Mateo MUSACCHIO close to joining AC Milan


Mateo MUASCCHIO is reportedly close to joining AC Milan.

According to a report from TyC Sports, Villarreal defender Mateo MUSACCHIO is close to a move to the Italian giants. The reported fee is that of €25 million. MUSACCHIO would join the team in the summer.

Mateo Musacchio with Villarreal
Mateo Musacchio with Villarreal

MUSACCHIO with Villarreal:

The 26 year old, who joined Villarreal B from River Plate in 2009 was promoted to the main team in 2010 and has been capped four times for Argentina.


    • Yea bro, every 3 hrs…we keep tabs on updates from blog or even elsewhere… this in off-peak season. But during match seasons its every half hour or so… beloved team.
      Really want them to win the world cup in 2018.
      Will we or won’t we see our beloved team lift the cup that has been elluding us since after 1986.

  1. When is the team list to be announced?
    All crap will be in it… what else can we expect from bauza… but still for the liking of Albiceleste colours we wait in eager.
    After Bauza took over regular bloggers have all left and many probably took to other teams like Germany / France / Spain / Chile etc.

  2. Argentina u17 lost 1-0 to Venezuela u17 earlier. They apparently had many clear cut chances but couldn’t convert. What was surprising is that benjamin garre ( our star from man city) did not start but came in as a sub.

          • Csabalala,

            you are so stupid that even can’t read correctly. Tell me where’s judging in my comment? With each comment you just making your look worse and worse. Making fool of yourself everytime just because want to find fault at any cost. Poor frustrate man.

            After first game I see ellegance and resembalce to Biglia in No.5. And No.9 was really horrible. These are impressions of one game. Impressions is not general judge of all possible talent. Hate makes you so blind that you can’t read correctly interpreting as you want.

            “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it
            and remove all doubt”.

          • Anyway csabalala, i think it’s really unfair of you to rate ascacibar lowly and say that he never had a good game for argentina. Did you actually watch the matches he played or are solely commenting out of frustration due to argentina’s youth team performances?
            I believe with his agility and tackling ability, he could even potentially surpass the level of mascherano one day. His passing and attacking intelligence is definitely way better than mascherano so far. Heck Kranevitter and the rests, he is indeed our future defensive midfielder.

          • I’ve seen the 3 Olympics matches plus 7 of the 9 U20 WCQ qualifiers, 4 live, 3 from internet. That’s enough to say judgment. Really his great stamina is his only class weapon atm, but i don’t see he”ll develop rapidly or at all in his passing, shooting or football intelligence. About his defending skills i can’t say much, maybe good maybe overrated, but as the team key player and the link between defence and attack he was one of the main reason we conceeded ton of goals, scored not enough, and couldnt dominate neirly against any team with fluid passing. So for me he’s not good enough ATM, have to find better options on U20 WC. His passing are no way on even 19 years old Masces level, look at the 2004 Olympics matches with javier or the Copa2004, Masche was a real boss in the field with great long passing.

          • Yes, No.9 was horrible. What’s problem? If I need to add “horrible after one game”? Don’t be ridiculous. It’s obvious. Maybe you don’t know what is imprresion? You see what you want to see Mr. Frustration. Growing still with frustration, moral dwarf. Each your attack at me makes you still more frustrated.

            Your accusations are so chaotic and full of gabble as your name – Csabalala. Rather Gabbalala Babblala or something like that.

            Vimaldass, no need to talk to guy who has his personal war with Ascacibar just because he thinks he is my favourite. He is not fight Ascacibar. He fight against me. But hate makes him blind and his words it’s just mere incoherent nonsense. All you know after that is Ascacibar worst player ever in Argentina

          • “don’t lie again and again”

            What is the lie in my comments? Onus probandi.
            You are using the word “lie” without understanding of means. Only liar may throw “lies” so easy on all sides. You are using the word like a child. Without responsibility. Mere words

          • No matter what we are talking about Babblala is still talking about Ascacibar. It’s really funny. We may to talk about Neil Armstrong and landing on the moon and he will bring here Ascacibar name for sure. This guy Ascacibar must be really influent if he is implicated every train of thought. Fascintig boomerang theme.

            Just wonder how is that this worst player in Argentina T-shirt Ascacibar was each his international performance named the best player of all tournament (clubs Frenz Cup) or at least one of our best players in common opinion (along with Rulli on Olimpic Games and along with Cristian Romero, Foyth, Martinez, Torres on Sudamericano). I think Babblala is still on geocentric theory part.

          • That’s really surprising gonzalo since he’s such a highly rated attacking midfielder and was chased by most of the top teams in europe before he was signed by man city. Still remember the hype about him last year. Perhaps he will start in our nxt game and make a difference for argentina.

          • vimaldass

            Garre had just few touches with the ball so he was neither good nor bad. Just not impressed me after these scanty minutes.
            Full game is on YT. The only player who was pleasure to watch was No.5 I think.

  3. I’m starting to like the idea of playing Mascherano in defense alongside Garay. Mascherano have always been one of the best CDM around but I think it’s time he adopted his Barcelona position with Argentina going into the 2018 world cup especially given his age, Argentina has more than enough players who can play in the CDM position. Mascherano takes the ball out of defense with ease and he will have a taller player like Garay to compliment him in defense. As of right now, Argentina will not even make it to the quarters with the pairing of Otamendi and Funes Mori, just look at their defensive record already for the 2018 WC qualifiers. Fernandez and Garay under Sabella had one of the best defensive record during the 2014 WCQ qualifiers. We can talk about attack all we want but the team that concedes the less goal at the world cup almost always win the title.




    ———————–Dybala (Messi)

    Messi (Dybala)——————————————-Di Maria


    Messi and Dybala to interchange position throughout the entire game.

    • Except Bauza is not likely to do that. He seems to prefer tall players in defence, at least that’s the lame excuse he is using not to call up Tagliafico. Besides Mascherano is still recovering from injury and who knows if he will be completely fit to even start the game. Unfortunately even Garay’s inclusion is a giant question mark. For whatever reason Martino and now Bauza have ignored him. He mentioned calling up either Maidana from River or Caruzzo from San Lorenzo as possible replacements for suspended Funes Mori, even though common sense and logic are screaming for Garay to start instead. Given his current preferences and players’ injuries this is the most likely scenario IMO:




      Messi————————Dybala———————————-Di Maria


      If Mascherano recovers, then the good ol Biglia & Mashe double #5.

      • I’m going to wait and see if this coach is really going to call up Demichelis back to the national team😩. Buaza like many coaches prefers premier players because they’re more well known compare to other leagues. Buaza does not have a strategy, he is only borrowing from Tata and Sabella. Normally a new coach at least always make changes and a few tweaks in his midfield, but unfortunately we’re not seeing this with Buaza, he wants his mid field to operate like Barcelona mid that played against PSG in Paris the other day.

  4. Rulli had a pretty good game for Real Sociedad today, made five or six saves. Probably man of the match performance. But not good enough for the NT, he is too young, he was a nervous wreck at the Olympics, etc, etc.

    I am optimistic about his eventual inclusion though. Those performance cannot be ignored. I mean Romero can’t play forever, once he turns 59 Rulli will finally start.

  5. What if Bauza tries the front three with out traditional 9.

    Maria Dybala Messi

    Perez Banega/Augusto Biglia

    Rojo Ota/Maschie Garay Mercado


    The line up suggested duly considers Bauza’s trend of selection, and his favourite starters too.

  6. This night first game of Argentina in Sudamericano U-17. Against Venezuela. Kid is looking forward to it for sure.

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