Lionel MESSI out for 3 weeks, to miss Argentina WCQ matches


Lionel MESSI will miss next month’s World Cup Qualifiers.

Not a sight football fans (more specifically Barcelona and Argentina fans) like to see. Lionel MESSI being substituted off due to injury. On Wednesday as Barcelona played against Atletico Madrid, Lionel MESSI pulled out with what appeared to be a groin injury, the same one which kept him out for Argentina against Venezuela earlier in the month.

A report by FC Barcelona confirms that MESSI has a groin strain in his right leg and he will be out for around 3 weeks. Argentina’s next match is early next month, on October 6 when they visit Peru. After that, comes the home match against Paraguay on Tuesday, October 11 in Buenos Aires.

No word yet on whether or not Edgardo BAUZA will call-up a replacement.


  1. This injury means that Messi misses 7 out of 10 qualifiers.
    He said he would quit, reversed his decision, but still misses out on most matches.

    Bauza needs to come up with a plan B. If Messi happens to be injured during WC we need to be able to cope without him.

  2. so you think that young player are capable enough to win trophy.if that is the matter than why argentine kid failed in Olympic?you can’t change the whole shape of team.

    look at spain ,they won their 2nd Euro after 48 years.than they won 3 major trophy in a row.

    look at chili,they copa very first time after 99 years.than they won 2nd in a row.

    my opinion is hig,dimaria,kun should be in Russia(if albiceleste qualified and they live till Russia WC),and their sub may be icardi,pratto,alario,angel correa,dybala.

  3. Let us see how the midfield will work without messi…irrespective it should be a easy win..but lets see the number of goals and is it hard fought?

  4. The absence of Messi for the next WCQs rounds is a good opportunity for Bauza to shape the core of his team. This is the time to set a foundation and do away with Messi dependency. These players are good enough to get 6 points. This is were I believe the first axing of some players will begin after the next 2 games. This time have played some competitive football and those who can not perform will be dropped or relegated to the bench.

  5. The side does need overhauling particularly in defence in the laterals and players must be made aware sitting on the substitutes bench means they won’t get called up.

    This is a perfect time to call up players who are in excellent form. Perotti, Vasquez and Icardi. No excuses Bauza. Play and pick on form not loyalty or past efforts. No more Dimichelis or Rojo and Romero.

    We do need some experience in there why not Gonzalo Rodriguez instead of Demichelis for instance. A defender who is also and has been in fine form over the last two seasons ?

  6. Again an injury for Messi. He has been playing at top level for well over a decade. Now he’s approaching 30 we will have to accept he will be out more often than 5 years ago. Ten great years is a long time. Most football careers don’t have such a long spell at the top. With modern techniques and good care he can continue for years to come, but injuries will come more often..

    Tata did not give us the pleasure of watching Dybala and Messi link up in the Copa. I am sure with Dybala (and Icardi) we would have won.

    They played together less than one half this year. Hopefully in November 2 full games.



  8. nothing changes the FACT that the tri-force attack of BRAIL won 3 trophys and are fantastic 4 didnt

    ronaldo ronaldino revoldo was it won a wc a copa and a confed cUP all in a row they got to 3 finals and WON 3 finals

    thsi gen this fantastic 4 won NOTHING….that is the disgrace the embaresment the FAIL of this gen and messis legacy…

    we also have to add the FACT it isnt just 3 finals we lost,we have reached many finals in the copa america from 93 to date AND LOST THEM ALL

    • Brazils’ 02 leaders Ronaldo, Rivaldo,Roberto Carlos and captain Cafu were also part of the 98 WC team that was beaten by France in 98. So either way you look at it, experience losing of together as a group played its part in 2002. That is a fact one cannot ignore.

  9. I regularly read mundo’s report and albiceleste’s supporters comment.

    those who thought that argentina need young 6-7 players or change approximately the whole team.for those

    look at Germany,in WC 2002 finalist,,2006-10 semifinalist. and 2014 they become champion.look Germany’s 2014 squad,there was Filip lum,Bastian shoenstegar.and even miroslub close too(he was 36).Germany failed again and again but they keep believe on matured player is matured player.there is no doubt on their ability.

    did you see Brazil in WC 2014?why they failed.because there was too much young player.2013 Brazil won confederation with young player and they thought they also win WC. but they forget that the big guns are waiting and it was nightmare for them.too much young player is dangerous for team.I have concern about Brazil,because they thought they can win with Olympic team.

    look England in Euro. the young are failed on big stage,even with Iceland.

    I think this Argentine generation deserves a trophy for their nt. and they should stay in wc18 squad.I am not saying that nt’s door is closed for young talent. but it was too early to call them.because to perform on big stage like world cup is not easy for young.lacking of experience they may fail in big stage.

    yes,some guys are deserve to call,,like dybala,icardi etc. but this is not right to change whole team.

    some people think that bauza may cost Argentina again.and treat him like a black-sheep.did you remembered in 2015 copa?in group stage match against Paraguay Argentina was leading 2-0,but at the end of the match it was the last wcq against Venezuela, Argentina was out of the game conceding 2 goals. finally it became 2-2.that’s the spirit from buaza.did you not see the deferance between ‘tata’ and ‘el Paton'(with about same players)?

    why we criticize buaza?bauza became the 3rd ranked manager in 2008.

    don’t be panic.wait and see.

    • How can you keep players who are born out in NT. It’s not question about hisory of football cases. Look at Di Maria, Aguero, Higuain, Banega, Biglia. Are they looking like eager and full of believe?
      Every team is different case. Argentina players are not the same as Brazil or Germany in past. It’s so clear they are worn out. I don’t see enthusiasm, passion, sacrifice and self confidence. They lost too many finals. Keep the same players and you will not see Argentina in another final. It’s my only humble prediction. We were very lucky with our last 3 tournaments. We had weak rivals on our path to finals. Brazil of Copa ’15 and ’16 was not the current Brazil. Most of our big rivals of Latin America were crippled. Not only Brazil. Uruguay without Suarez, Mexico B team in 2015, Colombia out of form. And our players still couldn’t get the title.

      You really want to keep player who is injured in crucial moment every tournament? Di Maria. Not to mention about his form.

  10. Bauza’s Wisdom:

    hahahaha…..the most bizarre comments that I have ever heard from any previous coach….now I appreciate Tata, at least Tata has a dignity and doesn’t make a fool of himself when talking to the media.

    This guy here really have no clue on judging player skills, contribution, potential and future development…..I wonder what coaching certifications and academic background does he have?

    Di Maria is a shitty player, I mean shit really. shit is shit.
    Demi is the godfather for a NT squad is just pathetic.
    ICardi is one of 60 player list to watch, so maybe and just maybe 1 or 2 will be selected out of this list is another fart talk from Bauza.
    I wish that we play Brazil and Colombia in October instead of November so we can see Bauza what would do without Messi…..Di Maria can win him both games. hehehe….We can see how Messi is getting hit by injuries every now and then at this time of his career….can you imagine what will happen in 2018? A smart coach won’t count on Messi, and I’m pretty sure he won’t be available for Russia…..This is a wake up call to build a team that doesn’t rely on him, pretend there is no Messi in the team because this could happen next world cup, very likely.

    This interview was absolutely horrendous.

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