Breaking News: Argentina down to 6th in World Cup Qualifiers


Breaking news coming out of South America as Argentina are now down to 6th place in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Bolivia have been punished for fielding an ineligible player for their matches against Chile and Peru. Because of that, Chile have been awarded 3 points and leapfrog Argentina ahead in the South American standings. Argentina are on 16 points and Chile (who were previously on 13 points) are now at 16 and ahead of Argentina due to matches won.


  1. This decision is ridiculous to give 3 pts to chili.If it’s true they should have taken 3 pts from Bolivia. AFA and other federations should protest against this decision. Why punish the rest of national teams. That’s unfair.

  2. Pablo, how is it possible that fifa is not aware of the regulations regarding time limit for which Bolivia is going to appeal for, but on the contrary being aware of the player who was not eligible to play for Bolivia?

    Correct me if i am wrong, but isn’t the same player who took part in copa america centenario?

    I see that most of us are stating that there is no way beating Brasil at their ground and probably we won’t but let us not go to the fight with hands down. Lets fight from now on like it is our last game.

    If it is possible to reach three consecutive finals and lose them all, reaching two consecutive finals and losing them by exactly the same way (penalty shoot out to Chile) by a team that never beat us in regular time in the history of copa americas, if it is possible loosing at home to Paraguay and struggling to even catch the fifth place of wc qualifiers for a team such as Argentina, then it may also be possible to beat Brasil.

      • I know what you mean amigo, it is way too frustrating.
        I don’t know what to think first, the missing finals, our current situation, the world record in injuries every time we have an official match. Nevertheless, things change as time goes by, things should change in our favor.

        • yes amigo it does seem the gods really dont like us at all in the last 20 years but at least with messi their is always hope but without him at the moment we are in so deep its no longer funny.

  3. a small glimmer of hope
    “According to @ClossAM590, BOL are going to appeal 3-0 walkover given to CHI on basis Chile’s initial protest wasn’t within time limit”

    I hope bol do file a protest as rules are rules…

  4. I think that the same player played for Bolivia in copa centenario but for some reason it didn’t appear to be a problem there. All of a sudden, it just became a problem and as long as it is against regulations, i understand that Bolivia must be punished by taking away 3 points from them but why at the same time giving 3 points to Chile as it would be garanteed that they would have won Bolivia without this player??

    This seems to me more like a punishment to both Argentina and Paraguay rather to Bolivia and giving a non diserved victory to Chile.

  5. Thank you Mr. Talk for you have effectively ruined the outstanding team to this level of misery. You will pay the price for your ignorance and stuburn attitude. You have already registered new records like a lose to Paraguay at home.

    Really depressing and scary to see the team falling this easily in to pieces by Venzuela Peru and Paraguay.I knew you were inheriting the worst attributes of your predecesors including Maradona’s. And the worst is yet to come against Brazil and Colombia.

  6. No way, I repeat no way Argentina will get 3 points in an away game against current Brazil team with Bauza in charge.

  7. seriously though you have di maria, biglia, etc. in your team and you want to qualify in a competitive era of S.American football? Oh or that Aguero…..have you seen him wasting that 3 goal infront of the goal against barca in C.league, his buddy rescued the situation and scored like a man. Aguero now is 3rd option striker for Man city.

    • What are you smoking ? 3option for City ? 😀
      “Sergio Aguero the only world-class player in the Premier League”, says Alan Shearer one of the best english striker ever.

  8. All of a sudden we are facing a monumental task of getting three points away in Brazil. Not impossible, but given our current form highly improbable 🙁

  9. when peru and paraguay outruns and outplays you bad luck is not to be blamed,clearly its all down to the management but we all know this,i am courious how did this guy coached and won anything at a club level,please anyone

  10. Things go from bad to worse.
    Next 2 games are crucial.
    6 points – we will qualify
    4 points – six finals left
    3 points – 5 must win games
    0 or 1 point – bye bye Russia

  11. Boy if we couldn’t make it any harder…..
    If we don’t make it to Russia, Bauza will use this as an excuse no doubt.
    But, gut wrenching and heart ache is, we’ve got ourselves to blame for our efforts, ethos, planning, strategies and above all player selection.
    I say we….because we as fans suffer days in and days out forever. Its OK for players and especially coaches to leave with their past club career and achievements intact.
    We fans are left with watching the pieces glued back together by the next lunatic who comes in.
    We silently tell the future it can go fuck itself..

  12. For me 4 out of Top 5 will be Brazil,Colombia,Uruguay and Chile. Who will be the next..thats the only question.

    IMO, the only threat for the remaining slot was Ecuador…until Paraguay game but by losing to Paraguay we have given them a great opportunity to qualify and same time make our qualification at risk.

    Biggest joke was…Bauza said”I am convinced that we will be world champions”. I would love that…but we are in a BIG risk of not qualifying. He still didn’t get it. Probably after Brazil and Colombia match everything will be clear.

  13. Such a shame!!! Chile is running CONMEBOL now a days. We all know how they won Copa 2015. btw….how that f**ker Vidal is keep playing? I always seen him doing nonsense, kicking players. Even in Bolivia match he deserved at least 3 yellow….
    Now everything do or die for us…..Hope Messi will walk today and Neymar will run like mad….

    • I strongly believe if you do your job then you don’t need to rely on fate or others. No one stopped us from winning the Copa in 2015 or 2016. Does Brazil or Uruguay care about who is running Conmebol now? Probably not.

      Our players should concentrate on winning games, then you don’t have to worry about these nonsense.

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