Lionel MESSI, PIATTI, RUIZ and FUNES MORI all score


Goals in Spain, Portugal and Mexico as Lionel MESSI, Pablo PIATTI, Alan RUIZ and Rogelio FUNES MORI all find the back of the net.

Lionel MESSI continues his impressive run of free kick goals this year as the magical number 10 scored yet another one in Barcelona’s 3-0 win against Athletic Bilbao. MESSI has now scored four free kick goals in 2017, three of which have come against the Basque team. MESSI’s free kick goal is his 27th for Barcelona which makes him the player with the most free kick goals for the club.

Still in Spain, former Valencia man Pablo PIATTI scored for RCD Espanyol in their 1-0 win against Malaga. A long range strike from PIATTI was enough for Espanyol to pick up the win.

In Portugal, former Gimnasia and San Lorenzo player Alan RUIZ (also former Argentina U20) scored a fantastic goal for Sporting in their 2-1 loss to FC Porto. RUIZ controlled the ball with his chest and hit the volley past Iker CASILLAS for the goal.

In Mexico, it was one former River Plate player scoring against another. Rogelio FUNES MORI scored a nice little chip goal for Monterrey against BAROVERO’s Necaxa.

Lionel MESSI’s goal:

PIATTI’s goal:

FUNES MORI’s goal:

Alan RUIZ’s goal:


  1. watched the game today and had a good look at hig vs icardi,
    hig had 2 very good chances but took neither of them but his approach play was good with 2 fantastic balls to play others in.

    icardi: I really don’t know how he gets any goals playing for an inter side that seem hell bent on the long ball as their main game plan, inters mid were non existent in terms of ball playing on the ground but in saying that icardi has one very good chance but put his effort just wise.

    for me over all a draw as icardi worked hard but saw little service but hig worked ok but got 2 chances and fluffed both of them but hig played some nice balls to others.

    at the moment both should be in the squad and kun should not at all.

    dybala looked fantastic and was so unlucky not to have 2 goals.

    id really like to see hig and icardi in the same team as it could work with icardi’s speed and thought with hig intelligent play to fellow strikers.

  2. Hector cuper is wining the African cup of Nations with Egypt. They were in turmoil and didn’t even qualified for the last three AFCON but cooper is doing his miracles. Though not attractive, Nevertheless very effective team.

  3. With Pep at Man City now, the Argentinean contingent at the club is already coming to end. This is Zaba last season, Cabellero last season, and a possible Aguero move to Real Madrid. Rulli was sold back to Real Sociedad after being loan back to them by Man City. Zuculini never had a shot to begin with. Otamendi is another player who will be dismiss as soon as Pep find a Brazilian or German CB to replace him. Anyways, I never care for the EPL, Man City was the only reason I even tune in when I get a chance to.

  4. We will another player in the team who does not play first team football – Kun Aguero! I personally don’t care for him much. He has not done that great for NT.

    Gabriel Jesus: Now this is what I call is taking chances. He gets 2 games, knowing there is a big name player – AGUERO, and he performs. Looks at our guys, chances after chances, empty nets, just cannot get their chances – who is the horrible striker in West Ham?

    In today’s world, you do not get too many chances, no matter what profession you are in. Grab the first chance you get, else there is someone else.

    • We don’t really need many more number 9 tbh. We have plenty of them. Just remember we have all these players in our radar (in no particular order) –

      1. Higuain – Bottler or no bottler, he is Serie A’s leading scorer for 2 seasons in a row

      2. Icardi – Who has the eye of a killer if you ask me. Pound for pound, he is the best goalscoring striker there is currently.

      3. Cholito Simeone – Was written off for poor performance of the entire youth team, but doing great things for Genoa. Will be a hot commodity next year. But we will have to see if he can keep his goalscoring ability for at least 2 consecutive seasons. Then and only then we will know if he is the real deal or just another over-hyped teenager.

      4. Aguero – just horrible. Injury prone, lazy and lacking motivation. Shouldn’t get called up for NT, but Bauza will call him and he will probably start.

      5. Pratto – Probably a stopgap who will play before the starting of the world cup. He seems like the sosa of Bauza. we all know his ceiling, which is pretty low but works hard and easy to blame and get rid of.

      Bottom line is – we don’t need to worry about the personnel who will play as a number 9. We have plenty of other positions to worry about. Like Goalkeeper, Fullbacks, Center halves, Central midfielders and wingers! Did I say every positions? Yes, thats right.

  5. Aguero should and will move to Real Madrid next season. I don’t see the point of him staying under Pep as manager when Pep clearly doesn’t like him. It was clear from the beginning that Pep did not prioritize Aguero as his main player like all the other managers before him, even before the Brazilian striker came in Pep was dismissing Aguero for the likes of Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne. Remember this statement; ”Kevin de Bruyne second only to Lionel Messi”, says Man City Boss Pep Guardiola.

