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Hey guys!

There’s rumours floating around in regards to the possible lineup to be played against Brazil next week. They are saying Edgardo BAUZA will play a 4-4-2 formation. In goal it will be Sergio ROMERO. The defenders would be ZABALETA, OTAMENDI, FUNES MORI, MAS. In the midfield, DI MARIA, MASCHERANO, BIGLIA/PIZARRO, and ENZO PEREZ. The two attackers would be MESSI and HIGUAIN.

I personally would like to see PIZARRO instead of BIGLIA as it would be a fresh face and maybe a different dynamic. I also am happy to see MAS there instead of ROJO. I would have liked to have seen other players called up but it is what it is.  Hopefully ACUNA can get some minutes as well. What do you guys think? Do we stand a chance with this lineup? Could we beat Brazil with this lineup? I think we can if we play a smart match. Our players and coach know that they have to win as their is pressure of possibly missing the World Cup.



  1. If this line up is true then it exactly matches the one that I predicted and such a line up is capable of getting a draw against Brazil, which – considering the team’s recent performances – would be a good result!

    As for Argnetina not qualifying, well I’m not as pessimistic as most of you seem to be, I think our boys still have a solid chance if Bauza gets his head out of his **s.

  2. If we have a creative attacking player like Messi up front, what we need is a good solid creative midfield with players like Gaitan, Banega, and Perez with proper substitutes (Lanzini for Gaitan, Paredes for Banega, Perreyra for Enzo). But it seems that the coaches do not like to see two central midfielders on the ground. Sabella went for 2 DM and 4 attacking players with no proper central midfield. Tata and Bauza opts 2 DM + 1 CM + Maria. Maria cant contribute creatively in the mid field Where as Gaitan and Lanzini can be part of build up play and run through the wing.

  3. Messi’s efforts will be cancelled out by Higuain.
    Another positive Argentina has is the presence of Enzo Perez in the mid but there also Maria will spoil the moves of the midfield by dispossessing the ball and running aimlessly.
    Really interested to watch Acuna.

  4. Bauza used to remind me of Sabella with his team selection.
    Now he also reminds me of Batista. Batista had Tevez where as Bauza has Higuain!
    Tevez’s penalty miss costed Batista his coaching career with the NT.
    If Higuain misses one or two, Bauza may have to leave the job!

  5. Same midfield: Diva + Mascherano + Biglia = disaster
    Brazil scored 23 goals in 10 games, we scored 11 goals in 10 games and conceded 9 goals. That tells you how Bauza’s creative mind is compelling.

  6. An emotional and honest forecasting alarm was sent to AFA:

    1) Fire Bauza before November’s games = Improve qualifying chances
    2) Leave the moron Bauza in charge = Bye bye Russia & don’t cry for me Argentina !!!

  7. “I think in football the Coach always pays because it’s impossible to fire 25 players. I always said that when the Coach leaves, it’s because the team did not give its best.”

    ________Inter captain Mauro Icardi

  8. Arg can beat any team any time… i like that Bauza is making changes and adapting his style… the team needed something else to get over the top a tweeking of lineup and a few players to move on from… id like to eventually see fideo, zabaleta, Biglia, Romero be replaced, they can b on 23 but those pos need another dynamic espacially mid with fideo & bigs…. fideo wants to run put him in last 15 mins… id like to Gaitan or Correa in his place more quality on the ball and a better mid next to Mache… some also better on ball and athletic box to box guy

  9. @waveride 2002 WC Brazil have so many big names, No1 at fifa ranking, Golden generation was aging, strugging in WCQ Campain which is quit similar to argentina in 2018 WCQ campain. Yes luck is need to win turnement otherwise ARG will not lose copa 2016 and POR won Euro 2016. If God did just with CR 7 to win for country God will do just with messi too like sachine tendular in Indian cricket. Reason I like buaza more than simeone/Bilesa he isn’t chokar 100% success ratio in Finals but long way to go first Argentina beat big teams back 2 back brazil,colombia,chile,uruguye and show why Arg is No1 in fifa ranking

  10. I like Buaza as ARG coach because he isn’t choker in finaks unlike Simeone/Bilesa, Bauza isn’t best in leauge games but he is best in knockout phases winning CL with two different clubs and as a menegar his performance in CL top class

    • He isn’t choker in finals because he is not going to reach the finals, he is struggling against weak teams we can’t even talk about finals

      • He’s not reaching the final and not even the group stage in Russia with his fucked up tactics and formation. Losing to Paraguay home in a crucial time of the qualifiers. Next lesson will be by the hand of Brazil, no brainer when we play away against them.

