Manchester City reported to FIFA by Velez over Benjamin GARRE


Throughout the years (more lie decades), there’s been a lot of Argentine players to make the switch over the Atlantic.

But a recent one has triggered Velez Sarsfield to report Manchester City to FIFA after the English club signed him at the age of 16 back in July. City signed GARRE (grandson of 1986 World Cup winner Oscar GARRE) but the Argentine club aren’t happy with the way it went down.

The rules laid out by FIFA over signing youth players prevent clubs from signing a player who is under the age of 16 (if they are outside of the EU). The situation appears to be that City are being accused of approaching GARRE when he was still 15, thus potentially breaking a FIFA rule. Velez Sarsfield president Raul GAMEZ had this to say (credit to quotes from The Telegraph):

“In Vélez, we defend values and we act in good faith. We are not interested in collecting €50,000 or €1,000,000 if said action is prohibited and may affect the player.”

“What is most important in these cases is the formation and development of the child, in a supportive environment, above economic or strictly sports interests. It is crazy to think that our youngsters can find themselves in a situation of vulnerability or abuse in a foreign country, without their family or somebody to protect them.”

“We consider Manchester City is a club that cannot violate the regulations of Fifa and even less act with bad faith. We are interested in protecting the child we have been educating since he was 11 and therefore, if necessary, we will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

Here are the three restrictions to the rule which would allow a club to sign a player under the age of 16:

-If a transfer is caused due to the players’ parents moving due to work reasons.
-If a transfer is to a club within 50km of the border of the country.
-If a transfer takes place within the European Union of a player over the age of 16.

GAMEZ stated: “None of these exceptions apply to Benjamín GARRE, who travelled to England without his parents.”


  1. Now Di Maria isn’t good even for his club. Despite to be a starter he had not even assist for 7 games (6 as starter).

    • What ? He’s one of the best PSG player so far in this season too, best through baller in the TOP 5 league (sky high), the most creative player of PSG, not even close.5 pre-assists with a great through ball to the wingbacks, than an easy assist and a tap in. Di Maria in club football one of the 10 best players of the world.

      Is this not good ? GOD-level:
      Cavani show, with a good striker 5 assists in one match.

      Alan Ruiz was second time substituted in Sporting in half time. Cervi and Alan Ruiz are not even ready for a Benfica or Sporting-level team atm.

      Paredes was great vs Crotone, our future with Dybala and Icardi.

      • Csabalala,

        Hahahaha!!!!play your own rivalry not mine. You make fool of your own every time.
        Who is for me Ruiz? Hahahaah!!! The last time when you was so convinced about Cervi as bench player he scored next day a goal in Champions League (was starter). The same with Ruiz. Not long after your prediction he had assist as starter. What about Ascacibar who was worst Argentina player for you? Now he is one of two players in Primera who are under Bauza’s eye. WHat about Pizarro? Slow and without dynamic player in your opinion who at the same time scoring beatifull goal by phenomenal run all half of the pitch.

        If I were you I could satirize your predictions every time but it’s not my style.

        Paredes?!!!! Hahahahaha WHo is Paredes for me? But if you ask me I may to say once again my opinion: he is not player We need. Static player who just want to pass standing. Just the good passes. But still too many of his long passes landing on defenders heads. Too lazy in defence. Less benefits than damages.

        And you are most mean-spirited man to come across. It’s funny how much your comments are full of frustration.

        • Cervi was played cause every strikers was injured, thats not a big deal, btw without the goal he was a ghost again. Cervi and Ruiz are talented guys, but not NT-materials now.
          Qatarian Lanzini will maybe relegate with West Ham, sorry for Lanzini fanboys but that is his level not Albiceleste. Bilic”s wannabe Modric. Average like hell in my eyes.

          I only mentioned these 3 are good enough ATM!!! for Argentina. The other guys, european benchwarmers not (Ascacibar, Tagliafico, Lanzini, Cervi, Joaquin Correa WTF etc.)

          Even natural born talented guy like Angel Correa don’t deserve a place. First be regular starter and a key player in a good european club, (Argentinian League is not this niveau). Mexican Liga even weaker.

