Lionel MESSI and Eduardo SALVIO score in Champions League


Only two Argentine goalscorers on Tuesday in the Champions League.

Lionel MESSI continues his impressive form against Manchester City (scored three against them in the last match) with another goal this time in Barcelona’s 3-1 loss to Manchester City. Along with MESSI, Javier MASCHERANO, Pablo ZABALETA (Manchester City captain), Willy CABALLERO and Nicolas OTAMENDI all started for both teams.

In Portugal, Eduardo SALVIO gave Benfica the victory in a 1-0 win against Dynamo Kyiv.

Lionel MESSI’s goal:

Eduardo SALVIO’s goal:


  1. Higuain is a failure in Chamapions League. Higuain is a failure in BIG match. Higuain is sh!t under pressure. He will score a stunner in one match and in next match he will miss a sitter. Cant trust him. I will never forget his misses in FINALS. At least in one Final he should have scored. He mainly score against weaker side.

  2. Higuaín wasted a golden opportunity for Juventis….open goal again just him infront of the goal as the goalie moved away from the post and wasn’t blocking him. Another typical Higuaín BS…..not a world class striker by any means. No wonder Argentina can’t win a single tournament even against average team like Chile.

    • Yeah….I said the same thing right after the Cavs won the NBA championship…the city of Cleveland not winning anything for what seemed like 70 years.

    • Remember he is all time Serie A leading scorer, all time most expensive Seria player too, leading scorer last WCQ. Agree that he misses lots of sisters, but Higuain is world class, no doubt about it.

      A lot of us are too emotional.

      • “Agree that he misses lots of sisters, but Higuain is world class, no doubt about it”

        i have to disagree as world class players do not miss a lot of sitters.
        also the Italian lge these days is poor and is about as good as the french lge and both are behind Spain, engl and German lges.

        a world class player would not be responsible for playing in 3 finals and missing 4 very good chances (incl a pen) and just as bad is he made the keeper work on none of those chances meaning none of them were even on target.

      • higuain a world class player? we are emotional and mad with him exactly for the reason that he is not such,we all would want him to be,it is not about us hating him.just date back to the days he was playing with r madrid he scored bags of goals there but almost all of them in what are considered easy games,i remember him when he played against barca or ch league knock out games and he had chances and the same thing with napoli before the last season he mssed a penalty which would allow napoli to qualify for ch league.these are facts.he is not a big game scorer and if he is not in big games he is not world class,

    • Not Messi, not Selfie guy, not Higuaín will be able to top Brazil playing home. Bauza showed his inability to control a game against teams like Peru, Venezuela and the vulnerable Paraguay even whey playing home… guys really think Argentina will get 3 points in Brazil, hehe….wishful thinking. I said it if Bauza still in charge in November (which is the case), then bye bye Russia. The situation is more serious than anyone would imagine.

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