Lionel MESSI steals the show as Argentina pick up win


Lionel MESSI did what only Lionel MESSI can do as he lead Argentina to a 3-0 win.

In what can only be described as a do or die match for Argentina, Lionel MESSI had a goal (one of his very best) and two assists as Argentina got a massive 3-0 win against Colombia. The captain lead by example with a memorable performance just when his country needed him the most.

His goal was of the highest class, a fantastic free kick which hit the crossbar and went in. His first assist was very similar to the one he gave Gonzalo HIGUAIN at the 2011 Copa America against Uruguay. A cut in from the right, a swirvling cross and it was Lucas PRATTO who put it in the net to give Argentina a 2-0 lead going into the second half. The third goal had MESSI’s fingerprints all over it. Receiving the ball, he flicked it with a backheel to Enzo PEREZ who put it through the legs of the Colombian player (PEREZ lost the ball in the process), Lionel won it back, passed it to DI MARIA who scored the third of the match.


  1. Glad we won. Its Messi who won the game. I don’t know what Messi haters and Argentine people and media has to say. Does he win all the games by himself? NO, he doesn’t. But whatever we win 90% is because of him. Which bring us to the next topic. The team and some observations

    1. Romero – Another clean sheet. Because there was no shot on goal. The guy does not even try to save anything. His position on crosses is awful. He is not in the goal and not coming out to catch the ball either. For the free kick on 90th minute he just stays rooted. There is no attempt. He must be replaced by Rulli.

    2. Mas – Wow what a bad player. He is really pathetic. Enough said. Is there any average or above average left back in Argentina? Please replace.

    3. Midfield – Best Argentine goal scorer ever is Lionel Messi. Unfortunately only way he can score for Argentina are free kicks and penalties. No one can put him in a position from where he can score. May be Dybala will play more.

    4. Di maria – He defended some yesterday but not much. One reason why Mas looks so bad. He must be replaced.

    5. We should get Icardi in to fight with Pratto and Higuain.

    We must beat Chile @ home in March and get a draw at Bolivia at least. At least 4 points. Otherwise we are in the same situation. 5 months is lot to make some decent changes. The team could be






  2. I’m over the moon for the win, but forgive my bluntness when I say that it was the same s**t but on a different day!!! No midfield, messi carrying the team on his back etc…..Infact apart from Lio the only other positive was pratto, who may not be in batigol and crespo’s class but he more than makes up for it with work rate and tenacity.
    Other than that the team desperately needs a wholesale change in personnel and that includes Mass, Mori, Banega, Maria, Biglia and yes even Mascherano!!!!
    You all know how much I have always supported Romero but I feel Rulli has done more than enough to give him serious competition as starting GK.
    Garay must return to the starting lineup alongside otamendi, Tagliafico needs to be given his shot at the LB position, Gino peruzzi should atleast be the back up for Mercado (if not compete with him for the starting RB position).
    Enzo perez, Franco Vasquez, roberto pereyra, Guido pizzaro and leandro paredes all deserve a shot at starting berths in the midfield and we’ve already spoken at nausium regarding Icardi’s inclusion.

    Today’s win is equivalent to me giving pain relief to a patient who has been shot in the stomach! the pain relief may alleviate his pain but sooner rather than later I have to take him to the OR or he/she will die.

  3. Aguero is 2nd best class argentine player after messi, Rulli n Icardi must replace Romero n higuain respectively

    • Argentina doesn’t need 2nd best player.
      What Argentina needs is a team player and people say Dybala can contribute to the national team a lot more than Aguero.

    • aguero is not and has never been 2nd best player of argentina,maybe he has been considered like that in the paper but on tho pitch he did not pull the weight when it mattered,argentina needs a team that works fights not star individuals,and that is down to the team management,i don’t know when we are gonna get one,its long overdue

  4. Messi is amazing and deserves help.
    I give credit to bauza in choosing pratto over the useless amigos.
    We need to improve alot but this victory will calm our nerves now.

  5. Aguero not getting single minute today and pratto starting and dimaria tracking back… seems like Enough is enough for bauza and his team!!! is this a warning to the whole squad OR the cartel has finally realized they are about to miss out on the world cup!!

      • the reality is will have to wait and see who bozo picks come the next quaifs,

        their needs to be mass changes as we have been saying and with out messi we are some thing close to nothing.

        as today game was “all hands to the pumps” day (a must win) we still saw far to many of today’s starting (“names”) that simply did not do enough to have them starting again next time, we need a cleanout out and no one on here is fooled by how todays “get out of jail card” (a win) should not at all save at least half of the team.

        thank you king Messi and i never want to hear any one say he does not do it for Argentina as he is Argentina football plus some.

        • Pablo, I think I can tell you right now what Bauza’s eleven will be against Chile!

          Mercado Otamendi Musacchio Mas [Funes Mori is suspended for Chile]
          Mascherano Biglia
          Messi Dybala Di Maria

          Barring any injury, I can bet you 100 bucks this will be our lineup.

          If anybody is expecting to see a midfield other than Masche-Biglia, he better come out of the bubble he’s living in and start living in bauza’s Lala-land. Romero is not going to be benched and neither Di Maria is going out of the eleven!


            PAREDES PEREZ









  6. The most important thing of buaza is patience.he never get panic.under buaza argentina played five,except the match against brazil buaza is really good but the result is not his way.if you see the match against peru that you see there is no fault of buaza the fault is macherano’s back pass and against paraguay kun missed penalty,hig missed clear chance.against colombia buaza is absolutely spot on,buaza is very good in important match.there is no assurances that argentina bring world cup if buaza select mundo’s commentator’s favourite player.bauza is different from sabella or tata.both sabella and tata were failed in important dont be panic guys.

    • We are here hoping Argentina NT will win the World Cup in Russia.

      Even if Mascherano made a huge mistake and Aguero missed the PK, Argentine NT should had won Peru and Paraguay.

      By the way, Bauza and his amateurs will not reach the 2018 World Cup final. The World Cup tournament is not easy and the amateurs will be slower and weaker than now in 2018.

      Victory against Columbia did happen through Messi magic. A one-man team cannot win a World Cup. Argentina has a long way to go and it is time for Messi to say goodbye to his useless teammates and welcome new faces to prepare for the 2018 World Cup.

      The first person who must pack up and leave the national team is Bauza.

  7. Messi leads team as usual. Nothing new. But Lucas Pratto proves tonight again that he alone is better than useless Higuain & Aguero Infront of goal. What a powerful head! Argentina now needs Icardi & Dybala instead of HeQueen & Flopguero. Than we’ll see the attacking Argentina again! I like the way Messi ignored Higuain & pass the ball to Di Maria. lol #Vamos_Albiceleste

      • Dybala fantastic? Tragedia so far, only a lucky guy that we didnt lose on account his red card, at that time really bye bye Argentina, even with a draw bye be Argentina, now wee see it clearly.Icardi fantastic? Not even played yet. Aguero and Dybala the two worst players so far.

        • csabalala: well icardi can hardly do worse then kun and hig who are way past their best.

          id be delighted to see icardi given a chance, yes given a chance and if he does not make the grade then so be it but we need to start turning up all options in a lot of positions.

          tata, bozo and the afa have had their hands in the sand for to long and to not to try others and look at the mess we are in because of this now new players policy.

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