Mauro ICARDI double includes stunning winning goal


Mauro ICARDI was at it again having scored twice for Inter.

The captain of the Italian club was on hand for both goals in their 2-1 win against Turin. ICARDI continues his excellent goalscoring form for the club. In Inter’s four Serie A wins this season, here’s ICARDI’s record:

2-1 win against Pescara (2 goals)
2-1 win against Juventus (1 goal and 1 assist)
2-0 win against Empoli (2 goals)
2-1 win against Turin (2 goals)

ICARDI’s now scored 8 goals this season, which is three more than the rest of his Inter team-mates combined (ICARDI has scored 8 goals out of the 13 Inter have scored this season). Here are his goals:

Mauro ICARDI’s first goal:

Mauro ICARDI’s second goal:


  1. INTER MILAN not in good form….only icardi is the saviour
    i think
    winter transfer for ICARDI will be very good

    • yep agreed and its the sign of a player who under pressure does not wilt or fade away.

      as the saying goes “when the going gets tough the tough gets going” and that is Icardi

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