Edgardo BAUZA to play 4-4-2, 6 new to be called


Edgardo BAUZA came out and talked about Argentina’s next World Cup Qualifying matches.

Speaking with Fox, BAUZA has stated that he will play a 4-4-2 against Brazil next month. Furthermore, he also mentioned that there would not be players dropped from the team but that six new players will be called-up.

The list for next month’s matches is expected to be announced next week.




  1. Romero must be benched, Rulli should be new no1 mache no longer play in MF should be dropped or play role as DF, Vasquez,Biglia Lanzini, should play MF and Dybala must be in starting xi

  2. For me Bauza is the best coach in knock out stages and final unlike choker simione. If argentina was not lost then new 6player never called up sometime lossing match also benifit the team and argentine media also realise messi critisism was unfair

  3. Honestly Bauza was my no.1 choice to take over the NT since Simeone was a “no chance” option and Sampaoli’s possession style would have been lost on Argentina’s current crop of “stars” but sadly I may have been wrong because Bauza has shown the tactical awareness of an inexperienced high school coach. However that doesn’t mean that all is lost and infact I refuse to believe that there is a deep enough hole that the albicelestes can’t get out from.
    Even with underperformers like kun, dimaria and (shockingly) Mascherano I think Argentina has more than enough talent to top SA provided that Bauza gets his formations and tactics right even without calling the likes of Garay, Tagliafico, Rulli, Vasquez, Perez and Icardi.

    • mamoun: i hope all is good in your northern part of the island and always nice to read you writings.

      i know what you are saying and i agree we do have the players but bauza has got to stop trying to reinvent players and actually play them in their correct positions-its simply crazy what he is doing.
      kun as a play maker-fail
      dybala on the right wing-wtfffff
      lamela who has been playing well for spurs and again b plays him in a different position-why etc etc
      and then he keeps picking out of form players like rojo, di maria, kran etc and worse is starting them.

      a defensive coach but the defense is a shambles now and once is was our strong point.
      my head really hurts…..

  4. Unless you have 3 midfielders…Real midfielders not forwards disguised as midfielders, we are going NOWHERE fast.
    Real Midfielders
    David Siva
    Kevin DeBruyne
    Pablo Aimar

    FAKE “Midfielders” ie, forwards/Defenders that are playing in midfield position
    yes even Messi—He is a forward
    Mascherano –Defensive Back
    Biglia—Lost Soul
    Kranevitter–not bad but can’t do much offensively or pass

    • Had to say something to this… Dimaria, pastore and lamela are all midfielders and should be played as such. Pastore is needed because he is a natural #10 and lamela was a #10 his whole life until he went to England. One of the problems the seleccion has had is having dimaria as a forward when he is a wide midfielder in a 4-4-2. I’m excited because I’ve been waiting for a 2 forward combination. Excited to see which 2 forwards start and who will be wide opposite of dimaria in midfield.

        • Honestly speaking, we sucked at every formation! I think it has something to do with playing players out of position than the formation itself.

          Having said that, I believe that we have more players that suits a 4-4-2 than a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3.

  5. It took me quite a long time to comment in here (this is the only blog that i read or leave comments) due to my frustration since the last copa america i think, but i am always reading everyone’s posts and i have to say that it is nice sharing my thoughts with all of you guys.

    I really don’t know what to say…I am reading everyone’s posts and i think that everyone has a point, about the players and the manager.

    To be honest, when i read that Bauza took over as Argentina’s next manager, i felt very happy because i prefered him more than the other options that were available at the time (my second choice was Bielsa), but unfortunately it seems that i was wrong. I can’t believe how he formed a team without a midfield nor how could he used 4 strikers at the same time.

    Yes the manager and the players, all of them have their own merit for this shity situation that we are going through, but personally i could say that things are really not going our way either…
    I mean, i can’t think another team that made three consecutive finals and lost them all, but the most irritating is the way we lost them all!

    Regarding 2014 world cup, everyone is bashing Higuain (who choked big time) but Palacio lost two easy chances for goal which were even worse than Higuain’s. Germany had just two chances, they hit the post and the second one was the goal.

    Then we lost two consecutive copa america finals, but the most annoying thing is that we lost them exactly with the same way, like we were rewatching the same movie and the worst part is that we lost to a team (Chile) that has never beaten Argentina in a game’s regular time, in copa america history!

    All the above, combined with the current situation that Argentina is struggling to qualify, are too much for me to take!

    I read an article regarding an interview of Jonathan Wilson, a journalist who is expert in football, concerning his recent book with title: “Angels with dirty faces: The football history of Argentina”. When he was asked that how is it possible that Argentina with such great teams throughout the years didn’t manage to win anything since 1993, he said that it mainly has to do with bad luck, because it is beyond any logic, the fact that Argentina didn’t win anything since 1993. He was refered to previous teams as well, such as the one of Bielsa in 2002, where he said that this team was very good, had more shoots and corners than any other team in group stage but still they drew to Sweden who only had just one shot on target that was a goal!

    Does anyone know a national team that has a world class manager by the way? I personally not, the ones that succeeded are descent at best, in my humble opinion, so how is it possible Argentina to have the worst managers, how is it possible Argentina to have the most injuries everytime they have an important match and how is it possible a team such as Argentina not having a descent and smart manager who can make the team play to its’ strength?

    All of these are way too frustrating to me.

    And something else: Some fans in here have said that they are done with Argentina and the funny thing is that all of these fans are way too passionate for the team to do such thing. I personally believe that despite the frustrations and things and failures that let everyone of us down, it is impossible for any fan to give up, i strongly don’t believe a thing about it and i think these fans deep inside them know that they will never give up simply because it is not possible, we are all addicts to this team, so stop this nonsense please about quiting!



