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For the past few weeks, you may have seen the news (on my end) be a little slow. I would like to give a big thank you to Juli who has been a massive helping hand in getting news out for us.

A large part of the reason why news has been slow is because I have been working on the Argentina database. You’ll notice in the navigational menu that there’s a new section called “Argentina Database”. In there, I am compiling a full list of all the matches Argentina has played.

If you’ll take a look, you’ll see that so far, I have a full list of all the matches from the last match (against Paraguay) to the match against Sweden in 2013. Furthermore, if you click on one of the matches, you will see Argentina’s line-up for that match as well as who got booked and who scored. Another little feature is in that section, if you were to click on a name of an opponent (say Ecuador), it would take you to the Ecuador page where you would be able to see Argentina’s record against that team (wins, draws, losses).

The idea behind it all is to create a massive database dating back to the mid 90’s (if not even 80’s) where the section would become, well, an actual database. There’s also some work being done in the players section.

I know it’s not actual news being posted but it is something we have been planning for quiet some time which is the reason behind the slower news the past few weeks. However, with the World Cup Qualifiers coming up next week, we will now go back to delivering the daily content.

But please do head over to the “Argentina Database” section and let us know what you think!

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