Sub 20: Argentina vs Uruguay


Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Today we have a big match vs powerhouse Uruguay.  Argentina is looking for their first win in the Sub-20 Sudamericano tournament being played in Ecuador.  It’s Argentina’s second group B match in the Sudamericano.  As you all know, Argentina tied their opening match 1-1 vs Peru. It looks like Lisandro Martinez (Newell’s) or Nicolas Zalazar (San Lorenzo) will replace the suspended Cristian Romero.

Possible Formation:

Argentina: Ramiro Macagno; Nahuel Molina, Juan Foyth, Lisandro Martínez, Milton Valenzuela; Santiago Ascacibar, Julián Chicco; Lucas Rodríguez, Ezequiel Barco, Brian Mansilla; y Lautaro Martínez. Coach: Claudio Úbeda

Stadium: Olímpico de Ibarra (Ecuador)
Referee: Anderson Daronco (Brazil)
Time: 7:15 pm Eastern time

As usual feel free to comment and leave your opinions.  Enjoy the match everyone!







  1. Lucas Ocampos n Gio Simeone with a goal each for Genoa.
    Dybala n Higuain with a goal each for Juve.
    Alejandro Gomez with a goal for Atlanta.
    Messi scored for Barca.

  2. well we need an actual play maker and maybe…..
    “Messi was Iniesta in disguise

    “Nobody is like Andres Iniesta, not in the squad or in world football, that is the problem,” said Luis Enrique before this game.

    It was a fair comment from the coach, although one Messi proved wrong as he played the Iniesta role as well as his own.

    In another delightful performance he turned creator as he laid on several chances for his team-mates, but both Neymar and Suarez shamefully could not finish the wonderful opportunities he presented them with.

    • Mateo Garcia started for Las Palmas and scored in their 1-1 draw.
      Valentin Vada scored for Bordeux in their 1-0 win.
      Along with Calleri all 3 scored their first of the season.
      Btw, it looks like the same old story with this U20 team as well.

      • Both Garcia and Vada are interesting players.
        I think Garcia scored his second in the season (the first in Copa Del Rey)

  3. It’s comedy. Sick and tired with this weird penalties. This team cannot to win games that they should win because of number of chances

  4. It’s time for changes. Conechny? Chicco invisible.
    If they lost I’m not going to watch next game live. It’s dead of night in my country.

  5. This team, as the Olimpic, still losing goals in most stupid way. And as the Olimpic this team also has not enough dense midfield. There’s a gap

  6. I think we really lack players like Diego Sosa from Tigre, Lovera (Central) as creative one (or Messidoro) and Olivera (River) as LB

    • Or maybe Vadala. Lovera and Leonel Rivas are too late prospects. No excuses, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela…a draw would be good today…and this generation is more talented than the last one, easily imo, the 1993’s gen was better too, even without the big absentees, and archieved nothing at home.

  7. Well, I think the coach tried to address that with a formation change, this game is more like a midfield diamond 4-3-1-2, with Mansilla and Chicco alongside Ascacibar and Barco as as a playmaker.

  8. Ascacibar can move forward sometimes with the ball, if he wants, the problem he rarely wants, but his passing must improve rapidly, if he wants to be NT’s future midfielder. Maybe Joaquin Pereyra, who a more versatile midfielder than Chicco or Ojeda.

    • “Ascacibar can move forward sometimes with the ball, if he wants, the problem he rarely wants” – agreed

      • Barco great talent btw, his close control is mind-blowing. Bolivia beats Peru with two goals, Venezuela plays a draw with this Uruguay, will we eliminate from this weak group?

    • Mansilla is not the biggest problem, the midfield our weakest link, not the attacking section, talented guys one by one, they just suffer from the deficit of the build up, and combinative, quick thinker mindfielders, i will never love Ascacibar, so meh in everything which is not defending.

    • Btw what gives Ascacibar for the team? Offensively absolute nothing, dominance-wise nothing too, zero impact forward, makes the midfield imbalance, cannot control any game, and the defending of the team still shit with him just like in Olympics. Then? We need Busquets or Kroos-type DMs a la modern football.

      • It’s not about Ascacibar. I think the second CM should be more attacking one while I don’t see. In this match Ascacibar is not attacking one, indeed. But He was against Peru. Did you saw that game?

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