    Aguero has shown endurance and consistency since he arrived in England while all the other strikers who came in showed moments of brilliance over a period of time then fade away. Robinho scored on his first two City appearances then everything went south afterwards. Negredo scored 23 goals for City in his first season during the first half of the season then fail to score a goal in the following new year, look at Negredo now.

    Pep doesn’t care, he did the same thing with Zlatan, Eto and Ronaldinho at Barcelona and Toni Kroos and Mario Manzukic at Bayern Munich.

    Aguero best move is Real Madrid, CR will be sold to China to help fund Aguero and Dybala move to Spain. Benzema, Morata and Zidane will be out too.

  6. + Alejandro Gomez (2), Trejo, Bobadilla.

    Gomez and Trejo MOTM not their first time

    ALong with Piatti, Perotti they are that late growing talents so wait few years for players like Cartabia, Kranevitter, Vietto, Ruiz, De Paul, ZUculini and others.

    • haha that is funny and yes he is sitting their eating his prawn sandwiches but I bet if icardi scores he will say “I did not see that incident”.

      as for kun he is not the player he was at club level and were will he go? I don’t know but real.m want dybala (I see barca as were d will go) but I do see aubameyang going to real (both have been courting each other for the last few years)and he will cost at lease 80 mill, what i don’t see is room for kun their nor a need for a player on the obvious decline and who is almost 29.
      the tragic thing is kun will still have his n/t shirt waiting for him no matter what…sigh….

      • None of the big teams will buy Aguero with this form. There was a slim chance that PSG would have bought him, but Cavani is playing like a man possessed and they will have other players to buy if Veratti leaves. So seems like he will be on the bench for now.

        • No big team will buy Aguero? This is funny, Aguero is still world class, every player goes through a bad spell of form. Aguero just need a change of scenery. Everyone said Tevez was finish after he left Man City and his run at Juventus told a different story. Hazard was poor for Chelsea last season and look how he has turn his form around this season. Pep is just not as good a coach most claim him to be. All football players go through a bad spell, so for anyone to come on here and say Aguero is finish makes no sense. Aguero need to leave the EPL and go play for Real Madrid. Note: Benzema is going through a bad spell of form too. Aguero does not need to leave one plastic club for another plastic club (PSG). PSG is not ready for prime time, their money is only good enough to win Lique One.

          • kun is a fantastic striker in the epl but for me I struggle to call him “world class” especially these days and rarely have we seen this in the champs lge and even less for the n/t to claim he is “world class”

            like too many players these days they are surrounded by multi million dollar teams to give strikers all the time and space in the world to attack and show their skills but when we go up levels (chps lge and n/t) they don’t have this time and space as they play vs bigger and better organised teams and it shows as they don’t look any where as impressive..

            you can count on ones hands all the “stunning” games he has had in champs lge level and also for the n/t, he reminds me of a slightly better version of tevez and he also was stunning at lge level for many teams but champs lge and n/t we rarely saw the best at those levels.

            only time will tell of his eventual destination but what I do know is I don’t want him in the n/t any time soon as he is a spent force their.

          • Kun was also great for Atletico Madrid, he was banging goals for Atletico in La Liga (tearing Barca and Real apart), in the UCL and Europa league (which he won with Atlety). Kun also have a great goal scoring haul in the UCL given that Man City rarely produce any good run in the UCL. Look, I’m not saying Aguero should be call up or even start for Argentina at this point in time, but this doesn’t mean he is not a top class striker. If you’re out of form that means you get demoted until your head is clear.

          • I think pep is right to branch aguero..ageuro needs a shock…this is the best time for recharge his game plan and make him more effective for team…come on ageuro wake up and show the world you are the legend of muncher city…

        • Because Aguero is better than Aubameyang and the fact that Real Madrid always wanted to sign Aguero for the longest while.

          • “Because Aguero is better than Aubameyang” and “Real Madrid always wanted to sign Aguero for the longest while”

            once yes but now no to both statements, once it was real madrids dream to have kun but that time has gone and now its amb who real.m have been courting and amb has been courting real.m for the last couple of years but its been a couple of years that real.m were linked with kun.

            real.m wont be buying an injury plagued 29 year in kun old vs buying a 27 year old and currently a far better option and a better striker in amb.

    • The Messi goal was good, but let’s be honest, the goalkeeper was bad on the free kick. Let me spin this around, if this was Romero who conceded the same exact goal, nobody would be talking about the goal scorer, all you would be reading here on Mundo is ”how Romero was bad.” Again, nice goal on Messi part, but the goalkeeper shouldn’t be beaten on such an acute angle.

      • Aguero leave city without winning ucl sad; kun must join Real to win champion leauge otherwise Chelsea buy the best striker of EPL to become number uno pep can’t win ucl without messi

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