          • Csabalala,

            you are really moral dwarf. You are apparently satisfactioned everytime when something with Argentina young player goes wrong. Where from this approach? And why you didn’t mentioned about other footballers who has played for clubs since were named by you as bench players. For example Mammana. Starter and very good game.

            YOur predictions just makes fool of yourself as it was with other member here who also doesn’t like Argentina youngsters very much. Aren’t you the one who was saying before last Copa final that absence of Di Maria is the reason why Argentina lost 2 finals? “No Di Maria, no show”. But then he was in last final and there’s no show. So you shouldn’t defend him so much.
            Taking into acount your satisfaction of youngsters failures and the fact you are here so rarely I think you may spend most of your times on forums other NT. I don’t think Argentina is your favourite one.

            YOu must also notice, moral dwarf, Argentina clubs are best in Latin America of late so how is Primera “Mexican Liga even weaker”? Not long ago River beat Tigres in Copa Libertadores final. I don’t know Ruiz is NT material but Cervi? Yes he is. Even Bauza mentioned him as possible call up. He is just few weeks in Europe (for comparison Paredes is so long and still struggle to be starter) so give him 1/2 years. And if you are so stupid to estimate player after few weeks in Europe plaease keep this still to makes fool of yourself, moral dwarf.

    • “And if you are so stupid to estimate player after few weeks in Europe plaease keep this still to makes fool of yourself” and “Now Di Maria isn’t good even for his club. Despite to be a starter he had not even assist for 7 games (6 as starter).” and you dont even see PSG matches, LOL own goal own goal again…

      btw why dont you say this: Dybala isnt good even for his club. Despite to be a starter he had not even scored for 6 matches (6 as a starter) hmm ? You are a real hater and an authentic fanboy, always been!

      See i dont understand peoples want youngsters, who played 10 good matches in a mediocre league (in Argentina, not stronger than Holland or Belgian league, fuck globalism, but wake up its the reality). They seen great, world-elite players just on posters and in magazines, and saying like Tagliafico better defender than Rojo just absurd, against who ?

      Maybe, who “the King of the dogs will be the Dog of the kings”…so come to Europe, and prove it (first if the scouts dont want him, thats a hard sign.)
      NT is not a hatchery. And they choked on U20-level, underperformed Olympics-level, benchwarmers in Europe and “King of the dogs in Argentina”, what the question ?

      Who deserves a place based on his performance and talent i am the first who say to give them a place in the squad. This is two players, two: Dybala and Icardi atm. Angel Correa and Paredes got the talent to will be the next 2 in the near future. (just have to start in their clubs)

      Moral dwarf, come on man you’re narrow-minded, malicious, fanboy and hater, just empoision this forum day and night, a real moral black hole…

      • This is not about Dybala who is real future of NT this is about Di MAria who is past. It’s opinion most of people here.

        I’m watching Primera Division a lot and still more Europeans League than you it seems. Who is narrow minded? You have seen only top European clubs for players like Messi, Di Maria, AGuero… And who is narrow minded and narrow perspectives? Long time ago I was watching only Europe leagues but then it was too little for me. It’s not all. It’s not full perspective. And you are still in the place I was at the beginning. So who is narrow minded?

        “They seen great, world-elite players just on posters and in magazines, and saying like Tagliafico better defender than Rojo just absurd, against who ?”

        Hahaha. Oh great. Rojo is “great, world-elite player”. I have no more questions.

        You should to make some decision about correa finally because you are his fan and hater in other time. I remember what you have said about him on Olimpic Games. Cameleon.

        Who is the player I want in NT and he choked on U-20 level or Olimpics? Rulli, Ascacibar, Gomez? None of them choked. If they were choked Bauza would not be interested about them but he is.

        • “They seen great, world-elite players just on posters and in magazines, and saying like Tagliafico better defender than Rojo just absurd, against who ?”

          Come on, dont’ hide with this statement here, in this out of date news. Put the sentence in newest one. Then we will see how many “agrees” of other memebers you get. Come on.

          The same about Di Maria and his performances of late. Put the question in top news.

          • BTW. Tagliafico was great on U-20 World Cup 2011. He proved that. He was good also in qualifiers. Win over Brazil playing against Neymar. That team was not conceeding goals in WC. So what are you talking about.