  6. A group Inter Milan ultras put a banner against Mauro Icardi in front of his house before attacking his car tonight, according to reports in Italy.

    “We’re here… When your Argentine friends arrive, will you warn us or do it like a coward?” the banner read.

    His wife Wanda Nara told FcInterNews.it: “Nothing happened when we got home, we got back into the house without any problems”.

      • Every team play better football than Argentina now;)

        I was watching both Germany NT games in this month. Remember Di Maria in last game crossing from the left without any idea and sense. Crossing and crossing and crossing. One tousand bad crosses.

        There’s no in Germany team nothing of such things. YOu may gets the feeling that German player which could cross 2 times such idiotic ball as Di Maria could be kicked out of the team once and for all. Please to watch. Forgive me the deference to hostile but ‘fas est et ab hoste doceri’.

  7. well ..what can bauza really do but go with the tried and so called trusted players ? he has been really been thrown into the deep end with these world cup qualifiers ..one can’t really start to experiment with all sorts of other players when there are points at stake ?? he can only do that with friendly matches which are not as intense as the world cup matches (no time to experiment at all) ..yes younger players should have been bought in when tata martino took over ..but no ? we are not out of the world cup ..so come on guys lets get behind the albiceleste

  8. I always liked the 442, solid defensive formation with an effective attack and hopefully Garay will be called.

    Messi being in the middle behind Dybala, Kun, Higuian…or whoever he picks, Like we have a choice in the matter.

    • I wonder if Messi does play the enganche position or if he plays up top!!! I hope he plays as a#10!! I always said Argentina will be at their greatest when Messi is older, slower and can create as an enganche for dybala, el kun, higuain etc…

    • I watched a bit of Lanus vs Godoy Cruz game live, J.L. Gomez was all over the place, attacking, defending (there was one episode where he almost scored an own goal though), penalty goal, etc. We need him at the National Team sooner rather than later (at least on the bench). He is 23 already. If Kimmich at 21 can play (out of position) for Germany as a right-back why not Gomez?

  9. I didnt watched any of our games after copa final , very sad to see the current situation of our team.

    Our team become like a bunch of college buddies going on vacation and plays for fun. we need some one like cholo to guide the team .

    With sabella we were organised in attack and clinical in counter attack , and under tata we improved our possession based game and against teams who plays open football we were simply great but we struggled lot against much more organised teams. But atleast we knows what we can expect from these coaches.

    I thought bauza similar to sabella , more focused on defense and good on counter attacking.

  10. Always he likes to talk about the future call ups, we all become excited and than…fooossss

    Did any of you see the games between Sociadad and Bilbao….Rulli was phenomenal, even the commentators mentioned him as the best young GK in the la liga over Oblak considering the team he is playing for, this lad deserve a sure chance.

    Gonzaalo Escalente was another youngster who became the heart of his team Eibar, excellent player of the and without the ball, some of you guys could say he is palying for a low level club but to me he worth a chance.

    Same about Lanzini, if we can see the potential, than why not Bauza

  11. He will call up 6 new players and the will play Pizarro role of last 2 games.

    Now we all see what’s going on. Our coaches rather will extend list of called up without end than drop Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria and others. It’s addiction.
    I have no more faith in Bauza even if he will call Icardi.

  12. Bauza is smart when talking.But if u can’t back ur statement with action it looks very foolish.This is what Bauza looks like now.Dance without music!

    If he does not dropping anyone that means new players will be there only for Bauza to take a closer look at them.I don’t think any of new 6 players is going to start or contribute from the bench.

  13. Bauza has to stop TALKING. Why hes says a month before he will use 4-4-2 against Brazil. How come he call 6 new players without dropping anyone. How many players will be there…30 + ?

  14. Argentina is struggling in worldcup quallifing 2018 (despite no1 in Fifa & big names) just like Brazil struggled in worldcup quallifier 2002(no1 in Fifa that time n big names) rest is history. Winning the leauge and winning a turnement are different Bilesa topped argentina in 2002 WCQ with record 43points what happen there after, same goes to sabela both choks in crucial time. Bauza won two CL with different teams he know how to win a turnement and perform at knockout stage reason AFA chose him, lossing competive game is better than final because a team week link shows when team isn’t performing unlike Tata era, now every argentina match is like knockout we don’t need to top on the group need to make strong squad like germany 2014 or brazil 2002 sometime not winning the match benifit team portugal won 2016 euro is the best example

  15. First of all Dracula Bauza seem to be scared to drop out of form players.
    Currently Di Maria, Aguero, Banega, Rojo and Romero do not deserve to start. Add new body abled bodies in the midfield coz at the moment we have ghosts playing there. Dismiss Demichelis.
    Lastly why the fuck does he have to reveal his tactics publicly?

  16. So if he does not drop any players how he’s supposed to call six new players? Did he mean the eleven will be the same, but the bench guys will be replaced?

  17. i guess we will just have to wait and see if this is the case or if some names be “rested” but if their is no culling’s of the old guard then its another fail from bauza because some stars need to be dropped to teach them a lesson and it will also teach all players who the boss is if they cannot or will not preform then they are gone to be replaced by those players with “real hunger” to fight for the n/t shirt.

      • this is the big chance for bauza to show every one he is his own man and has a set of “cajones” but sadly I still suspect mr bauza is a man of a thousand words and is just another afa puppet.

        I sincerely hope he proves me wrong but I will not be holding my breath over it.

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