ending without titles finally won WC 2014. Look one thing Lham Close are since 2002 Podoski Basti since 2006 Ozil Kross since 2008 Muller Boteng since 2010, 2014 all player experienced n last chance for Germany legends to win Internation title ultimately they won with the mixer of exprience plus youth credit goes to Jo Low. Bauza should do same, no need to change to much changes in argentina squad due to their contribution ARG is Fifa No1 team after a long time but need good bunch of young player with experience

  20. had to research some of the claims made that Germany, Italy, Brazil and Spain didn’t change players.
    Also average age of players, we are constantly one of the oldest teams.

    Watch Brazil squad 1998
    Watch Brazil squad 2002
    17 changes, doesn’t look like the same squad to me.
    We probably would have left Ronaldinho and Kaka at home.
    26.17 age of winning squad
    Watch Italy 2002 squad
    Watch Italy 2006 squad
    12 changes, pirlo, grosso
    26.95 age of winning squad
    watch Spain 2006 squad
    watch Spain 2010 squad
    13 changes with notable players
    winning squad 25.91
    Watch Germany 2010 squad
    Watch Germany 2014 squad
    11 changes
    25.73 age of winning squad

    players come and go quality players stay.

    Argentina 1998
    26.09 age

    Argentina 2002
    28.47 age

    Argentina 2006
    26.13 age

    Argentina 2010
    27.13 age

    Argentina 2014
    28.52 age

    Copa america 16
    most of the player will get even older

    Sadly my other comment with links is under consideration or confirmation and is not posted.

    • I don’t know about Brazil 1998, was too young to objectively watch them, so can’t comment what was the difference between the 1998 and 2002 team.

      Germany 2014 was the totally different team than the 2010 team. They changed their whole set-up of how they were going to play. From a counter-attacking pseudo possession based team to full fledged pressing possession based team. They kept 5-6 of their best players and brought a lot of new players, especially on the bench. They brought Goetze as a back up who scored on the final where we left Icardi home and took Palacio.

      I would also like to add some more points to what Ghostadeini pointed out. I will add what happens if you do not change. What happens if you think you are going to do the exactly same thing and will be successful.

      1. Italy 2006 to 2010.
      2. Spain 2010 to 2014.

      Italy thought they will not change players as well as the approach. They got eliminated by Slovenia and New Zealand.

      Del Bosque also did the same thing. What lippi could say that he didn’t have enough quality players or Cassano or Balotelli were trouble makers, Del Bosque didn’t even have that excuse. He just kept using the same 5 CM approach over and over and over and again! He failed too.

    • No one is against changes here. The debate is between those who want to see wholesale changes right now, those who don’t want to see certain names and others who are patient with gradual changes. This is not PlayStation football. Risks are real and points gone can’t be retrieved. There will be many friendlies to experiment with uncapped players between now and the WC final 23.
      Well done with your research because your stats fail to show that the main protagonists in those winning teams were playing at least their second WC.

      BRAZIL- Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Robero Carlos, Cafu and Dida were there in 1998 & 2002 teams.

      ITALY – Buffon, Cannavaro, Del Piero, Nesta, Gattuso & Totti were in the 2002 & 2006 squads.

      GERMANY – Lahm, Klose, Schweinsteiger, Muller, Podolski, Ozil, Kroos were in the 2010 & 2014 squads.

      SPAIN were a different case because between 2008 and 2012,they were lucky to profit from the spine Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona provided.

      Discarding experienced players especially the leaders all at once can backfire heavily like Brazil 2014.

    • ghost: well researched and again from me changes are needed sooner rather then later.
      the squad of 23 can have u to 4-6 new faces with out any disruption and the starting team can do with some changes but as pointed out its not possible to make them all now and all at once as it would not work but it has to happen as we are an old squad and some of them do not have a lot left to offer.

  21. had to research some of the claims made that Germany, Italy, Brazil and Spain didn’t change players.
    Also average age of players, we are constantly one of the oldest teams.

    Brazil squad 1998
    Brazil squad 2002

    17 changes, doesn’t look like the same squad to me.
    We probably would have left Ronaldinho and Kaka at home.
    26.17 age of winning squad
    Italy 2002
    Italy 2006

    12 changes, pirlo, grosso
    26.95 age of winning squad
    Spain 2006
    Spain 2010

    13 changes with notable players
    winning squad 25.91
    Germany 2010
    Germany 2014

    11 changes
    25.73 age of winning squad

    players come and go quality players stay.

    Argentina 1998
    26.09 age

    Argentina 2002
    28.47 age

    Argentina 2006
    26.13 age

    Argentina 2010
    27.13 age

    Argentina 2014
    28.52 age

    Copa america 16
    most of the player will get even older

  22. i think it is useless to play 4 at the defense since we do not have attack minded side backs. it is best to play with 3 defenders.
    i like to try 3331
    musacchio – otamendi – mori
    agusto – mascherano
    di maria – dybala – lamella

    • Do play with 3 in the back you must have midfielder wings that play up and down the sidelines to support in defense… Players like dimaria, zabaleta, rojo or gaitan. Then the question is do you want these players in a defensive positioned midfield? Dimaria and gaitan yes… Zabaleta maybe, rojo No.

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