          • Whats your problem ? When played Tagliafico and our PD players against Hazard, Robben, Suarez, Müller, Bale ? Never, They see them in TV and in posters. 100% true, Tagliafico plays against Acosta, Pavon, Gonzalo Martinez etc. as the best players, come on man not one dimension different. 2 or 3. You know you are the King of the dogs, but will you perform against the kings, maybe you’ll be the Dog of the kings (against much better players). Argentinien League performances means nothing. Cuesta was weak against U23 players, and he’s one of the best defender at home.

        • “Argentinien League performances means nothing.”

          Its comments like this from uneducated posters here on Mundo that have driven away some of the great and original posters from the early days of Mundo. You base everything on what a player is doing in Europe, that is pure bullshit. Some people think to merit a call-up for the national team, they must be in Europe. Again, pure BS. I scratch my head at this logic. You think playing against teams like Swansa, Las Palmas, Cagliari qualifies than more than playing at home? For every Barcelona and Real Madrid, you have 10 scrub teams with scrub players. The intensity level of play in Argentina is ALWAYS HIGH, unlike in most European games.

          So, before you make a comment such as “Argentinien League performances means nothing”, educate yourself in the Argentino Primera before you open your mouth. It is quite insulting to those that actually watch the league and follow it closely. To love Argentine football is to begin at the grassroots of the the football and that is the league itself.

          • “The intensity level of play in Argentina is ALWAYS HIGH, unlike in most European games”.

            “So, before you make a comment such as “Argentinien League performances means nothing”, educate yourself in the Argentino Primera before you open your mouth”.

            Very true, Jack

            What about Cuesta? He was apparently without understanding with his partners of defence. No chemistry. Didn’t you saw that? It was so clear.

            What about Tagliafico? Just wait some time. And you will see him against European players and I will bring back the theme again. As I said. He was great among World Cup U-20 players and also against Brazil with Neymar so just wait some time.

            Anyways, as Jack said to play in Europe is not any criterion.
            Mas is San Lorenzo player (still not the best LB of the league) and not a bit worse than Rojo. Your knowledge about football is just tip of the iceberg: PSG, Barcelona, City. LOL man. For me European footbal is still daily bread because of I’m from Poland but I want to see more because of I’m all Argentina fan. Hence I’m Primera follower.

            Jack, thanks for supporting against prophane

          • jack yes agreed:
            it is a good thing to look at the local lge as every one knows how our European plays play as they play vs them every few weeks but adding some talented local lge playes can give us a point of difference as most know little about them or the way they play.

            the big spending lges have hit us and the yellow team bad as we see so many of our players in Europe meaning we have few surprises as every knows exactly how our European players play.

            I’m all for the local lges to be turned up side down, inside out, back to front just to find some potential jems and unleash a few surprises on the rest of the world.

            we need to find an element of surprises.

          • Yup, it’s easy to say the current NT players are our best without calling some new one to compare. Till we have not any point of refference i.e. new players this standard argue of conservatist must fall on deaf ears. As ghostdeini said: no more divisions between domestic players and European players, between young and older. I

  2. So there are reports that are saying the reason why Icardi has not and will not be called up is because of Mascherano. Mascherano and Maxi Lopez are friends and Masche does not want him there.

    Mascherano can eat a fat 1.

  3. I know it is inappropriate to evoke it here,if some one over 30 needs to be called it should only be Lavezzi in my humble opinion. He can do way better than the likes of Gaitan and Lamela in our weakest link,Right wing. Hard worker, not exhoustively exploited as he was having a faire playing time in his clubs especially in PSG unlike our other 30 and plus aged players.

    I can’t see any one as energitic and dynamic as him. After all,if we can have Demi,Maschie and Biglia who are not even decent vis a vis their age;why not him?

  4. VS Peru




    ————Di Maria



    Peru is all about running for the whole 90 minutes, we need players who can counter their speed, so not having either Banega and Zabaleta in the starting lineup against Peru in Lima (at altitude) is the better option for Buaza. They can both come back for the home game against Paraguay. Hopefully Buaza select a similar line up to the one I laid out.

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