Sergio AGUERO and Lucas OCAMPOS with goals


Two goalscorers on Saturday and Sunday, the first being Sergio AGUERO and the second Lucas OCAMPOS.

Sergio AGUERO scored for Manchester City in their 1-1 draw against Middlesbrough.

Lucas OCAMPOS scored for Genoa in their 1-1 draw against Udinese.

Sergio AGUERO’s goal:

Lucas OCAMPOS’ goal:


  1. Some people mentioned how Sampaoli turned Sevilla into giant against Barca. The man also did the incredible last world cup with Chile that deserved to win against Brazil. Sampaoli is a world class coach so is Simone…..Bauza is clown and it’s unfair to others if we compare his cluelessness to other top notch coaches out there. Sabella also was a top class coach and showed it in the world cup.

  2. I’ve a strange feeling…That we’re gonna win both the matches against yellow & yellow…I know there is no logic to defy that,,,but that’s why I said strange feeling…Is it just me???

    • What Mr. Moreno has said is what all ARGENTINA fans have known for a long time and MANY outsiders have for a while now.

      It used to be, Argentina lost…..yeah where was the best player in the world??? Messi sucks, Messi never shows up for his country, Messi is overrated, Messi never gives a 100% when he plays for the sky-blue and white……….but now others know that the rest of the team plays like heartless cowards when Messi is not around to take the blame and nonchalant, squandering all the chances he creates when he does.

      Messi is angry, frustrated, pissed-off and you see it in his eyes and attitude. He used to almost never confront the REFs. or other players and now its a frequent occurrence……..

      • Who the hell dfox1942….are you… Do know something about football..the world knows who is messi.. But some people in Argentina don’t know about him.. You said messi never gives 100% I have been watching messi from 2008 he won all trophy at the club level.. And he wants more than you trophy with NT.. And I want to because I’m supporting Argentina from 2010WC… If he not won anything with NT… Other players don’t deserved… And he will lift the trophy in 2018…. And he will become hero to Argentina people…

  3. Alexis Castro from Tigre. Kind of complete defensive midfielder Argentina needs. Goals, passes, driblings. Strong physically.

    • gonzola: an outrages call their is nothing wrong with the current mid set up (or strikers, defence and g/k) and the amount of chances they create is almost beyond count.
      what are you thinking changing this wining team where goals are flowing like champagne and we don’t even need a keeper as the defence is so strong.

      gonzolz again I’m sorry to say but with radical and sensible suggestions like yours the job will never be yours and bozo sorry I meant bauza will not be losing any sleep in the knowledge that he is almost as good of a coach as the great maradona or fantastic batista, such lofty heights bozo has scaled to…sigh….

    • well Pablo’s obvious sarcasm aside 😉 I actually checked out Tigre and Castro is ok, very good defensively but his passing isn’t the best, he’s someone to keep an eye out for. The 3 midfielders that I’d like to see are Acuna (Bauza actually selected him, which is a miracle!!), Nacho Fernandez and Rigoni, all 3 are are impressive defensively and VERY impressive going forward.

      • agreed we have plenty of potential young talent and they only need to be integrated into the squad, as we all know this should have happened years ago and we are now paying the price for it but its not at all to late to be doing this but it needs to be happening now.

      • LOL, Pablo.

        I was not mentioning Castro as player for tomorrow but maybe sometime in future.
        Actually he is enough good in every element of football craft. Decent passing. PLayers like Nacho Fernandez or Castro. Acuna so so for me. Still I’m not sure he is player we need in NT. I need to see him playing some minutes. Unfortunately Rigoni somehow never impressed me while I watch every Independiente game.

        And yes: both Gomez and Peruzzi to NT.

  4. Total goals and assists of 2016

    1. MESSI 80 goals and assists in 2016
    2.SUAREZ 73
    5.NYMER 50
    6.GRIZEMAN 48

    So this year Messi deserves BALLON ‘D’

    • any one who actually knows football will tell you its very obvious messi is the best player alive and all stats prove it but the marketing and media teams have other plans.

  5. If bazua is smart enough than he should call Vasquez right now instead of guitan…this is the right time for calling him..he must be better option than biglia in the midfield…he is the right option like Rakites ….bazua should go tiki taka…Argentine tikitaka…

      • Peruzzi is a must, next to Gomez he’s the best RB in the primera and he’s played the national team before and while Zabaleta is getting his form back, he’s not a long term solution for Argentina.

        Benedetto is in hot form but so is Druissi, whom I didn’t like during his U20s days but his form for River cannot be ignored.
        Although the one person who we all know should be called up is Icardi, but that probably won’t happen until Argentina is in true danger of failing to qualify and by then it would be too late.

  6. Watching Sampaoli creating a new Sevilla, make me really cry. How in the hell could AFA miss this man.
    Sevilla Barca, last night, was among the matches of the season so far. Sampaoli knew exactly what he had to do to stop Messi, like he did for Chile, to prevent him from getting balls in important areas and he nearly got successful. The difference was this was Barca and Messi gets help from his team mates. Messi played a very different game in the second half and kind of wreaked havoc.
    Such a pity that we dont have a coach for Albiceleste who can see this and give this wee man enough help. He is a wonderful talent who can help us, much more than what he has done already. Messi can still surprise us with this differential plays. He just need help from his mates and he has a solution for every thing, it seems.

  7. My team against Brazil………



    Last night Roncaglia was superb against valancia..
    A goal with man of the match..he was also great against Brazil at Argentina of world cup qualifying matches..he should be better options for naymar…

  8. My team against Brazil:

    Mercado – Otamendi – Funes Mori – Mas
    Lavezzi – Perez – Masche – Acuna
    Messi – Pratto

    My all favorite 4-4-2 (Diamond)

    Gomez – Otamendi – Garray – Tigliafico
    Perez —————- Lanzini
    Dybala ——– Icardi

  9. I know that Bauza is stubborn.But wish he had the courage to change our formation. I mean,look at Chelsea;they’re flying high without changing a lot.They use almost same personal,b it the resilult has been astonishing after the formation switch. Do we lack a Victor Moses or Hazard or a David Luiz??? No….But we lack Conte.Right???

  10. My starting 11…


  11. Watching sevilla barca game. currently 1 all. Messi typical goal.

    But I am impressed with the movement and confidence vietto and in particular vazquez have on the ball.
    Vazquez dropping deeper should start in front of Biglia for us….oh wait silly me…decent midfielders don’t get picked!

    • sadly my friend so true and add to it as a midfielder if you can pass, make good crosses, move into free space, not dribble aimlessly and make runs to support other players with the ball then the n/t is not for you under the currant regime.

  12. I was watching the game bwtween Inter and Southampton for Europa League and the Greek commentator said that the only reason that Inter has not been relegated is Icardi. Only our coaches can’t see the obvious.

  13. Higuain’s poor run of form continues…Just 2 goals from last 6 games that includes a penalty. Aguero meanwhile in good form with 3 goals and an assist in his last 3 games includes 2 man of the match performance…but still missed easy chances..!

    Higuain or Aguero against Brazil..?

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