Edgardo BAUZA comments on Mauro ICARDI, LAVEZZI and more


Speaking to the media, Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA commented on the call-ups of Ezequiel LAVEZZI, Fernando BELLUSCHI and Julio BUFFARINI.

BAUZA also commented about ICARDI’s form and how he watched him score twice for Inter against Torino. Here’s what he had to say:

“LAVEZZI’s call-up was planned with him. He’s working normally, recovered from his injury. He can’t compete in his club because he wasn’t on the list due to his injury but LAVEZZI is one of the leaders of this group and he’s going to help us out. He’s a very important player in the group because of everything he brings.”

“I could make mistakes but I make the decision because of what I analyize and because of what I think. Never has someone on the team complained to me about having problems with a player I have called-up.”

About Fernando BELLUSCHI and Julio BUFFARINI:
“We’ll see if they’ll be starters. It’s going to be a different match as to what we’ve played so far. I know Tite (Brazil’s coach) very well because of my time in Brazil. We’re going to have to have a compact team to stop them between the lines.”

“It’s clear that ICARDI has a chance and he knows it. I was just watching Inter against Torino where he scored two goals. ICARDI knows perfectly well that he could be called-up.”

“We’ll see if BELLUSCHI plays. He’s in great form.”


    • not at all pleasant viewing, the 1st and the last are 100% shocking, the middle one on the very tight angle is a crap ball from lav and in the bati montage the ball is up in the air making the finish easier as opposed to higs on the ground but in saying that i need to vomit now and if it were up to me hig would not at all be in the team.

  1. BAUZA-a total LIAR-
    “It’s clear that ICARDI has a chance and he knows it. I was just watching Inter against Torino where he scored two goals. ICARDI knows perfectly well that he could be called-up.”

    bauza said many and does the same by not calling ICARDI

  2. ….ICARDI knows perfectly well that he could be called-up.”

    ….yet albiceleste fans perfectly know he won’t!!!

    What a load of hog wash…..
    He can’t even conjure up a valid excuse why Icardi isn’t picked!
    Just put the issue to bed by telling us supporters: “I am not picking a player who will bring unrest to the dressing room!”
    Don’t pussy foot around and irritate us fans.

  3. Pratto with goal and assist in Copa Brasil. I think the 3 hardworkers Pratto, Lavezzi, Perez should play from begenning.

  4. We are in a terrible situation, if we do well next two games this dinosaur will continue and will make a mess later on, if we fare badly, probably he will be sacked so that the other AFA clowns can escape, but we will be gone also.

  5. This idiot can’t change. What are the local people doing? By now there should be be massive protests for sacking this clown. The press, the political class all can come into this. After all he cannot ignore the entire nation for the whims and fancies of one or few individuals.

  6. Bozo talks way too much. He gives away his line-up and tactics ahead of the match so the opponents know what to expect and how to prepare. He prefers experience over talented youth and select benched players. Not good.

    I am starting to doubt Argentine journalists. Are they asking the right questions or do they just listen to his rants? Questions they should be asking:
    1) how are you going to improve our mental weakness?
    2) did you look at training sessions at e.g. German club teams?
    3) how are videos and statistics used to improve team performance?
    4) did you study games from opponents and learn how to exploit weaknesses?
    5) how will you influence the psychological factors and strengthen confidence?

  7. Let me breakdown Bauza’s comment of ‘I could make mistakes (Well you’re making them every single time with your player selections, formations and tactics) but I make the decision because of what I analyize and because of what I think (you need to change the way you think). Never has someone on the team complained to me about having problems with a player I have called-up’ (maybe not to your face but trust me, they are behind your back. Have you spoken to the fans Bauza because every single one of then is complaining about you).

    The only things Bauza are good at is talking shit and playing shit.

    God help us…..and I mean Diego. Lol.

  8. When are they going to fire this idiot? Now Lavezzi….haha….oh by the way Bauza, the party is missing Tevez, oh wait never mind, he doesn’t get along with messi and masch…..but you can bring an old friend to the party… Gago!!!after that you’re all set and ready for Russia 2018.

  9. When Bauza took over, there was no hig or kun. Then they have come back. In between, Demichelis has made a very strong come back! Now Lavezzi is making his come back. Since rojo is omitted from two matches, next is his turn to come back. I am sure Agusto will be called up the moment he recovers (if not before then). If Bauza is really interested, he can call up Tevez also! His come back would be a good addition to the above list.

  10. “LAVEZZI is one of the leaders of this group”
    Which group are you talking about? Is it the argentine NT or some group within the NT?
    Fans are fed up with these players: Rojo, Maria, Higuain, Lavezzi, Aguero, and Biglia.
    If you cant get rid of them, atleast ignore them when there is no need to call them. Lavezzi was not part of the team for a while due to injury and the situation doesnt demand his inclusion. There are so many arguments to ignore the youth like we cant risk them in an important match, etc. Playing lavezzi in an important match is a bigger risk. A number of players like Lanzini, cervi are definitely better than him.

  11. WOW….one amazing coach, isn’t he???
    and i am in current shock, wiping into utterly disbelief, i feel my stomach turn i could vomit blood cancer right now. how many more words he would conjure up again and again and again after this about icardi in which eventually he would never bring him into the team???

    in every sense, and logic, any coach in the world would already call him up especially in this situation where argentina are in the brink of extinction.
    bauza instead in all sense and logic called up lavezzi, bring in random midfielders (but will never play them), and he said undoubtedly that his squad will be a world champion in 2018.
    REALLY??? i mean really??? in the midfield, check it out:
    mascherano, biglia (or banega)
    lavezzi (or enzo perez), di maria
    and this would becoming the world champion in the wc 2018??? SERIOUSLY???

    i’m pretty certain, the DRUG he’s taken right now are the most deadly drugs ever made in history, ever.

  12. you bauza are full of shi* and i hope they fire you ass very soon before its to late.

    picking an injured lav who is recovering from an injury-really over a striker who is scoring weekly (icardi) and in case you have not noticed our strikers are not scoring at n/t level and even at club level dropped are kun and d/m is playing crap and as for hig who again struggles to score regularly at n/t level.

    stop insulting us and icardi and be honest and say that you are never going to pick him even if his the last Argentine striker left alive on earth, im sick of you and your insane ways that are starting to make maradona and batista look like real coaches yet alone tata who….i cant say it….

    you pick players and then play them out of position-why?
    and as
    istiaque said and summerised things very well in another post

    “It’s very tough to get hold of his thought process isn’t it? He just called Acuna in the team but still looking for a LW/LM in Germany where there are better players like Lanzini, Correa etc.

    He is even thinking of playing a 4-4-2 with Biglia-Mascherano-Enzo and Di Maria together. Which means Di Maria will play LM and Enzo will play RM. Now why the hell you would play Enzo as a RM? He had Lamela all this time but never ever played him as a RM…now he’s gonna make Enzo Perez, a CM play RM. Genius!”

    it really hurts but we need 6 points urgently but i want you gone as you really are way way out of your depth.

  13. “I was just watching Inter against Torino where he scored two goals. ICARDI knows perfectly well that he could be called-up”

    Yeah, Icardi knows but you don’t know Mr. Talks!

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