Fernando BELLUSCHI and Ezequiel LAVEZZI called up!


Hey guys!

Edgardo BAUZA has decided to call up two new players for the next two World Cup Qualifiers against Brazil and Colombia in November.  As Paulo DYBALA will not be available, he decided to call Fernando BELLUSCHI and Ezequiel LAVEZZI. We know that LAVEZZI had injured his arm at Copa America 2016.  He was actually at their last training camp but what was not officially called up.  What do you guys think of these new call ups?  We vitally need points in these next two matches. Will they be useful?  What do you guys think?







  1. im all for change bc im tired of messi not having adequate help… hes the only one who never changes… the left side is weak with rojo and fideo… Argentina will make the WC in russia but we have to go into that tournament with a different team then previous WC or Copas or we will have same result… no better time for change then now not in middle of WC…. too many players i cant count pn to showip whether it be play or injury… Bauza will never play with 3 in back but he will incorporate two attacking wing backs and have Mache split the CBs …. rojo was terrible going forward and his low futbo’ IQ gets team in trouble & its time to move on from Zabaleta do lo banco until we replace him with Buffarini or an attacking RB… i wouldnt be surprised if Romero is on his last days as is Biglia who i dont mind on team pero we need more from that position, fideo also has to change or he’ll lose his job to Gaitan or Correa or Vazquez types… guy who can play with ball at feet…. dybala needs to play for a multiple of reason…. vamos carajo!

  2. Bauza is risking qualifying for the World cup as if he is doing it on purpose. Messi is my only hope! If we go to the world cup relying only on Messi then there is no pint to qualify at all because you need 11 players and a plan not 1 player and no plan.

    • It’s very tough to get hold of his thought process isn’t it? He just called Acuna in the team but still looking for a LW/LM in Germany where there are better players like Lanzini, Correa etc.

      He is even thinking of playing a 4-4-2 with Biglia-Mascherano-Enzo and Di Maria together. Which means Di Maria will play LM and Enzo will play RM. Now why the hell you would play Enzo as a RM? He had Lamela all this time but never ever played him as a RM…now he’s gonna make Enzo Perez, a CM play RM. Genius!

  3. I usually prefer to see younger players to be given a chance rather than veterans like Demichelis to perpetually occupy space in the squad but in the case of Lavezzi I don’t mind at all, even despite the fact that he plays in China but as long as he is in good shape.

  4. Finally my man from the old guards. A deserved call in fact one of the enigmas people fail to recognize and assisted 2014 WC and 2016 Copa teams in their route to final. Any day ahead of Dimaria,Lamela or even Corea and Gaitan.

    Now Bauza can play 4-4-2 be it a diamond or wide one;he has all what it takes at his disposal.

  5. Lav was an average player at the best of times with only a couple of out standing matches but he had a big heart and never say die attitude.

    He is also not at all what we need and this is another stap back wards.

    His time should also have been over and i hope bauz is very soon.

  6. Who is getting dropped to Bench – Aguero, Dimaria etc.? I think Bauza is calling them to play the second match if the first one is a disaster..

  7. El Pocho has ALWAYS showed heart whenever he played for the sky-blue and white, ALWAYS but his time is done.

    I want to know why Garay was not picked, a stout defender and a savvy vet. to say the least is much needed in the back line.

  8. I don’t know nothing about current Lavezzi form but if he is as good these days as…Lavezzi he should play as starter. Enzo as well. Lavezzi on the left. Enzo instead Biglia or even on the right.

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