  11. WCQ combebol group topper Brazil 21points and 4th place colombia 17points Argentina just behind 1point from top 4 and 5point behind topper. How can Qualifying in WC2018 become difficult for argentina, yes we faced big matches but if argentina have potential to win WC2018 then it is not difficult like Brazil in WCQ 2002 remember 3match before argentina was no1 at point table so just relax it better to lose compitive matches than finals

    • you know why it was counted as difficult? because we couldn’t win walk in the park and easy games….now there is no room to lose when we face the giants. easy math and probability logic concepts. duh

  12. So much negetivity against Argentina NT but win against Brazil will change everything which is difficult but not as much harder as winning worldcup 2018

  13. Looking at the current form Aguero should start ahead of Higuain or both Aguero and Higuain can start messi can play behind as there is no Dybala. Argentina fans why you are worring about qualifying we are no1 in FIFA played consistantly well expect Finals LOL, in WCQ 2018 argentina haven’t lost point against big teams like Chile(away) colombia(away) Brazil, Uruguye but we lost points against small teams like equedor,paraguye(home) even no10 team Venjuyela too which is cost us, argentina WCQ situation similar too Brazil in 2002 WCQ rest is history if Argentina become worldchampion in 2018 then not loosing point against Brazil,Colombia,Chile, Uruguye must not be difficult and yes hope argentina will not lose points against small teams

  14. Mundo is rather tacit now and me too. No wonder – the rest is silence. We just must get the points now no matter with which players. If Higuain is there and not ICardi he must do this. No matter about preferences now.

    I have nothing to say about Primera Division events or also any European Clubs players thesedays. All the things losing it’s relish and importance if Argentina may not qualified. Just wait and see.

    • But I have some bothering thought in mind now. Major success comes often not long after worst fall. Maybe Argentina must not qualify to clear up the mess of AFA cancer and all ‘ancient regime’. You must put your own house in order first. Maybe we need real catastrophe and revolution later on.

      • this has not happened for Holland as they missed out on the euros and look like they will also miss the w/c but you are correct the “ancient regime” needs to be gone before we really move forward.

      • I agree, and this is men talk not fan boys rant. Argentina might miss qualifying considering current circumstances and the lack of synergy between players, lack of cohesion, lack of young players, and mostly the absence of a real coach, not “coach wanna be”.

    • If you are feeling very optimistic then kudos to you.

      Yes, the 75% chances of not qualifying is based on calculations. if we lose tomorrow and want to qualify, we will be needing to win all 4 remaining home games

      – against COL, CH, and VEN (I’m considering VEN a granted win, however, I know now that’s also a 50-50)
      – and we must get at least 3 points against these teams playing away – BOL (altitude), URU, EQ (altitude)

      Also Chile will be needing to lose all their away matches – BRA, COL, BOL, ARG
      and not win more than 3 home matches against VEN, PAR, EQ and UR.

      As I said, our qualifying chances are pretty slim. It could be less than 25% if you are a pessimist.

      • No i am not feeling very optimistic, actually i can’t say that i am optimistic but some people act like we are already out from the world cup.

        I just can’t understand why Chile and Paraguay have such more probabilities to qualify through fifth place and Colombia and Ecuador who are just 1 point ahead are almost there.

        If we win 4 games as you said then we will reach 28 points and i personally don’t remember a team disqualified with 28 points, correct me if i am wrong though.

        I don’t feel optimistic, i just hope Argentina qualifies and i just asked, i wasn’t sarcastic so no need to tell me that i feel very optimistic.

        @Romance Zindagi, i hope you are right my friend but Brazil won 2002 world cup because they had big favours by the referees (against Turkey and the match against Belgium which they didn’t deserve to win) while Argentina is being punished currently by seeing Chile awarded a win they didn’t deserve.

  15. It’s gonna be another terrible team dynamics. I can bet my house that if Biglia is fit, he will play in midfield besides Mascherano. On top of that we will have Enzo Perez to play as RM.

    Cool. I’m not going to say one negative sentence here. Let the Genius do whatever he wants. Just that as fans we will suffer watching a WC without Argentina in it. Thank you Bauza.

  16. That seems a sound formation. It will be hard for Brazil to score but not sure about us scoring either. I prefer to see a more stable centerback than Mori,though.

  17. The similarities between Argentina and the Netherlands these days are frightening.

    Results go from bad to worse. WC finalist in 2010 and WC 2014 semi-finalist The Netherlands lost to Iceland, Czech Republic and Turkey and missed out on Euro 2016. Argentina was WC finalist in 2014 and has now lost to Paraguay and Ecuador and is losing crucial points against low ranked teams like Peru and Venezuela.

    Coaches do not have a clue. Coaches keep old players in the squad and hang on to a team that was successful in the past. Coach replacement (Martino – Bauza, Hiddink – Blind) does not help and results are even worse under the new coach.

    Psychological effect
    Every setback (goal conceded, red card etc.) is a psychological blow that results in players thinking that luck is not on their side. They give up easily. The physical signs are omnipresent.

    The Netherlands missed players like Robben and Strootman for most of the Euro qualifiers. Argentina has missed Messi for 7 of the 10 games so far.

    Let’s hope Argentina does not miss out on Russia 2018. After the games against Brazil and Colombia we will know more. Fingers crossed.

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